Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Risks of Business

My Mom and I were talking about possible business that DH and I can start these coming months and aside from our earlier plans of reviving our former meat products business I’m thinking of something that will not involve electricity. When you have a meat products business the first thing that you’ll have to buy is a large freezer and that will mean increase in our electric bills. It worries me also that during rainy season brownouts are prevalent in this country so we’ll have to think of precautionary measures on how to deal with our products when this happens. If only we can just buy gold coins and have it stored safely in the bank until it appreciates value then we wouldn’t think of business risk.

We’ll just to save enough money to do it and after then we’ll just wait for the returns of our capital. I know the rich families can decide on investing on gold coins more easily than us because they have the means and finances. Oh well there are other suggestions from my Mom and we’ll have to carefully choose the one that’s less risky I think.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rested and Revived

I had a very busy day rounding up Mommy duties which includes checking up kids in school, buying up extra uniforms, having projects printed up for submission, usual grocery schedule and marketing. By the time I get home past lunchtime I was starving. It was raining a bit that vehicles had slowed down and I can’t do anything but to wait and pray that I’ll get home in time for lunch. When I arrived Mom had already eaten, it’s just Mom and me on lunchtime most of the days because kids are on their schools and DH in school also. Sometimes he would suddenly appear at lunch so I see to it that he has some of his favorite viands over lunch.

After eating my lunch alone with Mom by my side I opened up my laptop to work but tiredness got me napping instead of writing. I woke up late afternoon with hubby and all of my kids in the house already. They didn’t wake me up as they wanted me to rest. I spent two late nights already and I really felt tired because waking up early at 4am left me with 3-4 sleeping hours only. I was touched that they all thought of giving me enough rest and sleep. DH bought and prepared our afternoon snack too so when I got up from napping the food was already on the table. With happiness and contentment in my heart I was once again revived and my blogging mojo is back again.


Good Thing About Working Online at Home

I’ve been scheduling my activities this morning and surmised that it’s just a matter of few hours before I can get back to work. Although the rains will surely slow down everything from traffic up to my many errands I’m still positive that I can do all my scheduled things on time. I just opened up my mails and visited several blogs before I leave the house. I was happy to note that blessings of work have poured down again and I have to get back soon so I can start writing tasks.

It’s really nice working at home because you have the capacity to balance your time with work and family. Today I can do all my errands and still do some work in the afternoon up to evening. If I’m working in an office I have to file a leave of absence every time I have to attend personal matters and kids’ school activities. I’m glad I quit my job because now my time is so flexible and I can get high salary if I’m good at my job unlike the corporate jobs which you’ll have to wait for many things before you can get increases. Now when I have higher earnings I can invest on something or buy gold coins for a sure returns of capital and count on this when my online work is not at its peak. The success of work-at-home job relies mostly on your efforts and determination to grab and get as many tasks as you can get. In this job you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor unlike in the office employment which sometimes can’t give you what you’ve worked for.


Monday, June 28, 2010

What's In Your Big Picture?

Adventure is in Your Big Picture

Right now you're going where no person has gone before. There isn't a well paved path to your destination.

You like taking life as it comes. You enjoy your future being a surprise.

You approach each day with no expectations, and you are willing to accept whatever happens.

You are amazed by every experience you have. You savor the ups and downs of life.

Now I enjoy having some surprises in my life after being locked in corporate work for several years. Online writing work gives me fulfillment, enough thrills in work and sufficient income for my family. Life should be enjoyed not endured if you can do something about it. There's no reason to stay in your job if you're not happy and fulfilled with it. There are plenty of choices and you just have to make a choice. Every experience should be learned and marked as lessons in life for you to master your weaknesses and strengths.


Protection for Your Car

We talked about our coming December camp meeting in our church monthly meeting last Sunday and we discussed everything that will be needed for our camp. We’re going to Villa Dominga Forest Resort again on December and will stay there for four days. We’ll have our semi-annual camp meeting fellowship and spend Christmas there. We’ll go home on the evening of 26th.

We always travel far few times in a year and we really have to make sure that our trunk is large enough to carry all our things needed for several days. Sometimes due to baggage overload we can’t help damaging the cargo floor area with scratches and dirt so I find it really a great help if we can get a quality cargo liner that will protect the interior of the car especially the trunk where the usual bulk of our baggage were placed. We also bring equipment and musical instruments that when placed without the protection of liners may cause some scratches on the trunk floors. It will be nice to travel feeling assured that no matter how heavy our load in our trunk we’ll be coming home with a car free from damage and scratch inside and out.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

PH#216: Purple

A few hours in the mall playing in the arcade and lunch at my kids' favorite KFC resto. They just love going there for eat out and I'm glad they like it there because I also love their chicken sandwich. If we eat at another fast food resto I wouldn't be able to eat my fave :-) Anyway I didn't ordered my sandwich as we had their bucket meal with french fries and etc. It's also Ruth's graduation day so everyone's happy. I'm wearing my purple blouse that day so there goes my theme entry.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Quality Used Auto Parts

When you have a car is sure that you’re ready with the expenses of maintenance and up keeping. It’s like another member of your family where you will allot some budgetary expenses or you’ll be worrying about money for repairs soon. My Mom says that your car is like another baby in the family. You have to take care of all its components in order to get the best of your car service. Whenever there are broken parts you have to search for auto body parts that will fit your car to avoid accidents due to car’s malfunction.

