Saturday, June 19, 2010

Credit Counseling

An old friend of mine called to ask for help because she was in dire need to seek credit counseling service regarding her financial trouble in credit card payment. She missed paying her monthly dues twice and that leads to multiple amounts of payments that she find it hard to pay. Due to low wage salary employees tend to use their credit cards beyond their capacity to pay thus leading to credit over limits. That’s why it’s really best to budget your money wisely and pay in cash.

Having one credit card is not bad especially if you only use it for emergency purposes like when your bank is in maintenance and you can’t withdraw your cash. Then you can pay all your purchases upon billing so it will not accrue interest. Sometimes the high finance way of living tempts us to use credit cards beyond our means and our real needs. It’s really enticing to use credit cards but it’s hard to pay. Using them doesn’t teach us how to budget our money wisely so better keep out of it or you’ll soon need the help of consumer credit counseling which will advice and help you get out of credit trouble.

Better check out which provides free counseling service on money management, finances, debt consolidation and credit card consolidation programs. They will help you out in consolidating your multiple debts into one loan only. They will analyze your income against your expenses and try to come up with a monthly payment that you can afford. This way you’ll find yourself debt-free again.


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