Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wishing for a Baby Girl

No I’m not! I already have 2 girls; it’s my friend who wishes for a baby girl. I learned that one of my friends in my kids’ school is pregnant now for her third kid and she’s having a hard time because the last pregnancy she had was 10 years ago. She was so young then and her husband died of car accident. She’s starting a new life now after ten years of being a widow and she’s very happy about the new changes in her life. She has two boys and she wish that the baby she’s carrying now will be a girl. She’s only on her six-month now so it’s difficult to tell what gender is her baby. I’m asking her if she’s going to give us baby shower invitations before she give birth to her new baby.

She’s still in the planning stage and I told her not to pressure herself with it. She can plan it even on the last month of her pregnancy. She should not think of anything now but her condition, anyway it’s easy to order invitations these days and she can have the food delivered for the event. Well I can be her cook too!


Wedding Anniversary Gifts

One of the most memorable moments of my life is my wedding because I’ve been blessed with a wonderful person by God. I know that my husband is God’s gift to me because He’s given me signs before that Ed is the right man for me. I used prayers and my heart when I decided to accept his love for me. I know from my heart that I could never love anyone as much as I love him so I agreed to marry him. We were blessed with three wonderful kids and after 13 years of marriage we’re still deeply in love with each other just like the first day we discovered we’re already in love. We were best friends for years before we realized that we’re meant to be more than that. All those 13 years were blissful even though we also experienced trials and pressures in life. We always thank God for every year that we had our anniversaries because He has been the center of our life on all those years.

During our carefree moments we try to remember the gifts that we gave each other on our yearly anniversary. When we came to our third wedding anniversary we were already blessed with two baby girls. We were so happy then and hubby gave me a card that filled my eyes with tears. He thanked me for giving him two little princesses that brought so much joy in his heart and for being his wife and friend. Wedding anniversary is special because it marks a milestone in a couple’s life. Every year that pass is an achievement that despite trials you’ve worked it all out with love, respect and trust. So if you take it as very special moment in your life celebrate it with special gifts for each other. If you’re looking for great ideas for anniversary gifts by year you can visit JustPaperRoses and enjoy the wide selection they have for your gift to your partner in life. I’ve already dropped by the site and bookmarked future gifts for my husband. So now I don’t have to worry about choosing the best gift for him as with the selections I’ve seen I will have one or two things to consider buying on our anniversary.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Manic Monday #220

What are the values you cherish even though they may run counter to societal values? 
I think that most of my values pertaining family and society coincides with the normal societal values of many.  It's the spiritual values that seems to have problem with some of the not-so-good people in the community.

Mondays make me feel tired and restless in the old days when I was still a corporate rat.  I used to deal with more problems on Mondays because I'm off during weekends.  I felt that they would pile up the problems on me which was accumulated on weekends.
Now Mondays are happier for me as I get to update my sites from my Sunday dayoff,  I have no boss, I have no 8 o'clock time to catch up and definitely no voluminous problems to tackle. I love working at home :-)

If you were to publish a book about yourself, what would you title it? 
Hmmm.  The ups and downs of a Super Mom! just a joke :-) 


iPhone App Development

I have many friends and former colleagues who are using iPhone now and all I can hear from them is all the best things that they can do with their newest toy. They really enjoy the flexibility of the phone and many useful benefits they derived from it. It’s a never ending story when they talked about the many applications applicable for them to upload. They can’t get enough of it and urging me to buy one also as it will be beneficial for me and for my online work. I think they’re right because I can read my emails wherever I go and I can read e-books, be entertained or even play games if I want to. I’m not much of a gamer but my kids are so I think they will benefit from it the more especially when we’re out of house. It’s too expensive to purchase now so I guess I’ll have to work hard and save money before the end of this year. 

I like browsing the net for more info about iPhone App Development and I learned that Sourcebits, a software development company is the one responsible for the latest development and trends in iPhone software features. They have developed and created iPhone App Development, iPhone Games Development and Android App Development. The company has been awarded an official iPhone developer and because they’re really good in it many people would certainly benefit from their visual design and web ideas. They’re doing these developments for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Adobe Air and other Web application. Development. Exploring is really fun but I have to remind myself that I still don’t have the wonderful gadget!


Jarrow and Other Health Vitamins

I met up with my college friends last Tuesday and one of my friend’s daughter got sick after being here in the country for about two weeks. They came from Canada where they choose to live and work for good. Len find it so hard to get a private room for single patient because most of the hospitals have a great number of patients. They’re actually calling this season a bad health month because everyone seem so weak and sick. I’m lucky that my three kids are fine now after last month’s usual coughs and colds. They’re already schooling and they need vitamins to have resistance on getting sickness from environment and classmates. It’s hard to be sick and when my kids are sick I felt sick too. 

I bought my kids ascorbic acid which is a good vitamins to fight the usual sickness common on kids. They also have multivitamins for overall health maintenance and supplement. It’s important to support our kids’ health with the necessary vitamins because it will serve as their anti-sickness protection. DH and I need to have our vitamins also and when I did my usual surfing and research I found out that Supervits, a vitamin super store is a good source to buy quality health products like BioAstin. They carry almost all brand products like jarrow formulas, biomed, cellpower, nutrex, enzymedica and others. They have over 10,000 varieties and it consist of vitamins, supplements and other health products very much needed by our bodies to start a healthy lifestyle.