Well if you’re looking for high quality and affordable used auto parts you can try visiting EverDrive because they offer wide range of guaranteed quality used auto parts for all types and models of car from cars of 1980s up to the latest. They have everything you need to replace the parts of your car. You just have to ask them and they’ll find it for you at very affordable prices. You need not worry about buying parts that will malfunction after a short period of time. They will guarantee their products for up to 3 years. So if you have a need for used auto parts like engines, transmissions, glass and all parts of your car they will find it for you and will deliver it for half the price of new parts!


Buffalo Grass: An ideal low maintenance grass

Lawns from Montana to Mexico, along the Great Plains corridor, are often planted with the short, sturdy native grass known as buffalo grass. This variety gives lawns a great looking turf cover. Buffalo grass grows naturally curly, has a rich blue-green hue, and thrives in areas with little precipitation. These characteristics make it a great choice for lawns that get little rainfall and are situated in drought-prone areas of the country. The naturally curly and low-growing leaf blades occupy more space than a typical straight growing grass and give lawns a beautiful, uniform cover.

Buffalo grass is incredibly low maintenance. Mowing is only recommended to keep the grass at the turf height of 2-3 inches. If left untreated buffalo grass will generally only grow to about 8-10 inches. If a lower turf is desired, for well manicured lawns or golf courses, more frequent mowing is needed. Buffalo grass does not require fertilization and only needs one inch of water a week to stay green throughout the spring and summer months. If not watered buffalo grass will lie dormant and turn brown during the summer.

Buffalo Grass grows in the Great Plains region of North America. It is found predominately in Montana and North Dakota and has made its way down to Oklahoma and Texas. This variety has even been found growing in Mexico. Buffalo grass has many uses in this region and is ideal for planting along roadsides, the rough in golf courses, and open lawns. It has especially thrived along the rolling plains of Northern Texas. Typically buffalo grass cannot grow east past Kansas because of the heavy rainfall and generally humid climate.

Buffalo grass is a perfect solution for those looking for a drought resistant grass that looks great as a turf cover and does not require much maintenance.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road Accident Lawyers

I witnessed a tragic road accident when I was still working in my previous job. We heard a sudden commotion and saw the accident caused by the negligence of the truck driver who lost his brakes and run down several cars and 10 people who were crossing the streets. It was 5 in the afternoon and all employees gathered to cross the street. The company guard signaled for the cars to stop and the cars stopped but few meters away the truck came speeding without brakes and run down the cars in front of him and the people crossing the street. You’ll never believe the number of cars affected and the number of employees who were like toys being run down. I believe the victims seek for the services of good lawyers like denver car accident lawyers to get justice for the wrongful acts and recklessness of the driver.

Luckily no one was killed in that accident but most were severely injured. It was a traumatic experience for the victims and they filed for many cases against the driver. In cases like this you can rely on denver accident attorneys to take into action and to use their professional expertise in solving and winning the case. They will be there for you at the start and up to the case was solved. You don’t have to pay up-front fees because payment is done when the case is solved and settlement was done. For the record denver accident lawyers have won many accident cases involving automobile, trucking and drunk driving accidents. They also won over personal injury cases like death, brain injury and back and spinal cord injury.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Cash for Your Gold Collections

Do you collect old gold coins or old jewellery? Well sometimes we collect things we fancy or love like me who collects old silver and gold d. My hobby started when I was a teens and when my Mom start showing me her old coins from the sixties and seventies. I was quite impressed that she had kept them for several years and I started to collect for myself. I started with the large one-peso coin in the 80’s when it was abolished and every coin replaced by the government’s new coins. Now I learned that my coins have appreciated its value but still I want them for my keepsake only.

But if you’re not as sentimental as I am and interested in making cash for gold you can visit because they will buy your gold coins at the best possible price. You’ll be able to help the planet also when you sell them your gold coins or jewellery because is an eco-friendly company that refines gold coins which reduces environmental hazard.


Protect Your Car

It’s so convenient when you have your own car especially that the rainy season has arrived now. We sold our car when we find it hard to return it to its old running condition after the big flood that hit the metropolis. It was a bad disaster that hit us and millions of properties in our place were heavily damaged. We’re lucky that we saved our important documents and things in the upper floor of the house and the appliances that were submerged were restored again and we’re using them all now. It’s just the car that’s damaged and we were not able to have it fixed right after the flood because our mechanic has his schedule full of repair job. Anyway we’re searching for another car and hoping to get one next year.

As early as now I’m searching again for nice accessories for the car so when the time comes that we’ll have our car I will have ready accessories. One of the things that I really want in a car is to have a quality car cover which can protect the car from the damaging properties of the sun, heavy rains and in some parts of the globe the ice and snow. It should also protect the car from dirt and dust when it’s parked inside. Those damaging properties will take its toll on the car and after sometime you’ll find the body paint of your car wearing out.

Our car needs the best car covers that can give ultimate protection to our cars rain or shine meaning it should protect it from heavy rains or from scorching heat of the sun. Empire Covers offers various indoor and outdoor quality car covers for all types of cars needing protective covers. They provide variety of protection like sunproof, waterproof, outdoor, indoor and may other quality products that can protect any type of vehicle you have.

