Monday, March 22, 2010

:BM/RT - Josh and Cus in Costumes

No it's not halloween but I'm posting this picture of Josh (spiderman) with Cus (baker) because I want to make him happy by showing him his picture with his friend on one of their school outdoor activities. He's just graduated this morning and felt somewhat sad that he'll not be able to see his friends again that they're going to different schools next school year for their primary level. Most of his classmates are going to enroll in CCS and some of his closest friends in other school. I'm going to enroll him in christian school and hopefully arrange it this week. Anyway if ever plans will go through Josh and Cus will be studying on nearby schools just 2 streets away.

Happy start of the week! Click on the badge for more blue monday and ruby tuesday pics!


Comfortable Outdoor Patio Furniture

I have so many activities yesterday including a whole day fellowship and sharing services in the church. During our lunch break which are usually around 3 in the afternoon we went to the nearest mall to buy shoes for my kids. I was just glad that we’re earlier by two hours so I had time to prepare for Josh’ moving up exercises tomorrow. Since graduation is scheduled in the morning I want everything ready and in place when I wake up in the morning. I was tired to the point that when I sit in front of my PC my eyes are drooping already. I just opened my mails and I went to sleep to have energy for my little boy’s graduation. In times like these I just want to relax, read a book or just laze around outdoor chaise lounge in our patio. It’s so comforting to sit especially if you’ve been tired the whole day and all you want is to relax your body and mind.

It is really important that a house should have patio or terrace because it’s one good place where you can rest from the stress and exhaustion of the day. We grew up having bonding times in our patio playing scrabble, chess and other mind boggling games. It’s our favorite spot during summer because the temperature is cooler on this part of the house. It would have been cozier if we add some more patio furniture like woodard furniture from Outdora. Their line of products for outdoor furniture spells comfort and elegance in the same time. The quality of materials and style of their outdoor furniture will surely give a fresher look on your patio. It will be perfect for inviting your friends for a complete get together minus the expensive costs of meeting on some other places.
I was just glad that we have a nice wrought iron sets that we’ve used for three decades now. It was designed by my own father and we’re always restoring it to original beauty to preserve not just the furniture but the memories of my father as well. Anyway we can always add up some patio dining sets of different make so we can enjoy more of our family and friends on times of entertaining, relaxation and lazy conversation. It could end up eating some grilled barbecues or hotdogs with the use of other Outdora’s wide selection of outdoor products that will make your outdoor activities a moment to remember.


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