Inseparable Again

I'm still elated from our meet up last Tuesday which took us until before midnight. I brought hubby around because our meeting place was so far from our house and I've predicted that hours will not be enough for me and my college friends. Food was great but for the first time I didn't indulged much because I was more hungry for updates on my college friends' life. These are the friends that I've been with the whole of my 5 years studies in PUP and we've seen life's ups and downs. We're inseparable for straight 5 years.

Our jobs separated us though but for seven years after that we're still in communication until the day came that we're too busy with our jobs, and career, with getting married, with starting a family, with raising our kids and so many things. Now that we've met again after several years we promised to stay in touch and give ourselves some time to meet again because we're not complete  last Tuesday.  We've only reunited lately through social network and I thank FB for this.  I'm missing them again now!

More detailed post on my main blog soon...


Outdoor Person

You Are an Outdoor Person

You love spending time outside, and it's likely you've crafted your lifestyle to maximum outdoor activities.
You probably live in an excellent climate (or intend to). And you are also probably physically fit.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to be the happiest. Being outdoors really raises people's spirits.
So go ahead and spend as much time outside as you'd like. Just remember to protect yourself from the sun! 

We're blessed with a good climate though now we're experiencing little rains every now and then.  In our climate you can grow a flower or vegetable garden all year round.  We're lucky to have a big backyard where you can plant anything you like so most probably those people who love gardening will enjoy it.  Most houses now don't have extra space for a big garden so with our big space we're taking advantage of it.  We have fruit trees and some vegetables behind the house inside the whole compound.

I'm noy much of an outdoor person as those people who love going to the malls.  I just to be around the community sometimes to run errands and smell fresh air outside my work.  I don't want to be in front of my lappy all the time.  I'm happy with what I'm doing outdoors like taking a walk, going to school , grocering and visiting my friends.


Managing Work-at-Home Earnings

Life of a work-at-home Mom is as busy as always so I see to it that I have defined house and online works schedule. I have to set my time to organize things in the house and my work because if not my work will be in chaos. The results can be anything from expired tasks, lost opportunities to lower monthly income. I see to it that every due dates will be met and even if it reduce my sleeping hours I try to do every tasks assigned to me except of course the tasks I deemed not good for my site. I’ve already adjusted my life from being a corporate rat for almost 2 decades to being a work-at-home. It’s the life I’ve chosen and I’m very happy with it. I would never exchange it for another job. It’s the best multi-tasking job I’ve ever experienced. I can say that it’s a blessing to be able to take care of your family while earning some bucks in the comfort of your home.

Although some say that it’s not stable job there are ways of managing your finances. Like now the tasks are pouring out and some extra earnings should be saved for the days that work is not at its peak or you can invest your money on real estate, small business or precious metals. I heard that some bought gold bullion for collection and investment. They say that having it safely deposited in the bank or stored in the safety of their homes would guarantee a viable high return of capital. It was studied that gold really appreciate its values over the years.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

:Photohunt#228: Framed Painting

This is the FRAMED painting shot from Josh' educational tour to Philippine Airforce Museum last year which also gave me hundreds of interesting shots like this one which shows some of the airforce activities. This painting was done several years ago gauging from the look of the painting and how the museum present it. Everything that's been shown in the airforce museum is assumed to be old collections.

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Used CNC Machines

In this modern days of high tech gadgets even the manufacturing sectors has improved a lot in doing and operating their equipment. Almost all companies avail of computer-generated machines to cope up with the demands of their products. Gone were the days of manual processing and slow manufacturing. If they don’t use faster machines they will left behind in this world of modern gadgets. I’ve worked in Semi-conductor Company and I saw how the Swiss company spent their money on high quality testing equipment because that was very vital in our manufacturing of transformers. Although some small capitalist find it hard to buy brand new expensive machines so they’re looking for some slightly used machines so they can go on with their businesses. The high expenses of buying quality equipment sometimes rob them of needed capital for the production and operation. 

There are stores that you can purchase high quality Used cnc machines like ReSell ANC, an online source for the very best Used cnc machines. They have many decades of expertise and quality of service in buying and selling of used CNC products. They will guide you in buying high quality cnc milling machine models to other used CNC machine tools. There’s nothing to worry about the type of CNC machine and tools because they have stock of all types. They also have items for sale and for auction so you better check out their site for more deals. Buying used cnc machines can give you a lot of savings without sacrificing the quality of the machines.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Online Printing

Few years ago when my previous company was just starting its business we’re very busy with promoting our line of products and services. We’re a telecommunications company and we hired account executives to get clients and promote our company thus there’s an immediate need for product brochures and calling cards. I was uncharged primarily to take care of all those needed materials for advertising our company’s products and I looked for a quality digital printing press to do the job for us. I did initial copies on my desktop and inkjet printer but it wasn’t what we expect it to be. We need the best quality materials printed at the fastest time possible to promote our company but the printing press can’t promise us fast and best quality printing. If only Online Printing is available at that time, I would have considered getting them to do our brochures and cards. 

Well now it’s all possible with My1Stop.com because they offer quality printing of business cards, forms. Magnets, office products, promotional items, Label Printing, stock products and more. Good thing about this company is they have plenty of options to choose from with regards to materials, sizes, shapes, adhesive and laminating options. They can customize your order according to your specifications and requirements. It’s easy because you can have their online quote on your order instantly and you can order them online through accommodating customer service. You can get your order done in as fast as 3 days turnaround time at a competitive rate you can well afford.


What Household Chore Are You?

You Are Washing Dishes

You are a dreamy, thoughtful, and slow paced person. You enjoy getting lost in a mindless chore.
You can take on any task as long as you're able to mentally check out while doing it. In fact, you enjoy any excuse to let your mind drift a little.