With these products you can now feel safe that your car will be maintained properly. If you need truck covers, motorcycle covers or any other cover for your kind of vehicle just visit their site and choose from among their protective covering. You’ll be assured that your car will still look great and well maintained even after several years. Remember that it’s better to prevent damage than repair it.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Credit Counseling

An old friend of mine called to ask for help because she was in dire need to seek credit counseling service regarding her financial trouble in credit card payment. She missed paying her monthly dues twice and that leads to multiple amounts of payments that she find it hard to pay. Due to low wage salary employees tend to use their credit cards beyond their capacity to pay thus leading to credit over limits. That’s why it’s really best to budget your money wisely and pay in cash.

Having one credit card is not bad especially if you only use it for emergency purposes like when your bank is in maintenance and you can’t withdraw your cash. Then you can pay all your purchases upon billing so it will not accrue interest. Sometimes the high finance way of living tempts us to use credit cards beyond our means and our real needs. It’s really enticing to use credit cards but it’s hard to pay. Using them doesn’t teach us how to budget our money wisely so better keep out of it or you’ll soon need the help of consumer credit counseling which will advice and help you get out of credit trouble.

Better check out which provides free counseling service on money management, finances, debt consolidation and credit card consolidation programs. They will help you out in consolidating your multiple debts into one loan only. They will analyze your income against your expenses and try to come up with a monthly payment that you can afford. This way you’ll find yourself debt-free again.


Saturday 9: Jumping Someone Else's Train

1. When was your last train ride? It's actually a Metro rail transit, the modern train which I rode more than a year ago when I bought my camera with my friend Jen.

2. How many foreign countries have you visited? Tell us about one. I haven't been to any. Guess I'm so busy with attending to my kids that I closed all possibilities in my former work to go abroad.

3. What do you always take with you on vacation? clothes, cellular phone, bible, wallet, eyeglasses and camera

4. Tell us about something you've lost recently. I've lost my favorite flash drive which my friend gave me. I was enrolling my youngest and it just fall from my pouch to an enormouse bunch of school uniforms. The school staff never found it much to my sadness.

5. Do you prefer action packed vacations or relaxing ones? Of course I prefer relaxing ones because my life is already full of actions lol!

6. How long will you wait in a check out line before abandoning your purchases? I'm patient enough to wait for 30 minutes but I have an attitude of calculating the line before I even get into it.

7. How old do you wish you were? In my early thirties :-)

8. Do you consider yourself kind? Most often than not my friends say!

9. Tell us about your tattoos. Or if you had to get a tattoo, where and what would it be? I don't have any and I don't plan on having one.

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers there! My own father has passed away already and I'm greeting my FIL and my dearest husband!

To join click the badge!


Regular House Schedules Again

I’m finishing my tasks today to attend to some of my chores in the house. Lately I’m so busy with my assignments and school opening that I’ve been putting off my chores to scheduled dates so as to cope up with due dates. It was a tough work sometimes beating the deadlines but I’m happy with the way my work is going as I have many tasks to do in a day. Since I resigned from my job almost a year now online tasks keep pouring in and in these past few weeks the blessing of work is so enormous that I forgot reading apidexin reviews for a friend of mine who needs some advice on slimming down. I have to read these reviews because it will be the basis of my friend if she’ll go on with her diet or not.

I have to do one more task and I’m done. I can now concentrate on preparing our things and clothes for our Sunday worship tomorrow. I’m looking forward to spending my whole day with no thoughts of anything. School opening has passed and the pressures of it have mellowed down also. It will be regular classes for all of my three kids and they’re studying some of their lessons now here by my side.


Decorative Salt & Pepper Shakers

Do you want pretty accessories for your kitchen but don't want additional clutters? Well I've rounded some cute little things for the kitchen and I found some in created by sharonilg. These are two beautiful Hand painted Glass with plastic tops, salt and Pepper shakers with concord grapes design. They're 4" tall and 1 1/2" wide at the base and dishwasher safe on the tops shelf. It sells at 15.00 USD

Beautiful and very useful indeed!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best Treasure for Your Kids

Every couple would want the best for their kids but sometimes you can’t have all that you want because of some reasons. One of the reasons that hinder us parents in giving all the best for our kids is lack of enough money to buy them all they want. Although it’s not good and practical to give everything that our kids asked from us we still want to give the best of our love and endeavour to them. As for me it’s best to give them a good future by ensuring that they get the best education because education is one of the things that you can’t buy and it will never stolen. It’s one of the treasures that we can leave to them if we don’t have treasures and money.

There are other things that we can do to secure their future and one of them is putting our money on safe investment. I’ve been wanting to buy gold coins last year when I resigned from work because I want my money to have a high profit return . I don’t want to invest on things that have not guaranteed to make a profit because that’s what business is for. Besides I would need more money in the coming years when my kids enters secondary and college education


Are You Burned Out?

You Are 15% Burned Out

You are not burned out in the least.
Even though you work hard, you know how to pace yourself.
You are responsible, but you never let your responsibilities drain you.
You realize that taking care of yourself always comes first.

