Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wishing for a Baby Girl

No I’m not! I already have 2 girls; it’s my friend who wishes for a baby girl. I learned that one of my friends in my kids’ school is pregnant now for her third kid and she’s having a hard time because the last pregnancy she had was 10 years ago. She was so young then and her husband died of car accident. She’s starting a new life now after ten years of being a widow and she’s very happy about the new changes in her life. She has two boys and she wish that the baby she’s carrying now will be a girl. She’s only on her six-month now so it’s difficult to tell what gender is her baby. I’m asking her if she’s going to give us baby shower invitations before she give birth to her new baby.

She’s still in the planning stage and I told her not to pressure herself with it. She can plan it even on the last month of her pregnancy. She should not think of anything now but her condition, anyway it’s easy to order invitations these days and she can have the food delivered for the event. Well I can be her cook too!


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