You are the consummate multi-tasker, and you actually perform better when you're given multiple tasks.
In your opinion, focus is extremely overrated. Why have one ball going in the air when you can have six?

Most of what written are true except that I'm a slow paced person because I'm the opposite.  I'm a fast worker in almost everything I do but I'm dreamy, thoughtful and always thinking of ideas to write on my blog.  I'm a fast thinker too as when I see something interesting I get my pen and write about it. I'm used to multi-tasking work because my previous job demanded that kind of work.  I was head of accounting, human resource officer, billing and collection officer, administrative officer and international carrier settlements for our local and international clients and providers.  See all that designations on me? It's actually just fine except that a lot of pressures are attached so after 16 years I decided to leave the company. 


Payday Loans

Times are getting tough these days and prices of commodities are constantly increasing. There is a great imbalance with the high prices of basic needs with the current minimum salary of laborers. The current economic crisis here and abroad greatly affects people because companies won’t be able to cope up if the government will increase labor rates now. I’ve been assigned in the Finance Dept. for 6 years and I’m the one who do the financial statistics when there are labor increases. When companies were forced to obey the mandatory rule over minimum wage increase the solution from them is to minimize hiring of employees. The urgent solution is to assign multi-tasks to regular employees. I was a perfect example of that as I handled personnel, accounting, administrative, billing and collection department all in one. This way they get savings on the total monthly salaries given to employees.

That’s one of the reasons why I resigned from my job because I was not compensated for all the tasks assigned to me not to mention the pressures and responsibilities attached with the tasks assigned. The trouble with that is you’re spreading yourself too thin because one person will not be able to handle such numerous tasks perfectly. In some way or another you’ll have some mistakes which will mar your performance. Sad thing is your salary remains not enough and you’ll have to get payday loans  whenever emergency expenses suddenly occur. Employees have no choice but to secure loans when their salaries are not enough for the unexpected sickness or home emergencies. We just have to comfort ourselves that we get loans with lower interest rates and with no collateral because it will be a long process if they will require it. Anyway that’s well under the bridge now I’m working now at home where my job and pay compensate with each other. If you’ve worked hard for your online tasks you’ll get what you’ve worked for.


Blood Pressure Monitors

I accompanied my Auntie in her checkup in the nearest community hospital, she needed an ultrasound for her abdomen but basically she has problems with hypertension. It was complicating for her because she feels something in her tummy and it’s difficult for her to just drink medicines for her hypertension without consulting her doctor. She’s an old lady and medicines should be taken very carefully as it might complicate things. At first she was given an instant checkup of pulse rate and blood pressure monitors to prepare her for the doctor’s final health checkup. She exceeded the normal rate and was prescribed her usual medicine for high blood pressure and advised of what to eat and do to lower shoot up of blood pressure. 

Then she had her ultrasound where she was found with little stones on her gall bladder in which medication would have to wait until her HBP is normal again. Anyway she looks fine now and reacting finely to her medicines except that she’s been recently stressed from usual everyday problems of finances. She’s also thinking of some prescribed equipment that her doctor told her to buy to monitor her condition. I told her that there are stores that offer discounted prices like Southeastern Medical Supply. They offer factory direct pricing for their wide variety of medical equipment like nebulizers, oxygen concentrator, blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, pedometers and others needed for home and hospital us. They also assure their clients that their convenient online shopping is safe and secured.


What Kind of Blogger Are You?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.
You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.
Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

Well definitely not my life is not an open book,  I know how to be privy on some part of my life.  I just want to document my kids' progress in school, their achievement in life, their daily no-nonsense and all bout their activities.  It makes me feel good posting about our journey and travels.  And the most important thing is sharing my life's experiences and inspirational thoughts that may help someone reading my blog.  If that's what it means as a life blogger then let it be.


Learning Some Health Facts

It’s always my Mom’s advice to us that it’s better to eat and live healthy than abusing your body with unhealthy foods and vices. Living a healthy life will prevent us from being so sickly and from getting deadly diseases. Mom always tells me that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so we practice some healthy habits of my Mom in the house. Well you will never be immune from sickness but a least you will minimize occurrences if you follow the right way to a better health. This is not sufficient though because you also have to know some Health Facts to be aware of certain diseases, its symptoms and causes. Learning some facts will guide you in keeping up to the best natural way of making yourself healthy. It will also help us understand the current diseases that normally afflict people.

Just like now I learned some facts about colic, the sickness characterized by crying incessantly without reasons at all. I had the chance to know its reasons, when does it starts, when do we need to see a doctor, how colic is treated, its causes and many other facts about the disease. I know that it’s frustrating to have this sickness but if you know the cause you’ll eventually prevent it and with a lot of patience it will be solved. Reading and understanding these health facts can be of great help to me and my family.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Customized Closets for your Homes

We’re having a general cleaning in the house today because there are no classes and we’ll be having a long weekend as Monday will be a national holiday. The daughters are cleaning their room and making an inventory of their clothes, bags and toys. I told them to segregate those that they can give to small girls in our church so they’re having separate bags for the things that they will give to others. I hate keeping up things that will be useful to others. My daughters have many clothes and shoes because my SIL in G.B. always bring packages of clothes and shoes for them yearly. In return I always check those things that are too small for them and give them to my friends’ daughters so it will be useful.