Even though I work long hours and feel tired always I don't think I'm burned out because I love my work and I love doing all my work for my family, no regrets! When I feel that I'm slowly being drained I stepped out of my work and relax, that way I can restore my energy, it's that simple!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Expedia Coupons for Travel

Traveling can get expensive. With high gas prices, a number of baggage and additional fees required for flying, and other costs associated with travel, many people are finding it's too expensive to take a vacation. No one should have to pay full price for travel; there are still plenty of ways you can save on your trips, from airline tickets to car rentals to hotel rooms and tickets to attractions at your destination.

One way to make sure that you're not paying full price for your vacation is to book your tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars on discount travel sites like These sites alone can literally save you hundreds of dollars on your travel plans and trips, so taking a vacation doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

You can save even more money on top of the savings that you already get on Expedia with Expedia coupons. These coupons are found online and include offers such as additional dollar amounts off of a hotel room, special seasonal or holiday sales on cruises, hotel rooms, and tickets, and up to 75 percent off of cruises. So you can see that it pays to use these types of coupons before going on vacation.

Finding Expedia coupons is as simple as doing an online search. There are websites that feature many different coupons for travel that's booked through Expedia. You'll typically find codes that you will enter as you make your trip reservations and pay for them online. Sometimes, they are also direct links that you click to go through to the site, and a code is not required. Instead, the savings are automatically applied. Signing up to receive special offers from Expedia's site will also give you access to its coupons, which will be sent directly to you via email.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vacation Extended

It will be few days remaining before the opening of classes and we’re making the most of the kids’ vacation by spending this weekend here in hubby’s family house in Montalban. I’m having a great view of the mountains while I’m blogging beside the windows. I was surprised that we’re still here; DH asked me if it’s ok with me if we stay another night since we’ll never know when we’ll be able to visit again. School classes tend to be so busy most of the times and we’ll have to plan every visit we’ll have according to the kids’ school activities.

We still have to make one final shopping for their things. I want to shop for the little essentials such as hankies, lunch box, rain protection and maybe some urban clothes. We actually planned to do it this weekend but DH opted to stay another night. So here I am blogging until I feel sleepy. I’m not used to doing nothing and after lunch we’re just relaxing and chatting in the garden. I’m just sneaking some minutes to check emails and post short tasks so I’ll be early for my due days. It feels great to do assignments ahead of time. I felt very organized and disciplined this way. Besides I’ll still do some tweaking on my new blog, my new baby!


Stress Tabs

Its chocoholic time again as the kids got their share of their Auntie’s sweets for them. It’s not only the kids but the adults as well. We’re a certified chocoholic family and I just have to limit their intake for the day as they will have problem in their tonsils if I’ll be lax on them.

For me chocolates are great stress tabs and I’ve been using it as such when I was still working in corporate office. You’ll never imagine how much stress, worries and pressures I have in a day being an Admin, HR, Billing and Accounting Officer all in one. I’ve grown used to it and I can handle it well with coffee and chocolates by my side. It’s true friends! I’ve done it many times before. After a stressful meeting with the bosses I just take my bar of choco and I’ll feel better. I think it’s something about the sweets that controls anger and temper. Try it! Still the best remedy is prayers!


Too Excited to Sleep

We went to airport few days ago to fetch SIL from UK to have a few weeks’ vacation here. It’s the first time that DH is available and he has plenty of time in the afternoon to go anywhere. SIL was impressed with the fast procedures now in NAIA airport and she’s happy to travel without traffic. She has experienced heavy traffic on all her visits here. We went straight to Shakeys for a quick midnight snack. Well by the look of the meal package we ordered I was thinking if I will need alli in the next few days.

Josh was bubbly and excited on seeing her Auntie and he was all smiles when he was told by SIL that he’s cute. Talk about being flattered, he really like it being called cute lol! I was surprised that he’s not sleepy considering that it was already past midnight. He enjoyed the food and I laughed when he compared it with Pizza Hut’s foods. He loved both just like me. We went home after 2 hours and Josh was not able to sleep. Maybe it’s the result of eating the sherbet ice cream which made him alert and active. I was relieved when he fell asleep before the morning sun sets in.


Fast Money for Home Repairs

When I resigned from my job and started staying and working at home I realized that there are things that need to be attended to immediately in the house. I’ve noted some parts of our house that need renovation, improvements and repairs. It’s an old house and in 35 years since it was built some parts really has to be replaced. I’m just glad that it’s made of stone all over its 70 sq.m. floor area except for the wood flooring in the second floor. I’m happy that I can now allot funds for this while my online tasks is really pouring and on its peak because when I was still working in office I have to make payday advance when I need some immediate repairs in the house. It help us a lot to have advance money for the little emergencies in life.

I’ve been browsing some sites for a friend’s need for cash and I came upon this site which you can avail fast cash loan where requirements are easy and processing is fast. It can suffice your need for small-term loan and you don’t have to worry much about application. You don’t have to wait that long for approval. They will connect your application to various payday loan lenders where there’s a bigger chance of having your loan approved. They ensure safety and security of your personal information while having an easy application and processing along the way. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 you apply online, receive approval and have your cash deposited to your account, that easy!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Work Blessing

It’s nice to wake up to a cool morning unlike the past few weeks that the temperature was very hot. I’ve worked overtime last night to finish tons of work but I stopped working when I’m half finished because I don’t want to get some headache again. Now I’m having a blogging marathon to finish half of the sets I left last night. It’s good that DH helped with the chores so I get my full time on online works only. I have to make it really fast for us to prepare our things for our travel to MIL’s house. Well I don't mind doing these tasks as it's a work blessing for me. I've been receiving tons of work these past few weeks and it's just right for the school opening expenses. Thank you Lord!


