Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Checking Out Foreclosures

Just came home from our midweek bible study and I just want to peek through my emails and check out the Nags Head foreclosures before I sleep. My cousin is asking me to help her about these foreclosures and I agreed as I’m online most of the times. Even if I’m just reading my emails and reading some messages on my comment box I was surprised that it’s getting really late now. I can’t stay working on my blogs for long now as I’m visiting my former office in the morning tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be able to work in the afternoon and I hope I’ll have overflowing words too.


Clever Cupcakes!

I was looking for some ideas on our upcoming birthday occasions and look what I've found! It's actually for a wedding but I stopped all the same because I find it truly special and unique to have a cupcake tower instead of traditional cake that will be cut one by one before serving. Here cupcakes are ready for serving and eating, no need to wait that long.

See each cupcake is hand crafted and designed. You'll see sunflower, polka dots and striped cupcakes designed to match the big cake. Wow! this is really beautiful! It's also easy to take it home lol! This creation is from Elizabeth Marek and you can see all of her beautiful cakes in Artisan Cake Company.

Well as I'm looking for kids' birthday party cakes I've found these cute clever cupcakes to match the kids' taste.

She's now having her 2010 Cake giveaway. Check out!


Things To Do on Summer Vacation

Now it’s summer break vacation from school and I’m thinking of ways on how my kids will spend their vacation period. Since I don’t want them playing on the net the whole day I agreed to what my daughter is telling me that she’ll practice riding her bike in the afternoon or they can play volleyball. Well if they’re going to play sports they should be wearing comfortable and quality shoes like skechers shape ups. Shoes are very important when playing your favorite sports as your feet carries your whole body.

Back to the kids’ vacation from school, I’m also teaching all of them household chores, house cleaning and some easy recipes on the kitchen. I can feel that my eldest Ruth is very interested with cooking so I’m planning to bring her with me when I enrolled in a baking class.


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