My girls are growing up so fast that even if we gave out several of their things to others they still have many things in their closets like shoes, bags, purse, clothes and many accessories. Girls are really like that they want all their accessories kept in their closets that make them run out of storage space for their clothes. I really want to add some cabinets but I already have a gallery of those. Now I want to organize things and buy customized closets instead of the ready-made ones. I want something made according to my needs like that of custom closets Richmond  which will make things organized for you because they will customize closet design according to your specifications and requirements. I really want to organize our wardrobe especially now that kids have plenty of things to store. I also want to organize storage space for the whole house in my office and in the kitchen area which always seems to clutter. When I’m working in my home office I want to see my environment neat, clean and in order. It makes a pleasant working environment.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

:Thursday Challenge: Fun at Enchanted Kingdom

"FUN" (Festival, Fair, Carnival, Party, Playground, Dancing, Laughing,...)

I've already posted these pics on my main blog but I want to post it again here! This is my entry for  FUN which will be the feeling of any kid who will go, ride and play in this exciting and beautiful amusement park.  Enchanted Kingdom is located in the Southern Part of Luzon (Philippines) and boasts of several exciting rides for kids and adults.  Everyday is fun and enchanting at EK.  This is Josh set of pics when we visited the park last year a day before the big flood happened.  Josh just love his stay there and wanted some more visits with of course his siblings and Dad.  We missed them when we're there. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bumper Stickers

I love seeing beautiful cars and of course pretty accessories that define the look of the car. But sometimes finding the same accessories or stickers in the cars makes me yearn to see unique ones. My sister works for a car dealer company and she really has an eye on anything related to car and its accessories. When we’re on travel we can’t help admiring those with unique bumper sticker printing which is a site to see when you’re near the car especially when it’s customized to the client’s needs. I’ve seen some funny ones including those that pertain to politics, people and environment. I keep looking the bumper of the car behind us because it’s a funny sticker.

Well after seeing those customize and funny stickers I got curious where they possibly got it or who made those stickers? Then I found mavericklabel.com where ordering bumper sticker is just an easy thing to do. Once online on their site you can get instant quotations on your desired bumper sticker. They have custom process color bumper stickers that are printed on durable vinyl with free laminated protection. This will make your car bumpers lasts longer and you can choose from oval and rectangular shapes. Rest assured you’ll get your orders fast in 1-5 days at competitive price.


My Would-Be Career

We all have our own liking for recreation and hobbies. My hobby is cooking, reading and photography and you can see them through my multiple accounts of experimenting ordinary dishes I serve for my family. I’m not the one who will be satisfied with the old regular way of cooking dishes because I want my dishes to be unique in some way. It gives me a feeling of being a chemist in some way. If you’ve been close to me you’ll probably know that my first would-be careers are that of being a chemist or a journalist but I took up Computer Engineering to be competitive and to secure a good paying job.

Well you can’t turn your back on your first love so I diverted it into cooking, the chemicals that I want to combine turned out food to mix and cook. Nice resemblance don’t you think so? Well now I’m into writing and some amateur photography so I feel like my dreams somehow came true. God has a way of giving you things in His own magical ways.


Benefits of Collecting Gold Coins

I’m fond of collecting old coins and this hobby of mine started when I  was still a kid. My Mom started the collection for me by giving me her old coins from several years back and I was amazed to see the early dates of the coins. Since then I added all coins that the government deemed not for use in buying. And now I have plenty of coins in various denominations, forms and dates. Several years ago we were surprised by our officemate who asked us if we have an old coin dated in the 70’s and I was excited to find one in my collection. She said that someone will buy it for a 5-digit price amount but when my coin was ready for the selling they told me that they don’t need the coin anymore. I was not sad on that moment because it’s also hard for me to part with any of my most precious coin collection and was only tempted because the amount was over the selling price of old coins. Well my coins are really meant for collection and not for selling, for now I think. 

This incident has awakened my mind that coin collection is not only a hobby but an investment also because I know that after several years my coins would price a higher value. It can be my fall back when things get rough so I’m keeping it then. But for those who want to reap the rewards of high value appreciation for their collections they can sell gold coins to Refinity.com and in doing so you’re helping the planet because the company is an eco-friendly site that buy old coins and refine it for other usage purposes. By recycling and refining gold we can reduce the risk of environmental hazard while earning the most cash out of your collections. They pay the higher rate for your coins, jewelleries and others.


Marine Engine

My brother told me that he’s having a good time going to Mindoro almost every other week. Their travel is convenient and he enjoys riding on a boat going to the specific town in the province where they have their church. They built that church there and they visit it every now and then to check and to have fellowship with their brethren there. It’s also a wonderful experience for his little boy when they brought him along with them. They just make sure that the Boat engine is in good running condition to avoid capsizing or accidents. Well if it’s from US Engines Inc the engine must be of high quality made because they provide rebuilt engines that’s made to long lasting performance in driving and with safe assurance that it will get you through your entire boating trip. They offer affordable and carefully inspected engines for various vehicles from Marine engine to car engines be it domestic or import car engines. 

They have their Mercruiser engines which consume less fuel but delivers higher compression engine with increased torque. This is great for those who love boating because increased torque would mean getting through waters faster and quickly. They would love more quality time with their hobby and economical because they will consume less fuel. Visit their site for more of their varied rebuilt engine products.


What's Your Brain Like?

Your Brain is Logical

You are a very facts and figures oriented person. You don't get clouded by emotion.
You like to understand how things work, and you're always collecting data of some sort.

You are a critical thinker. You are look at all the facts before you make a decision.
You aren't likely to change your mind once it's made up, but new facts could sway you - emotional appeals could not.