Imparting the Value of Education

My nephew started going to school this week for his Advance Math class. Their school will start classes next month so my brother thinks that he could do some advance studies for his Engineering math subjects. He’s taking up the same course as my brother , a BS degree in Civil Engineering so he could help my brother in their construction business in the future. His inclination is into music but he’s no going to taking it as his college course because he’s already good at it.

Last year when he asked us all what he will take up in college because all he wants then are music and computers. At first he planned to take up the same Computer engineering course as mine but when he finally graduated from high school he research college degrees and decided to take up Civil Engineering in MIT. We’re happy with his choice and I know my brother will teach and guide him on the hard math subjects that we both gone through when we were studying.

I’m glad that Mom had imparted the value of education to us and we passed it through our kids. We value education that much because when you have it or finished a degree it’s your powerful tool in getting a good paying job. Well you should also include prayers in all your undertakings to have the proper spiritual guidance in our lives.

For those who want to search education degree and schools you can browse online and have your pick of online and campus-based schools and college degree of your choice. Finish a degree and it will help you achieve your dreams.


Oldest Shoe

This news caught my attention as at first it doesn't look like a shoe to me. I thought it was a cloth shoe but it's indeed a real leather shoe found in Armenian cave and it's about 5,500 years ago when last worn by a human. The shoe was stuffed with grass (of the same age also) and seen with other human things. For sure the cave was resided by the old generation of early humans. By the style of the leather shoe I would assume it was meant for long-range walking. What surprised me was the fact that it doesn't smell bad just like other shoes made of leather, or maybe humans were cleaner then or our mother nature maybe lol!

Here's a clipping of the news:

by RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer Randolph E. Schmid, Ap Science WriterWed Jun 9, 7:11 pm ET

WASHINGTON – About 5,500 years ago someone in the mountains of Armenia put his best foot forward in what is now the oldest leather shoe ever found.

It'll never be confused with a penny loafer or a track shoe, but the well-preserved footwear was made of a single piece of leather, laced up the front and back, researchers reported Wednesday in PLoS One, a journal of the Public Library of Science.

More of this news on


Thursday, June 10, 2010

:TC - Urban (Signs)

"URBAN" (Buildings, Traffic, Graffiti, Signs, People,...)

Click the image to enlarge pic

This is the new foot bridge constructed beside my former office in Libis which I've waited for several years to be constructed. It was requested through a Citizens' patrol coverage hosted by no other than our office mate. Citizens' Patrol is an afternoon show in ABS-CBN 2 where they let the people air their request and complaints thru their show.

Well anyway you can see the signs on the right side in Filipino language 'Tumawid sa Tamang Tawiran' (please cross on the right pedestrian lane) or if there's a footbridge like this pedestrians should use the footbridge provided for pedestrians. The road is a very dangerous one because it's just below the Libis flyover. Many lives were already taken by this road. I've seen some of the accidents through our building's glass windows.

For more 'family' themed photos click the title badge.


Auto Usate Milano

Having your own car is much more comfortable than hiring a cab every time you need to use a service vehicle. I bought a car from my employer few years back when he told his employees that he has a vendita auto usate for whoever is interested. It has served us so efficiently but when a great flood hit our town and most of the metropolis towns beside us our car was submerged and we had no time to restore it to previous running condition. It was waiting in line for the mechanic when we finally decided to finally give it up because it will take so much time and money to revive its former condition.

It was hard on my part to sell it because it’s part of my separation pay from the company I’ve worked for 16 years. Even though the car was not of the latest model type we love it as we have used it in going to our Sunday church fellowship, on our outreach ministry and camp meetings. It also served as our family car on everyday use. Well some things aren’t meant to last so I sold it to the most persistent buyer. Now I’m telling my friends that DH and compro auto usate to replace the one that we sold few months back. We really need a car to carry in attending Sunday service and in some other travels that we used to go.

Well my friend is so resourceful that he found one for us. He found the shop that sells pre-owned cars just like auto usate Milano which are part of the products and services of, a buy and sell company that knows the ins and out of buying and selling car. They specialize also in purchase in cash and off-road car, car assessment, leasing repayment and car sales account. They’ve been in the business since 1978 and still are giving the customers the best of their services and experiences. Visit their site now and see what they have to offer you.


Monday, June 7, 2010

:Blue Monday/Mellow Yellow Monday: Water Fun


Click the image to enlarge pic

"Look what I got Mom' he's just kidding of course as if I don't know it's his water gun. He wants me to believe that he got it from the bottom of the pool. It's a gift to him and he thought that I will not be able to recognize the toy lol! Anyway my little boy really enjoyed hi granny's birthday celebration at the resort and he's at the pool the whole day stopping at 3pm when he felt that his feet was sore from stepping on the hot pebble tiles.

The blue watered- pool and blue-yellow water gun is just right for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday entry. Happy Monday everyone! For other entries just click the top logo!


