Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gadgets or Summer Workshops for School Break

With the onset of too many advanced gadgets and toys it’s still best for kids to spend summer doing things offline. This summer parents enrolled their kids to various fields of interest to while away their kids’ time during school break to lessen their time on gadgets. Some got some art workshops, others got into dancing, drama schooling and sports fest while others like us resort to music studying. Well this time I didn’t enroll them but because they already know the basic they just practice what they learned from school. Anyway my daughter Gen didn’t need to study in formal school to play musical instrument as she can learn by herself and she did it on three different musical instruments of her whim. 

She’s now playing with keyboards, guitar and even drums. For a girl she’s a bit awesome and she’s really something as she really learns fast. I just don’t know how she would play with flying v guitar if ever she gets a hands on. Well maybe not for now… for a young lady like her as she’s fine with her good old favorite guitar. Now she’s planning to teach her little brother how to play guitar as Josh just learned the basic of keyboard playing and Gen wanted her brother to play varied instruments.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cash in a Hurry

Sometimes bad money problems happen to good people. An unexpected car repair, a utility shutoff or a tax debt can completely throw your finances for a loop. Finding the cash you need in a hurry is the best way to get your money back on track and protect your credit. Fortunately, there are lenders who will get cash in your pocket instantly.

Who Can Get Cash in a Hurry?

If you have a regular source of income and a checking account, you can get cash. When you apply for installment loans, your information is sent out to a network of lenders who are working hard to get you the money you need. When you are matched with a lender, you simply sign a few agreements and wait for the cash to show up in your bank account. Sometimes you can get money in just a few hours.

Even if you have less than perfect credit, chances are there is a lender who will work with you and get you the money you need. These loans are paid out in a lump sum and are due on your next payday, or whether terms you agree upon with your lender. In some cases, you can pay off the loan over a matter of weeks or months.

When you just need to get cash to get you through to payday, there are lenders who are standing by, waiting to loan you money. They know that sometimes bad money problems happen to good people. Call today.


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