I'm a very logical person but sometimes I'm also emotional.  It's just that I really think things out before plunging into minor or major decisions in my life.  I always want to plan for things in my life. That's the part of my life that I don't want to rush, who knows? my plans could affect some future changes in my life.  It could be about myself, my husband, my kids or my maiden family.  People should be like that, we should sit.plan, think and decide. On some occasions we can let things as they are.  No need to plan.  


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road Trip Helper

I love to travel though my busy schedule prevents me from staying away from home. I know that there will come a time that I will be able to do my dream of visiting beautiful places here and abroad. I would love to visit my SIL’s adopted land in Great Britain with my hubby and kids when that time comes. It would be a grand vacation and we would not worry about hotels map, accommodation and guide because we would have my SIL to take care of that. Well I’m going to save for that vacation plan. Many people love traveling too but find it hard sometimes to look for the best hotels near their destination place especially if they’re not familiar with the place. 

Well now I discovered RoadtripHelper which can be of great help to find the map of hotels you’ll be choosing from in your travel by searching through specific location anywhere around the globe. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 as you’ll only have to enter your address, city, landmark, airport, college and you can have your online map and get into details of accommodation dates, prices, etc. You’ll have the chance to compare hotel prices among more than 30 hotel sites. It’s really a big help finding the best hotel for your trip in the convenience of online search. It will also save the travelers’ time and money usually spent when the hotel they booked is very far from their desired area. They will help you get the best location at the best price possible.


Monday, August 23, 2010

:Mellow Yellow Mon/Ruby Tuesday: Hibiscus Painting


Click the image to enlarge pic

This is the Philippine's most common flower Hibiscus in which the painter drew his imaginative ideas from.  It's a simple painting but it caught my attention as the colors are so vivid especially the background splash of Yellow and the Red Hibiscus making it appropriate for my MYM and RT entries.  Simplicity is beauty and so is this painting especially when you see it personally.  Btw this painting shot was taken in the resort we rented last Aug. 12 when we took a day off our work and activities to celebrate pastor's birthday.  There are 3 paintings in that resort and I'll showcase the other two in my future entries.  Got stock of them huh!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

:Photo Hunt#227 : Numerical (Arcade's Baseball)

This is one of my favorite sports in arcade lol! I'm not an arcade fanatic but I get to love this baseball game while I'm watching my kids play almost all of the games available in the mall's arcade.  Every occasion that we went out to eat and celebrate they would ask to play in arcade.  Well I'm not the kind to watch only bec. I take pictures of them but when I got bored I look around for a game worthy of my time lol! And this is one game that I want.  Here you can see NUMERICAL in the targets where you'll aim and throw the ball.  And there are also Numerical in the score board and time.  Try it some time, you'll enjoy it!

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Protect Your iPhone

Modern gadgets are really nice to look at while you’re surfing. Previously I was always looking for different models of Laptops and Notebooks but when I finally purchase a new one last summer I stopped from searching online because I got my dream HP laptop. Now my mobile phone retired already and I thought of buying a functional one that I can use for my emails when I’m away from home. Of course I want an iPhone for myself but I’ll have to save before I can have one. Well I will not fall on my budget priorities also.

Anyway buying one will also mean getting an iphone 4 insurance because it would have to be protected from accidental damage and theft. It would be a sad moment if the one you’ve saved for months will only be damaged or stolen from you. I’m not sure if all iPhone owners know about getting insurance for their gadget because for me it’s very risky to own it without insurance coverage


Friday, August 20, 2010

Electric Motors

I’m not very familiar with industrial products and learned some of them only when my previous company ventured on distributorship on power saving device that caters mainly to Electric motors and some other industrial equipment. The company is a pioneering one and it aims to help industries to save consumption of electricity by installing power saving device to industrial equipment that consumes high electricity. I’m not part of the company but I always hear it discussed on my meetings with the boss and the managers. Now I found Freemont Fremont Industrial Supply, Inc. a leading provider of hydraulic rams, Compressed air dryer, electric motors and pneumatic valves. 

They’ve been with the business for some years and in all those years they deliver their services with quality, affordability and good service coupled with assisting customers with the system design and component selection of power transmission and fluid power products. Now that I’ve found this I might be able to help my cousin to do his purchasing report for his client who needed this equipment immediately. I have to learn these products to help him and I guess visiting the site helped me deal with my assignment. I’ve found what he’s looking for and come up with specifications of Worldwide Electric 1 1/2 HP three phase 56 NEMA frame electric motor and looked for the Hydraulic rams combo set which has the capacity of BVA Hydraulics 10,000 psi working pressure. That’s all I can get for him and the rest is up to him. It’s good visiting sites like this as you’ll have full info and specifications of your desired industrial equipment.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Functional Svelte iPad Sleeve


I was looking for gift ideas for my friend who actually has almost everything so I'm looking for fancy things like accessories and cute little items she love.  What I got from browsing etsy.com is this durable and elegant iPad sleeve.  It's made from a faux leather pigskin suede finish.  It's a snug fitting sleeve which can be used not only for protective sleeve but as a coaster, a cushion and a workspace for my friend's iPad.  