Convenience of Contact Lens

When contact lens has gained popularity I never took part in trying or using it. I see it as a tasking job to wear on and off when you’re in daily activities that doesn’t allow having contact lens on your eyes like sleeping on travel etc. Besides I’m too busy to clean and protect the contacts every night. It’s only now that I’m beginning to realize the advantages of wearing contact lens because I’m seeing it on my sister. She finds it hard and uncomfortable wearing her eyeglasses previously so she switched to wearing contact lenses as per advice of her doctor and friends.

In the past I can’t see much difference except that you’ll look younger with contact lens than with prescription eyeglasses. Now I’m seeing it in a much better perspective. I can now see that contact lens has better benefits than prescription eyeglasses. Actually I’m beginning to think about buying Acuvue oasis contacts because I noticed that I’ve been having some problems with wearing my eyeglasses. Maybe my eye grade goes up again and needs some eyeglasses’ lens change. Since I don’t want to change my eyeglasses for a much thicker lens I’ll just try Acuvue oasis because it offers quality well-known products. With high UV rays, inside-out market and visibility tint ‘


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

A few months ago I watched over television news how the wife of a well-known rich man who has come to the police to charge her husband of beating her up. I was surprised at first because the man in question is old enough to have a better sense of himself and know that beating is bad and criminal behavior. He’s a senior citizen already, a politician, rich and intelligent but it seems respect is beyond him because he can’t seem to respect even the mother of his children. The woman who filed charges against him narrated in the police station how he beat her whenever they have misunderstanding. Many women subject themselves to domestic violence long before they seek assistance. I believe that when it happens to you it’s imperative that you seek the help of a lawyer like that of denver criminal defense lawyer to help you fight for your rights. 

Tolerance is not welcomed on cases like these because it will even make some men crueler to their wives. I have a friend who left her husband and live with her parents when she can’t take it anymore. She didn’t sue her husband and just left him. For cases like these victims should get the services of denver criminal lawyers who has the experience and capabilities of defending their clients on criminal cases. The criminal attorney renders his services from the start of the case up to when the settlement is done. They assured their clients of a good winning case and payments are only made when the case was over and settlement was done.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday 9: If I Had a Hammer

1. Are you handy with tools? Yap.. My college course and first job in semi-conductor electronics company made me one.

2. What was the best thing that happened to you this week? First-ever vacation of hubby from work for good. He resigned and will study.

3. What was the worst thing that happened to you this week? I nearly collapsed from over fatigue, I guess I had too many online writing works but I'm happy with my work because it's a blessing from God. I just need to manage my time more so my health won't suffer.

4. Do you think you act your age? More often than not I think :-) sometimes we need to be young at heart to enjoy the sweet simple things of life.

5. Describe an item of clothing that has definitely seen better days but that you refuse to dispose of and still wear. Why won't you toss it? My cardigans/sweater I have since I was single around 14 years ago. It's a gift from a friend and has sentimental value. I don't toss gifts, I keep it forever!

6. What is your favorite summertime beverage? Real fruit shakes especially green mango, melon and banana fruit shakes.

7. Have you ever lied about your age? No. I have no reason to do it. Some other day maybe when I'm too old and shy about it let's say sixty lol! Or maybe not :-)

8. What was the most memorable birthday party you've attended? My Mom's birthday party at the resort, not so much activities and no program but all my loved ones were there and we enjoyed it very much's a swimming party celebration. The best for us.

9. What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?
Accidents in the mountain highway. We had one when I'm just 9 years old and our bus nearly dropped down the mountain cliff. God has saved us from that accident and it thought me to pray hard for guidance on every travel that I take.


Rest and Massage Therapy For Me

I had a soothing massage therapy from my dear Mom who really knows how to make me feel rested and relaxed. I’ve been feeling quite different since Wednesday and then last night severe back pain got me to seep early. I wanted to search for the right high quality prenatal vitamins for my cousin and to finish my tasks but the pain left me no choice but to leave my work and rest immediately. I had a complete sleep of about 9 hours and I woke up feeling refreshed after so many days. These past few days are full of offline activities that somehow weaken my defenses and became over fatigued. Now after several hours after the massage I feel fine and ready for tomorrow’s Sunday worship.


PH#216: Sparkle

This is my pick for the theme this week. I've chosen this picture of our Princess Kriselle (daughter of my niece and goddaughter) who recently celebrated her first year birthday. She was only 7 months old here and wearing her prettiest smile with eyes that sparkles. I love this photo of Princess because she was very happy here. Well up to now she always smile like this and always showing off her cute dimples. She's as pretty as her Mom who happens to be my flower girl when I got married.

For more photo hunt 'Sparkle' entries just click on the badge above.


Kids Easily Forgets Pain

When we celebrate Mom’s birthday on the resort by the lake two of my kids who spent swimming since morning got sore feet. I learned that they walked barefooted on the hot pebble tiles even if I told them to wear their slippers every time they go out of the pool. I’m just glad that it’s only sore feet and not that painful as eczema which I’m dreading to happen to any of my kids because I’ve seen how a relative of ours suffered from the disease for more than 2 years.

