Monday, April 19, 2010

:BM/MYM/RT: Little Kids' Train


Josh and his friend Carl enjoys riding in the toy train for the kids. You can see their happy and excited faces when the train started to move. The train looks very inviting to the kids because it's full of lovely colors - blue, yellow, red, green and orange. Well it can also accommodate Moms as I was seated on the first carriage train taking the second shot. Sometimes I think I have turned into an OC Mom photographer lol! Photo taken at EK!

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Bumper Stickers At-A Glance

I love staring at beautiful cars especially if it has pretty accessories. We’re living beside the national road so I get to see more cars daily and I must say I’m looking for different kind of accessories like unique bumper stickers that can caught my wandering eyes and give it a second glance. Well I just found something that really satisfied my search for fresh ideas on car accessories.

I came upon a site that offers customized bumper sticker that caters to your personal needs of your own message and artwork you want to display on your car. You only have to choose the material, size, colors and message then you’ll have your unique bumper stickers printed to your specific requirements. So whether you want to use your stickers for schools, resorts, clubs, auto dealers, churches or any kind of establishment they can have it printed for you in premium quality and fast production.


Waiting for Confirmation

I have to finish my online tasks which will due today up to tomorrow because I’m not sure if I can do it tomorrow. Our church friend will celebrate his birthday tomorrow at Pansol, Calamba and they’ve reserved a private pool for our group. I’m just waiting for DH to confirm if we’re going with them or not because he’ll try to secure approval of his leave.

Actually it’s not only a birthday celebration but a baptism of our newly converted brethren who joined us when we transferred to our new church location in Kamias. I can’t go with the group without DH because I’m not feeling well. With my condition right now I will not be able to attend to my kids when they play and swim in the pool. Hope he can get a leave tomorrow.


Customized Parking Permits

My hubby was asking me if I want to learn how to drive and my answer is always the same. I don’t want to drive a car so for now I don’t want to schedule driving lessons. I have a very busy schedule from sun up to sun down and since we’re near the traffic jam area I don’t want to bring a car when I’m shopping. It’s good if husband will drive for me but if I’m the one who will drive it through traffic I’d better take a cab or ride a jeepney. If I have tons of groceries to buy I schedule it on my husband’s day off after our church service, that way I have the whole family with me to buy food stuff. That’s how simple I want my life to be.

Anyway I also don’t want looking for parking space especially on busy weekends where everybody seems to be present on the mall. I’m just glad that we don’t have to secure parking permit in our favorite supermarket. It’s a first come first served parking area and it’s free as the mall got a vast area for parking.

Well speaking of permits I learned that you can now have your parking permits customized to your own chosen design and specifications. You just select design and order it online. Visit their site now and avail of their quality parking permits fast and easy.


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