I don't have an iPad and I don't think I can afford it now so I'm just looking at this beautiful iPad accessory for gift ideas to my friend.  It sells at $21.95 USD. For other products like these you can visit Coaster Sleeve's shop at etsy.com


Love for Music Runs in the Blood

My kids are getting fond of sports and music. As they grow older I can see their preferences on the type of sports and music they want. Anyway it runs in the family as my grandfather plays harp when he was still alive and my Mom’s brother was a member of the town’s music band in the old days. They say love and talent for music can be inherited and I know this is true because my brother learned to play different musical instruments through self-study only. Now all his kids except for the little one graduated from piano lessons and can play the instrument very well. The best is his eldest who heads the young musicians in the church and knows all musical instruments used there.

Of course my Mom was happy about it and she’s asking me to enroll my kids in piano lessons next summer vacation. Well I should save for it as it’s kinda expensive too. My girls Ruth and Gen expressed their desires to study Electric Keyboards which I’m happy about because they can play in our own church if they’ll be good in it. I promised that we’ll allocate budget for their schooling and will save for the purchase of a good quality keyboards or piano. Our little boy won’t be left behind when he hears us planning things for her elder sisters because he already has chosen a drum set  for himself as if I can buy that immediately upon his request. Well he really loves what he saw on the site and bookmarked it.

It’s easy to search for musical instruments because they have it in Shopwiki which makes it easy to shop online with 30,000 stores available for shoppers to choose from. Shopping can be tiring sometimes but if it’s online shopping at Shopwiki you’ll enjoy every minute of it as you’ll get to see your favorite items, preferred brand and almost everything you need for your family and your house. They have everything from clothing, toys, electronics, computers, home and garden and many more. Just visit the site to explore the things you need.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Inclusive Vacation Plans

We and our church friends are planning vacation in Baguio and everything was properly noted and thought about. We scheduled it for the first week of November but sudden changes in the school opening limited our chances of joining the group. I’m excited for the vacation but if it means a problem in my kids’ schooling I think we’ll have to reschedule. Actually I was thinking of an all inclusive vacation that includes everything we would need for a great vacation. I would want it to be a beach vacation because that’s really where my heart is and there is something for everyone to enjoy on a beach vacation. It would be so relaxing to stay with my family at a beautiful beach somewhere thinking about nothing but resting and enjoying our time together. Good all inclusive vacations are complete in themselves, that is the price includes everything that you will need to have an enjoyable and satisfying vacation.

I had heard that Breezes Resort has some of the best all inclusive vacation packages, and so I visited their website to get more details. When I checked the website, I couldn't imagine what more I would expect from an all inclusive resorts vacation. Breezes includes great accommodations at beautiful beach destinations, lots of food, both regular meals and snacks through the day, all beverages, and then a ton of fun activities. The fun activities are things like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, trampoline jumping, and circus training to name just a few. Their child centered resorts have supervised activities for the kids as well as a great variety of family activities. Something for everything is what they offer at these resorts. How I would love to hop on the plane and land in one of Breezes beautiful resorts, but I know we have to carefully plan everything and save more for those dreams to come true.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Manic Monday #218

What are 5 things you want to do in your life?

1. Be able to have the time to enroll in a baking class
2. Want to study short course on journalism
3. Travel beautiful places here and abroad
4. Assist hubby in bringing up our kids in the right upbringing with the help of God
5. Have financial capabilities to help our church

What are you saying goodbye to?
I'm saying goodbye to my temper, bad moods and to all my previous work's upsets.  I want to remember all the happy and nice things and leave the bad things behind. God will take care of all that and help me change for the better. 

What are you currently fascinated with?
I was fascinated previously with laptops and notebooks, now I had my 2-month old laptop.  Second fascination is Iphone but because I couldn't afford it I'll have to settle for a new Wifi Cellular Phone because I want to be updated always with my incoming messages even if I'm offline.  It's part of my work and it would be nice to check it anywhere I am.


Learning Math the Easy Way

Math subject has always been one of the hardest subjects that students complained of. I also had my share of some gruelling days in my college days with Engineering Math but I happily passed it all luckily. I was just a regular kid when it comes to Math as my best subjects were English, Science and History but I learned the technique in dealing with it through the help of my brother. He helped me through Algebra 2 and passed on to me his invaluable secrets on solving problems and getting formulas like the Formula for volume, and for other difficult formulas to take. For my classmates in school who didn’t have a brother or someone who would gladly teach them they sometimes found themselves in trouble in solving some Math problems.

It’s a really a common problem to many children to manage Math subject easily because they find numbers a difficult subject to learn. They didn’t know that it just takes some vigorous practice and some tutorial lessons to get through the difficulty of Math. That was in the past when tutorial lessons were made through physical presence of tutors who would teach the students with their daily challenges in Math. Usually the kids get bored and found themselves sleepy at the tutorial time. Now it’s more enjoyable to learn Math with the help of tutorvista.com with their comprehensive online tutorial lessons that you’ll learn in the comforts of your home with your family. TutorVista will help your kids’ problem in solving 5th grade math or 4th grade math so you will not worry about your kids being left behind in learning Math subject. They have thousands of different questions and problems to solve for them and you’ll find yourselves solving them too!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

:Photo Hunt#226 : Orange (Flower)

I don't know the name of this flower, I just love its vivid color of tangerine. At first glance I thought it's from the family of Hibiscus but on closer look I found that its leaves are different and also the shape of the petals. This shot was taken in Nabas, Aklan together with my other today's flower entries in my main blog. I've got plenty of shots from this town's rich soil.
For more of 'orange' themed photos just click the badge above!