Well lessons learned for Josh and Ruth as I told them if they had followed my advice they would not hurt their feet. It's just lucky that I bought my favorite ointment for skin. I asked them if they will still go with us and swim when we come back to the resort and they immediately answered yes. Kids are really funny, they easily forgets the pain just like air passing through our skin.


Fit and Energetic

DH just can’t stop working in the house. He‘s on vacation but he’s spending most of his time sorting things up just like his warehouse in his job. He’s been doing it for three days so you can just imagine how busy and energetic he is. If all people are like him no one will need to read alli reviews because every one will be fit and slim. I keep telling him that his muscles must have come from arranging appliances in the warehouse.

Good for him as he didn’t have to go to gym to have his workout because if you will see him he’s as fit as an athlete, makes him younger than his age. I envy him of course because when we got married we’re just the same but now I’ve gained weight. Anyway no matter how I gain weight he’s still as loving as ever.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Flower Arrangements – Line Arragement

As I’m so fond of flowers just like my Mom I always want to read anything about them and how they’re arranged. Here are some tips on how you arrange your pretty flowers on your vases and pots.

There are three kinds of flower arrangements namely mass, line and floating arrangements.

First you’ll have to know where to place your arranged flowers. If you decide to place it on top of the table against the wall, on top of your bookshelf or on top of the piano you can arranged it using the line arrangement. Before choosing the flowers try considering the container and the color scheme of the room first. You’ll need few sprays. Don’t put away the flowers with curved or crooked stems as it will make your flower arrangement interesting.

In this kind of arrangement you can use one kind of flower but select the biggest or the most perfect as the center of interest. Arrange the rest of the flowers around it to emphasize that flower. This arrangement should have long-stemmed flowers. Cut the stems of varied lengths of good proportion.

You can also use different kinds of flowers for this. The tallest flower may be placed in line with the center of the vase. Don’t forget to add some drooping sprays to carry the eyes downward if the arrangement is above the eye level.


Choosing the Right Webhost

Having your own site takes up your time, money and some effort to keep and maintain to a good readable and well-visited site. I started having my site on a free-hosted blog three years ago with a desire in my heart to share inspirational thoughts, life experiences and my journey in life. I enjoyed every minute of having my blog and it somehow released my innermost thoughts and feelings that I haven’t imagined I have. Writing has always been my hobby and having a blog creates a place for me to put down all of my thoughts. It also served as my relaxation from my demanding multi-tasking job in corporate office. I was very thankful for my friend and mentor who introduced me to blogging world.

After just being in the blogosphere for about six months I heard about domain name and web hosting services. When I found that I could be more flexible if I have my own domain I immediately applied for my first name as my very first domain. I was very excited then but before choosing my web host I read many reviews about web hosting companies so I’ll have enough ideas and knowledge. I was also advised by my friend and mentor in blogging to choose my web host with enough capabilities to host my blog. They should be able to have a good reliability/uptime, necessary features, technical support, good customer service and must be user-friendly.

With the help of review sites like WebhostingFan blog owners can have the latest trends in web development, web hosting news, web hosting reviews of the top ten web hosting providers, domain names and more about web security, SEO and softwares on blogging. It’s their purpose for the customers to check the site and web hosting company before signing up and getting the services of the company. It’s best to read reviews and feedback from users because you’ll have firsthand information about the web host. For those who want to have their own site visit and decide whom do you want to host for you.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen

Dollhouse  Miniature Kitchen baking hutch

Are your little girls fond of playing dolls and dollhouse? Well look at this one? It caught my fancy when I browsed upon this page. Well my girls are growing up fast now and maybe they would not want to play with it anymore but they want this for keepsake only and for display in their room. Well I've read that it's actually for adults and not for children under 12 yrs.

I saw this at and it costs USD10.00. Here's a descriptive caption of this miniature kitchen from the maker itself:

It shows a work-in-progress baking scene -- with cookie cutters, rolling pin, flour and sugar in process. On the shelves are bowls, a jar of jam and some cookbooks. All of the items are fixed in place. This item is for the hutch only and the other furniture is for display inspirations only.

For more of this kind you can visit


Many Kinds of Scanner

Sometimes I noticed that the price underneath the item in some supermarkets have different price barcode scanner. In a nearby supermarket there’s one in the middle of the store so you don’t have to have it scanned by the cashier.

Well the kids love it and often they would really scan the items just to see the red thin light that scans the barcode. I told them that when they work in an office there would be many kinds of scanner also like finger scan, id scan and many more depending on what the company needs for the time record of the employees.


Crops are Recovering Now

I’m glad that every day rain always comes because it will greatly help the farmers in their crops. Before the rain some lands in country has dried up and crops died. I didn’t read any insurance for crops in insurance blog I browsed just now. It was a major loss for farmers and for the country too because agricultural crops like rice decreased harvest due to drought brought about by too much heat.

Well I think we’ve passed that bad condition now that rainy season has arrived. Our garden plants and flowers are blooming beautifully now. I just hope that electric bills will decrease this month because there will be lesser need for cooling appliances.


:TC - Family

"FAMILY" (Moms, Dads, Kids, Relatives, People, Animals, Vacations, Weddings,...)

For my entry this week I've posted here our family picture together when we're in Villa Dominga Forest Resort during one of our church camp meeting fellowship. We've been using and renting the villa since year 2008 and when I browsed back our family picture I noticed that my kids have grown up so fast since we've started in the villa. Well that's just for my two girls as my little boy is still my little one.

