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How to Shop for Affordable Concert Tickets

The right concert tickets will give you an unforgettable experience, not to mention some serious bragging rights. With dozens of online sellers vying for your money and attention, it's difficult to figure out the best strategy. Try some of these tips for scoring the best and most affordable tickets for your next concert.  

Find Free Promotions

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There's no better price than absolutely free, and that's just what you can get if you're smart about seeking out concert promotions. While there's no guarantee that you'll win, it can't hurt to give it a try. Local record stores, radio stations, and fan clubs will often have concert tickets before they've gone on sale to the public. Read the rules for each contest carefully. If you can only win once in a certain period, don't waste your entries on the CD when you can hold out for the Kelly Clarkson tickets. If you know you're ineligible because you've won something else recently, don't waste your time trying to fool the DJ or lie your way into a win. 

Avoid Seller Fees 

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Most online ticket sites tack on their own convenience fees and shipping charges. You can cut down on your costs a lot by going straight to the source. Many large venues have a box office where you can buy tickets in person with no other charges attached. You can also avoid seller fees by buying directly from an individual on a site like Craigslist. Here you'll often find people who are anxious to get rid of their goods because they bought a ticket they can't use due to a scheduling conflict. \

Be Extremely Patient

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If you really want to protect your wallet, the best strategy is to take a bit of a gamble and buy your tickets at the last-minute. Very few concerts sell out completely because resellers grab such a large inventory. The closer you get to show time, the more desperate sellers will be to get rid of their goods. Wait till the day of the concert if you can and you might get great tickets at a rock bottom price.

Haggle Wisely

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Don't pay the listed price for a ticket if you can haggle. If you're speaking to an individual directly, offer them a lower price and be ready to walk away if they say no. As the concert gets closer, they may just come after you to unload their tickets if they still haven't sold. Be firm and don't cave in the first time the seller rejects your price. 

Find a Flexible Friend 

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Depending on where you buy them from, cheap tickets may come in singles or as a pair. If you have a flexible friend who's willing to explore the options with you, you can take advantage of whatever deal seems better. Agree to sit apart if these tickets are cheaper, or split the price of a pair if that surfaces as the best option. Buying cheap concert tickets may take weeks of looking and waiting, but it's worth it in the long run if you hold out for that elusive deal.


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