On Buying Repo Cars

There are advantages and disadvantages of having a car but of course the advantages weigh much more than the other one. It’s nice having a car for your family’s needs like shopping, having quality time with kids like picnic and vacationing. For us the main purpose of our car is for our service vehicle every Sunday fellowship and when we have our ministry in the rural areas of the country where we spend few days outside the bustle of the city. We bring all our things, food and even musical instruments so there’s a great need for a car. It’s just too expensive sometimes to have a car especially on the up keeping and maintenance. If you can’t maintain your car in good running condition it’s better that you just get rid of your vehicle because it will bring you trouble during your travel.

It’s also very expensive to buy a brand new car that’s why we only buy second cars to afford buying one. Actually it’s really fine to have second hand cars as long as you’ve checked everything from engine to every parts of the car before purchasing to ensure that it’s worth your money and the car would be of good service to you in the future. If you have enough budget it’s better to buy repossessed vehicles because you’ll save a lot of money because they’re usually slightly used ones because they came from banks, financial institutions, credit unions and government. Just make sure that you’ll buy from a trusted source like cars-central.com so you’ll get quality vehicle which has been inspected meticulously and with a good price.

I’ve checked the site myself and I saw how they categorize their products as to mileage spent, model type and complete specifications of car. Everything you need to know about specific car you want is listed there so just visit their site and choose from their products.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Are You the Suburbs or the City?

You Are the Suburbs

You've got a bad rap, but you think people are just jealous of how good you've got it.
You prefer to live somewhere that's clean, safe, and cheap. What could be wrong with that? You're not going to apologize for liking chain restaurants and good schools.

While you may not be as sophisticated as the city, you're content with your life. Plus, there's more to do in the suburbs than people think.
Besides, you can visit the city anytime you'd like. And when your fun in town is done, you have a comfy suburban house to come home to.

This question got me thinking too about myself.  I've experienced living in the province when iI was a kid, a real province like a place near the rice fields and less than an hour travel to mountain and everything. Now I live in a suburbs but so near the city so it makes me a very lucky person.  The city is just 15 minutes away and I can go there anytime I want but enjoy coming home to a safer, more comfortable home to live at.  As for the community as long as there are good schools and accessible restaurants, grocery, drug store, market and park it's perfect


Make Money Online

I started blogging thanks to my dear friend from secondary school who remains my best friend to this day. Blogging has helped me to express my thoughts and share my life experiences. I was yearning for a way to write down my thoughts as a diversion from my corporate work which over the years has become routine work for me. The excitement I once found was gone, and the compensation was hardly worth my effort. Long story short I took the chance and resigned from my 16-year old job to concentrate on my family and work at home by doing online paid tasks. My friend has been an instrument in giving me a chance to change the routine of my life and God has helped me along the way giving me guidance on how I should go and how to deal with life’s challenges. I was given a chance to make money online through my sites and I was happy to be able to help DH in our finances for the kids. These days there are many online opportunities for individuals and companies. Online retailers and advertisers can now easily reach users worldwide.

Online advertising in the UK is already preferred to newspaper advertising, and online advertising is only expected to increase. Simply.com is a company that offers online advertising opportunities for companies in the form of banner ads which are placed on targeted websites. These websites are targeted using a combination of behavioural targeting, content targeting, and yield targeting as explained in Using Behavioural Targeting To Make Money Online from Banner Advertising. The banner placement is adjusted in real time depending on the targeting approach that is giving the best results. In other words Simply.com targets the placement method that is best for any specific banner, which maximizes the revenue per site visitor. It is easy to sign up and start advertising with Simply.com. Sign up is free and publishers can expect to earn 90% of all the revenue that is generated.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Symbol that Love will be Forever

Before a couple gets married they should think many times before settling down because marriage is a serious commitment between two people. Couples should enjoy their time together and get to know each other well before making such a commitment. Once the couple becomes engaged most of their time will be spent planning the wedding, deciding where they are going to live, and so forth. One popular tradition is the giving of engagement rings that is the man will give the woman an engagement ring as a symbol of their commitment. Often engagement rings for the ladies are diamond rings I guess as a diamonds are forever, a diamond ring is a symbol that their love will be forever.  Often the engagement ring will be paired with  a  matching wedding  ring on that special day.

If you are in the market for diamond rings for a loved one, you might enjoy visiting diamondgeezer.com where you will see their wide selection of beautiful diamond rings to choose from. You get to view the ring from all angles with their simple rotation tool. You can also have a ring created to your liking in their workshop. They will also provide personal service for you whether you want consultation with their experts or a help to design your own ring. I fell in love with their diamond solitaires as always do when I see one. Diamondgeezer also has a great selection of matching wedding bands to choose from. For me being engaged is the beginning of the real love relationship because that’s when you’ll start planning your wedding and your life together. We decided on a pair of elegant gold wedding rings as a symbol of our commitment.


:Thursday Challenge: Beverage-Banana Milk Shake

BEVERAGE (Water, Lemonade, Juice, Beer, Coffee, Tea,...)

I love drinking natural fruit juices whenever I went to restaurants and any dining  place.  I also want to to taste each restaurant's version of my favorite fruit shakes. I love natural fruit shakes because you can taste the real flavors of the fruits and it's very healthy too!

My Fruit Shakes entry is from the combo meal of Outback Restaurant where we dined in one of my last meetings with my boss, days before I left.

I just described it by myself lol! From the pic above you'll have an idea how yummy it is!