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Better Workouts and Muscular Growth

Keeping your body healthy, fit and strong takes a lot of effort, time and discipline. I go for exercise and a well balanced diet which when blended well will give you a good result of having a fit and healthy body. I’ve started taking this thing seriously few weeks ago when I feel so overweight and losing control over eating sweets. I decided to turn away from it and started to have a semi-cleansing diet which cleanses my body by washing away bad toxins. Now all I have to concentrate is the time that I will spend on exercise because busy schedule limits my time on it. I’m still working on it and thinking about gym. I remember my male colleague turned to workout exercise when he felt he’s overweight and badly need to slim down. He can’t survive on cleansing diet so instead he enrolled in a gym workout program to help him convert his heavy-built body into a muscled one.

On his journey to changing his built from a fat overweight to a muscled toned body he was advised by his workout buddy to take supplement like BSN Nitrix, a vaso-muscular dilator which improves blood flow and dilates the body’s blood vessels. This is a non-hormonal supplement that will help those working out in gyms to develop muscles fast and aid them better in their workout exercises. This is a great help to boost energy and perform well in building muscles without being prone to over fatigue and tiredness. Great for my friend who want to really make his body trim, fit and healthy.


Are You Sunny, Cloudy, or Stormy?

You Are Sunny

You are an upbeat, positive person who refuses to get too down in the dumps.

You realize that life is short, and you know you're going to try to have as much fun as possible!

You try to laugh, play, and love every day. You believe that happiness is a choice.
You take your responsibilities seriously, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in the process.

I really believe that you have happiness in your life if you really aim for it, well it depends on your priorities. If you prefer to be a millionaire and forget happiness if it blocks your way then it's your choice. If your life surrounds God and make Him the center of it you'll be happy and sunny! Now that's my choice that's why I'm sunny!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disadvantage of Working on Night Shift

When I was working in a semi-conductor company several years back as my very first job I was assigned in night shift. Because I was new in the company and I was excited with working on manufacturing of transformers I didn’t backed out and agreed on my shift. I worked well on night shift and I enjoyed it because my friends were in the same shift but I find it hard to sleep at daytime. I tried to look for a natural sleep aid that will help me rest and sleep before I work again at 10 in the evening but nothing worked fine with me. When I began to develop insomnia out of my night shift I requested for a change of shift and slowly my sleeping became normal again


Top 10 May Droppers

I'm sending my warmest thanks to all these people who have patiently dropped their ec's and visited my blog everyday making them my top droppers for last month. Aside from these top 10 I want to thank all who have dropped ec's here even if I wasn't able to drop you back. I was too busy with major changes in our life that it took me a lot of effort just to finish my online work in time. Hopefully I can start ec dropping again within this week. Wishes :-)

Dropper # of drops

Life's Tricky Situations 31
Take A Coffee Break 31
A Simple Life 31
The Modern Mom 31
Life's sweets and spices 31
moms..... check nyo 31
Yummy-as-can-be 31
Mommy's Little Corner 31
Fledgling Blogger 29
my kids are my world 28


Busy Schedule and Hard Work

I’ve been doing some pretty hard schedule in the last couple of days forcing me to work on nights just to cope up with busy online and offline tasks. I had some sleepless working nights and I thought I was going to need acnepril if I happen to have pimples or acne. I was glad that nothing has happened to me and my skin. I just had some dizziness from overnight work which is a normal occurrence if you didn’t sleep. Lately I had showers of tasks and I thank God for the abundance of my work even if really has to work and work.


Great Way to Watch Favorite Shows and Sports

Watching sports and movies over television relax us and bind our family into enjoying the day together. It has always been a kind of therapy for those who feels tired after a day’s work or for those who want to be free from stress of daily problems. I enjoy watching sports over television but I enjoy it more when I see my favourite players in person while they’re giving their best while playing their games. I remember my friend saying that he would love having Chicago Blackhawks Tickets on his rest day from work so he can watch his favourite team while they play baseball. It was his wish to be able to get premium tickets but most of the times the tickets are sold out before he even has the time to wait in line in ticket outlets.

You don’t have to worry about waiting in long line just to get your tickets because makes it easier for you and your family to reserve and buy tickets for watching your favourite sports, music and various shows. Now getting Lollapalooza Tickets is easier and more convenient. You can be assured that you’ll be able to watch and listen to American music festival.

If you want to have fun with friends you can reserve the whole group to a premium Jeff Dunham Tickets and enjoy the laugh and good times while you watch and listen to his comedian acts. It’s fun watching it with friends and even your family. Visit their site now and enjoy the best deals and great savings on ticket prices. Watching games, sports and music can really be a relaxing moment for you, your family and your friends.


You Are 76% Healthy

Your diet is quite healthy, but you don't too crazy with what you eat.

You know how to eat what's good for you, but you're also careful not to deprive yourself.

And that's the healthiest way to be!

That's one of my goals for the past weeks - to eat more of fruits and veggies and less of carbohydrates and meat products and sparingly on fatty foods. So far so good as my tummy is now decreasing its size and I feel healthy and lighter. I know now that we really need a lot of discipline to get through some planning


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