Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video Production Company

I just had a chat with one of my closest friends in my first job which became the godfather of my eldest kid also. He has always been the artist in our group and it actually started since when he’s young. He’s very gifted with artistic talents whether he’s using a pencil and paper, paint and canvass, charcoal, pastel and every medium of drawing and painting. He’s even great at graphics software. He’s worked at one of the best Animation companies from Japan and he became versatile doing everything from draft to finalization. He’s undergone a rigid training and critical quality job that permits perfection and reject flaws. I saw his career move higher with his talented wisdom in manual and computerized graphics.

After few years in animation he was contracted to be part of some video production companies that needs an artist with knowledge in IT. He’s a perfect candidate as he’s also a graduate of computer technology course and practicing software programming since he graduated. It’s what you call mixing your education with skills and talents. I don’t know much video production but he’s the one who’s always explaining me the ropes of the business.

Well now I learned that if you want to hire the services of tv production companies you can visit go2productions.com which deliver first class TV commercial production, web video production, corporate video production and post production services. You will never worry about not meeting your deadlines and finances as they’re always on time and on budget.


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