Friday, February 18, 2011

Maritime Work Hazards

When someone in the family got a maritime job be it a sailor, a staff or a crew you’re assured that it’s quite a good amount of money they have for their salary. My friend who got into a seaman job has saved enough money to buy a house and lot in his several years of working in the sea. They should really save for their future as they know that working aboard a vessel is not permanent because it’s quite hazardous. They were trained to deal with their job with skills, care and utmost safety but accident happens even in the most careful staff. Some elements can cause harm like faulty wiring, failure of equipment, natural disasters or sometimes just the negligence of co-workers.

I learned that there are laws governing maritime protection and if they were injured while under job contract they can file for a maintenance and cure. They should only seek help from an Offshore Injury Lawyer so they can be assisted for their rightful claims. They should be getting proper medical treatment together with no failure in giving their salaries. If the cause of the damage is due to unseaworthy vessels or due to ship’s owner they can sue for other damages deriving from the incident.


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