Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shipping Telecommunications Equipment

In my present work I also handle shipping of ordered telecommunication equipment from Israel to our office location. Upon arrival of shipping we use box cutters to inspect and count the items exported to us by our suppliers. Of course we should be very careful in opening those because if anything happens to the equipment because of mishandling cutters it would be upon us. 

Anyway I have to be honest that I don’t like shipping assignments because it entails delicate situation at times. I just can’t say no at this point in my life but I’m planning to leave in a matter of months to return to working at home. I hope and pray that providence will come my way.


K3100-PC Desktop Label Printer

My sister has her own name printed on all her gadgets and computer accessories as she wants her things recognizable by others to prevent mixing with other similar gadgets in their office.  They labeled their things to avoid getting someone else's things similar to their own.  It's nice for me to have your things labeled especially if you're in a big group and mixing of personal and office things can't be avoided.

For those who want their things labeled or want to have a sideline business of labeling things I've found this K3100-PC Desktop Label Printer at  This label printer connects to your personal computer and comes with it's own easy to use software that allows you to create, edit, and save a variety of labels. 

It's compatible with most software so that printing labels from programs like Microsoft® Word and Excel are a snap.  I like to have one like this also. 


Recording My Daughter’s Instrumental Music

My daughter Gen loves playing piano and keyboards and when she plays I record it so we will see how she improves playing the song and for me to play it again and again. I love recording instrumental songs because I love playing it when I’m working on tasks that are hard to write. If you will just feel how the instrumental can sweep you off your feet with inspiration then you will understand why I really want to record and store every piece she plays. 

It would be nice to have it recorded on boss 4 track because it loads and play like MP3 files but for now I have to content myself using my mobile phone. Anyway it has a high capacity memory card so I will not worry about loading and playing it.


Easy Cleaning with Logitech Washable Keyboard

Do you find it hard to clean your keyboard or get rid of dust inside?  Well this is a solution to your problem as Logitech washable keyboard is easy to clean and easy to dry.  Yes cleaning comes easy from light dusting up to completely soaking the keyboard for a full wash.  It’s submergible up to 11 inches of water and has drainage holes at the back for faster drying.   

This keyboard really loves to be washed.  And to ensure that the letter will not fade when you wash it key characters are laser printed and UV coated.  Great isn’t it.   

Sells for USD39.99 at Logitech.


Collectible Customs Coins

My coin collection is growing in numbers now with a few additions this month only. I’ve added a few coins from England and I’m happy that finally I have secured those coins from the bags given by SIL. When I combined it with my local old coins it looks very different in design and in color. I heard that you can also create your own collectible coin through custom coins here which excites me a bit because I really want to add foreign coins to my existing collection. Wish I could add some more perhaps from the countries in Asia as I would love to see coins from nearby countries.


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