My Girls are Growing Up Fast

Ruth is growing up so fast now and I noticed that she’s gaining weight too. Her cheeks are so full now and sometimes I can’t help pinching it because I find so cute. She’s turning 13 next week on the 18th and officially she’ll be a teenager. I don’t know who’s more excited the daughter or the Mom? Well I just can’t help observing how she’s growing up looking so much like her Dad’s Mom and sibling. If you’ll have them on one line you’ll agree that they looked like the same. Anyway I also noticed that she’s getting out of her small size and I’m planning to ask her to shop clothes for her and buy some urban clothing for her use in going to mall, to school and some other occasions.

She has a good number of clothes already but I still think she’ll have more now so she could rid of her smaller clothes. My other daughter won’t have all her used clothes as she’s also gaining height so fast. She’ll be 12 in a few months and in few years time I’ll have two young ladies to take care of. I would surely miss their girlish carefree ways and acts. I’m lucky that I still have a kid who is so much younger than the girls whom I can enjoy a child’s charming ways and antics.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Readying for the Birthday Swimming

I was literally blogging so fast to finish my 16 posts before I go to our midweek services. The tasks will be due tomorrow after midnight but I was rushing it because we’ll celebrate our Pastor’s birthday tomorrow at the resort capital. We’re heading to Calamba to where we reserved a private pool resort in Pansol to have a day of cooking, eating and swimming in the hot and cold water. It’s not actually that hot but just right for the body. Anyway you can have a choice whether you want it with a tinge of hot water or plain cold. We’re a returning customer plus it’s their peak season this period of the year so we’re able to secure discounted rate.


The Old Folks’ Way of Investing on Gold

Online tasks are outpouring again and I was glad I stayed working after midnight because an hour or two after that shower of blessings came. I felt so blessed that right after I received a good amount of payment from them I was also given plenty of tasks again. It’s so good to receive payments for your hard work, it felt good inside to work hard for your money. Sleepless nights seem nothing at all when you finally have your payment for your work. My friends and I were talking about investing on some business or gold coins if our works continues to be like this because it spells big savings.

Hope we’ll be able to invest on tangible things also like that coins and other precious metals. Granny told me about the old folks storing gold in their secret cases which they preserve as a kind of investment for their kids’ future. That gold really got high appreciation over the years and some of the folks’ clan she mentioned is now living comfortably in our province. Could it be that they finally sold their ancestors’ gold now?


Need to Buy Digicam’s Accessories

I’ve been browsing some sites for my Canon digicam’s accessories such as rechargeable batteries, camera case and memory card which I used for about two years now. My storage card suddenly gave up on me much to my dismay because I’m not yet ready to buy new gadgets this time of the month. I have to save my earnings for my kids’ quarterly tuition fees. I’m planning to buy them on my next salary when my budgetary expense is a bit low compared to this time. I really should discipline myself in buying my personal things which should be done only on extra money. It’s not my priority these days as there will be many birthdays to come and lots of expenses ahead of us.


Overnight Work Experiences

I’m working up several tasks today that seem not to end at all. Of course it will if I finish it now so I’m using all my techniques and knowledge on how to think and type faster in the best possible way. I was just glad that I had an experience of working up a project that keeps us awake and alive for 3 days with just few hours of sleep that is if you can consider 2 hours a day sleep human enough lol! I really think that God in His own way let us experience hardship and pressure in life to prepare for something big. And if this outpouring of tasks continues I can say it’s going to be big.


My Money Earns While I Save

I’m glad that I joined a well-known company cooperative which forced me to save a certain amount every payday in which total savings will be given this December. It’s also earning few bucks from within members’ activities. This way I can allot them for my kids’ tuition fees this coming summer. Ah it’s nice to spend your money wisely and if I’m smarter with budgeting I can save some for investment like purchasing gold coin for future profits to come. I learned that it appreciate values over the years and when my calculating mind computes my would-be profit I can say it’s really big. Wish I can save enough to materialize my plans.

My Mom has been teaching me a lot about handling money properly. I asked her if she has magic powers on budgeting as I’ve seen her doing wonders on our finances when Dad got sick for years. She only smiled at me and muttered none. But I can say her magic is working on me now.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thinking of Their Future

I’m planning to continue my membership with one insurance company I’ve been with for about 17 years. I already reached their minimum number of months for retirement benefits but DH and I talked about this thing and we decided to continue paying even for a smaller amount only. We’re still young and it will not hurt our budget to pay for the small amount that will keep us active to be qualified in some of their programs for active member. It has many benefits for active and retired members just like ssdi benefits. It will also add up to our accumulated premiums that will benefit us when we reached our retirement years. As parents with kids we’re thinking also of our kids’ future when we get older and this is one way of ensuring we’ll have something to give the.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

:Thursday Challenge: Outdoors-Picnic Grove

"OUTDOORS" (Park, Beach, Campground, Picnic, Mountains,...)

We've visited Picnic Grove last June 12 for DH Discipleship Seminar together with half of our church brethren. The Picnic Grove Park is in Tagaytay City and has plenty of activities that you could do like sky watching, overlooking Taal Volcano, sightseeing, soaring up the heights by riding in zipline and cable car, horseback riding, picnic and many others. It was cooler there than in Manila and perfect for nature lover like me. The kids enjoyed the overlooking area, the park, the hanging bridge, the wide field open for kite flying, picnic, playing and so much more. They've been there when they were babies and toddlers but they enjoyed it more now because they're grown ups now.

It's just not like the past years that we've gone there. It's more beautiful there way back when DH and I are just planning to get married 14 years ago. We had a summer camp fellowship in the middle of the park and all the establishments we used were all abandoned now including some of the rooms by the cliff. It's still beautiful, quiet and serene but the magic is not there anymore. Or am I just expecting too much?


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