Friday, June 4, 2010

Flower Arrangements – Line Arragement

As I’m so fond of flowers just like my Mom I always want to read anything about them and how they’re arranged. Here are some tips on how you arrange your pretty flowers on your vases and pots.

There are three kinds of flower arrangements namely mass, line and floating arrangements.

First you’ll have to know where to place your arranged flowers. If you decide to place it on top of the table against the wall, on top of your bookshelf or on top of the piano you can arranged it using the line arrangement. Before choosing the flowers try considering the container and the color scheme of the room first. You’ll need few sprays. Don’t put away the flowers with curved or crooked stems as it will make your flower arrangement interesting.

In this kind of arrangement you can use one kind of flower but select the biggest or the most perfect as the center of interest. Arrange the rest of the flowers around it to emphasize that flower. This arrangement should have long-stemmed flowers. Cut the stems of varied lengths of good proportion.

You can also use different kinds of flowers for this. The tallest flower may be placed in line with the center of the vase. Don’t forget to add some drooping sprays to carry the eyes downward if the arrangement is above the eye level.


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