Saturday, April 28, 2012

IT-CEO External Hard Drive

I bought my 500GB seagate external hard drive last month and happy with finding a good deal in SM Cyberzone in Megamall in one of the stores there.  I decided to buy the non-glossy type for PhP3,400 instead of the glossy-finished same brand EHD amounting to PhP3,700.

But now I want to buy again because of the tempting deals I found at Ensogo.  They're giving IT-CEO 640 GB External Hard Drive for PhP2,799 instead of the original price PhP6,000.  Wow that's really a good buy at 54% savings.  I love collecting external hard drives because I can store all my pictures, music and videos without the fear of losing them in my laptop if something happens.

Well this one is made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic available in black, silver and red.  It can withstand the hardest fall with its shock-proof characteristics, USB-powered.  Delivery is free nationwide.  Will think about it today.


Aid in Making Tasks Easier

My Mom will be celebrating her 80th birthday next month and we’re happy that she still feels and looks good. Her memory is still at its best and her health is good. She only has one thing that she complains and it’s about her joints as she’s suffering from arthritis. Even with that pain she still goes around the house continuously and does her chosen chores daily. She loves gardening and watering the plants so we let her do those as she told us that she can’t just sit, read and watch TV all the time.

Well I think it’s true for her as she feels more stronger when she’s moving around and doing some very light activities. We asked her if she would like to have medical step stools to make some of her moves easier. She’s now thinking about it and will give us the answer if she needs it or not. Anyway we can also use it for our home chores.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Repairs and Fixtures

I love to look at the new kitchen sink and tiles we have in our house. The whole kitchen is not yet finished as it needs repainting, installation of new switches and cabinet doors but I’m happy to see the changes. I’m looking at nice switchplates on sale online and I asked my brother-in-law who is doing all the works if could have some of those as it would look really nice on my new kitchen. Renovations and repairs are expensive but it gives me a good feeling when it’s done. I’ll have the kitchen walls painted in mint green color so the room would look cool and fresh. I love to cook and for me the place where I prepare my family’s food should also be the cleanest area in the house. I hope that I’ll have more budget for other areas in the house.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Canon Powershot A3300 IS

I've found a smart and quality point and shoot digital camera that's affordable and dependable because it's from my favorite Canon brand.  I'm thinking of buying this one next month but hoping that by that time the price will be lower :)  It has the following features:
  • 16 Megapixels
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • 720p HD Movie Recording
  • Dynamic IS
Detailed features from Canon site:

The DIGIC 4 Processor, powerful Megapixels, a convenient zoom and a myriad of other features and functions work synergistically to make your photographic journey an unforgettable one. The PowerShot A3300 IS – now there are no limits to a PowerShot A-Series.

Advanced Smart Auto mode gets you ready to shoot in all kinds of situations and can now detect up to 32 different scenes. Simply point and shoot and let the advanced Smart Auto adjusts the exposure and focal settings accordingly to the various lighting conditions. At last, users can concentrate on capturing the perfect moment with ease and confident. 

Toy Camera Effect



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Very Reliable Projector

Our projector is old already but running in a very good condition until now. We used it in every Sunday and Wednesday service we have. If we have fellowship outside the church we also bring it even though it’s big and very delicate. Yes it’s so delicate that we need to put it in the box padded with support to ensure its safety from the church to wherever we may have fellowship. It’s really a big help to us especially when it’s praising time and when someone don’t know the lyrics it will serve as a guide. Sometimes we have to buy some screen accessories when some parts are missing and for our small number of stocks but basically it’s seldom that it fails serving us. Thanks God for that.


Digital SLR Camera Case

Sometimes you want to bring your camera and all accessories wherever you go but feels like you're way out of fashion. Well you just need a camera bag that will make you look stylish even if you're carrying baggage of gadgets. Look fashionable, and carefree with this Floral Purse Womens DSLR Camera Bag Case. The entire case is padded for superior protection for your camera yet pretty enough for that fun and stylish look. 

