Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rested and Revived

I had a very busy day rounding up Mommy duties which includes checking up kids in school, buying up extra uniforms, having projects printed up for submission, usual grocery schedule and marketing. By the time I get home past lunchtime I was starving. It was raining a bit that vehicles had slowed down and I can’t do anything but to wait and pray that I’ll get home in time for lunch. When I arrived Mom had already eaten, it’s just Mom and me on lunchtime most of the days because kids are on their schools and DH in school also. Sometimes he would suddenly appear at lunch so I see to it that he has some of his favorite viands over lunch.

After eating my lunch alone with Mom by my side I opened up my laptop to work but tiredness got me napping instead of writing. I woke up late afternoon with hubby and all of my kids in the house already. They didn’t wake me up as they wanted me to rest. I spent two late nights already and I really felt tired because waking up early at 4am left me with 3-4 sleeping hours only. I was touched that they all thought of giving me enough rest and sleep. DH bought and prepared our afternoon snack too so when I got up from napping the food was already on the table. With happiness and contentment in my heart I was once again revived and my blogging mojo is back again.


Good Thing About Working Online at Home

I’ve been scheduling my activities this morning and surmised that it’s just a matter of few hours before I can get back to work. Although the rains will surely slow down everything from traffic up to my many errands I’m still positive that I can do all my scheduled things on time. I just opened up my mails and visited several blogs before I leave the house. I was happy to note that blessings of work have poured down again and I have to get back soon so I can start writing tasks.

It’s really nice working at home because you have the capacity to balance your time with work and family. Today I can do all my errands and still do some work in the afternoon up to evening. If I’m working in an office I have to file a leave of absence every time I have to attend personal matters and kids’ school activities. I’m glad I quit my job because now my time is so flexible and I can get high salary if I’m good at my job unlike the corporate jobs which you’ll have to wait for many things before you can get increases. Now when I have higher earnings I can invest on something or buy gold coins for a sure returns of capital and count on this when my online work is not at its peak. The success of work-at-home job relies mostly on your efforts and determination to grab and get as many tasks as you can get. In this job you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor unlike in the office employment which sometimes can’t give you what you’ve worked for.


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