Saturday, June 19, 2010

Credit Counseling

An old friend of mine called to ask for help because she was in dire need to seek credit counseling service regarding her financial trouble in credit card payment. She missed paying her monthly dues twice and that leads to multiple amounts of payments that she find it hard to pay. Due to low wage salary employees tend to use their credit cards beyond their capacity to pay thus leading to credit over limits. That’s why it’s really best to budget your money wisely and pay in cash.

Having one credit card is not bad especially if you only use it for emergency purposes like when your bank is in maintenance and you can’t withdraw your cash. Then you can pay all your purchases upon billing so it will not accrue interest. Sometimes the high finance way of living tempts us to use credit cards beyond our means and our real needs. It’s really enticing to use credit cards but it’s hard to pay. Using them doesn’t teach us how to budget our money wisely so better keep out of it or you’ll soon need the help of consumer credit counseling which will advice and help you get out of credit trouble.

Better check out which provides free counseling service on money management, finances, debt consolidation and credit card consolidation programs. They will help you out in consolidating your multiple debts into one loan only. They will analyze your income against your expenses and try to come up with a monthly payment that you can afford. This way you’ll find yourself debt-free again.


Saturday 9: Jumping Someone Else's Train

1. When was your last train ride? It's actually a Metro rail transit, the modern train which I rode more than a year ago when I bought my camera with my friend Jen.

2. How many foreign countries have you visited? Tell us about one. I haven't been to any. Guess I'm so busy with attending to my kids that I closed all possibilities in my former work to go abroad.

3. What do you always take with you on vacation? clothes, cellular phone, bible, wallet, eyeglasses and camera

4. Tell us about something you've lost recently. I've lost my favorite flash drive which my friend gave me. I was enrolling my youngest and it just fall from my pouch to an enormouse bunch of school uniforms. The school staff never found it much to my sadness.

5. Do you prefer action packed vacations or relaxing ones? Of course I prefer relaxing ones because my life is already full of actions lol!

6. How long will you wait in a check out line before abandoning your purchases? I'm patient enough to wait for 30 minutes but I have an attitude of calculating the line before I even get into it.

7. How old do you wish you were? In my early thirties :-)

8. Do you consider yourself kind? Most often than not my friends say!

9. Tell us about your tattoos. Or if you had to get a tattoo, where and what would it be? I don't have any and I don't plan on having one.

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers there! My own father has passed away already and I'm greeting my FIL and my dearest husband!

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Regular House Schedules Again

I’m finishing my tasks today to attend to some of my chores in the house. Lately I’m so busy with my assignments and school opening that I’ve been putting off my chores to scheduled dates so as to cope up with due dates. It was a tough work sometimes beating the deadlines but I’m happy with the way my work is going as I have many tasks to do in a day. Since I resigned from my job almost a year now online tasks keep pouring in and in these past few weeks the blessing of work is so enormous that I forgot reading apidexin reviews for a friend of mine who needs some advice on slimming down. I have to read these reviews because it will be the basis of my friend if she’ll go on with her diet or not.

I have to do one more task and I’m done. I can now concentrate on preparing our things and clothes for our Sunday worship tomorrow. I’m looking forward to spending my whole day with no thoughts of anything. School opening has passed and the pressures of it have mellowed down also. It will be regular classes for all of my three kids and they’re studying some of their lessons now here by my side.


Decorative Salt & Pepper Shakers

Do you want pretty accessories for your kitchen but don't want additional clutters? Well I've rounded some cute little things for the kitchen and I found some in created by sharonilg. These are two beautiful Hand painted Glass with plastic tops, salt and Pepper shakers with concord grapes design. They're 4" tall and 1 1/2" wide at the base and dishwasher safe on the tops shelf. It sells at 15.00 USD

Beautiful and very useful indeed!


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