This can be a good idea for a gift to a friend or family member who can't take their hands off their camera and their photography hobby just like me. You can find this one at etsy at one of janinekingdesigns. Sells at USD89.99


Jewellery Sale

There’s a forthcoming sale of pawned jewellery at the shopping area where we used to buy groceries and some house items. I’ve read some announcements about the sale and while I was trying to get a shot at the banner someone mistakenly thought there’s diamond earrings for women. Suddenly they want to see what it is but realized after an hour that it’s only a mistake and those jewelries will only be up for sale in the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll also take a look at the items so when the real shopping begins I’ll be able to buy immediately.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Better Hobby

My daughter is enjoying her week-long vacation in her grandmother’s house in Montalban and with her she brings some of her sports gear and things because the place she’ll be staying has plenty of space to do badminton and other sports she wants. She’s been practicing her piano lessons for sometime but left it because she’ll concentrate on her sports. Aside from the piano lessons she told me that she’s thinking of learning guitars and asked me to search for the kinds of Kramer Guitars or some other quality ones for her plan. I’m so glad that my kids are all interested in learning to play musical instruments which is a better hobby this summer as it’s not only fun but will only give my kids skills and talents in playing.


Affordable Camera Pouch

Want to protect your camera from being exposed or prevent scratches? Well if your budget is limited and you want to look stylish in a way you can have this camera pouch for PhP 150.00 at cdrking. This one is perfect for your MP3 or MP4 players, iPod, digital cameras and other gadgets or accessories. I've posted one of my fave colors here but there are other designs as well. Most importantly this pouch is not only convenient and soft but durable as well. It's getting value for your money.


Health Supplements for Working Mom

There are lots of supplements for all our health needs and I can say I’m really amazed at how they grow in numbers. Left and right I see supplements for healthy brain, memory, for the eyes, liver, bones and every part of our body which needs supplements for health. I also heard from my friend about which can promotes muscle mass and extra strength. I’m also taking iron supplements every time I have my monthly period because I feel that I need extra iron for endurance and strength in working.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Physician Private Network Technology

With the very modern technology now it’s a nice thought that it could also help those in the medical field to form a network wherein they can help improve communication between them. I learned about Doximity and how it can solve communication breakdowns among doctors. It provides physician a way to connect and communicate with each other on their own private network. With their network they can locate their members, share personal data, send HIPAA compliant text messages and communicate important information. With the use of their gadgets like iPhone or Android they can connect easily.

This is very important to doctors because they can easily locate or refer needed physician like Jessica Hirschhorn MD on her specialized medical services. Communication will never be a hindrance as it’s easily conveyed and transmitted. Finding the right physician to attend to a special sickness is not a problem anymore with the help of Doximity Profile. This is the easiest communication private network that gives the best profile directory.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Canon Powershot SX130 IS

I’ve been saving some of my online earnings for this Canon digicam.  This is not the latest one but I really like PowerShot SX130 IS because aside from its 12-megapixel resolution it has what I want most a 12x zoom and 720p HD movie recording features.

If you’re looking for affordable camera with manual controls and zoom powers this is the one that’s right for you.  It has 28mm wide angle for a great capture, 12x super optical zoom (336mm) with Optical Image Stabilizer for steady shots.  Best of all it’s the camera for everyone, for beginners and for serious photographers.  I can say that I’m between the two :)

Now there's an enhanced version of this the Powershot SX150 IS with 14.1MP and 12x zoom. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebration Month

Month of May is fast approaching and we have many occasions on that month. First it’s our wedding anniversary on the fourth then Mother’s day comes after which is rather a sweet occasion for me as my Mom and I celebrate with together with the family. When thinking of gifts I usually search for ideas online as they have various gift ideas in line for all who wants to give their Moms the best gift ever like special jewelries such as mothers day rings, necklaces or bracelets perhaps.

Well I also searched for home decors as Mom loves to decorate our home with lovely vases and ornaments. Since it will also be her 80th birthday on the 30th of the month we want to redecorate the house for her birthday celebration. We’re still planning if we will celebrate it at home or at some new place or resort. Anyway we still have 2 months to prepare so there’s no rush about it.


Her Dream TV

When my office friend dropped by the mall with me in the afternoon she requested me that she’ll just go to appliance store and canvas her choice of brand for her dream television. She was surprised as the store we entered has an ongoing summer sale and you’ll be tempted to look and buy if you have money. We’ve looked in almost all styles and brands like Panasonic TVs and other LED TVs but she settled for the best brand that she loves since childhood. Well for now it’s still too pricey for her but after two months I know she can afford it well.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thinking of Gifts for the Graduates

It’s the season for recognition and graduation ceremonies and we have 3 graduates in the family. We actually have in each category, Mitch in primary, Rachel in Secondary and Ed in the college division. I still haven’t given my gifts to my dear nieces and will do it maybe next week after the Holy Week because my schedule is full now that I don’t have time to search for the best gifts for them. For the husband I’ve given him a nice watch which he loves so much. I saw some nice personalized cufflinks online and was thinking if he’ll like it also. He has varied style and colors of Polo already so I just need to buy accessories for his wardrobe.


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