Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday 9: Jumping Someone Else's Train

1. When was your last train ride? It's actually a Metro rail transit, the modern train which I rode more than a year ago when I bought my camera with my friend Jen.

2. How many foreign countries have you visited? Tell us about one. I haven't been to any. Guess I'm so busy with attending to my kids that I closed all possibilities in my former work to go abroad.

3. What do you always take with you on vacation? clothes, cellular phone, bible, wallet, eyeglasses and camera

4. Tell us about something you've lost recently. I've lost my favorite flash drive which my friend gave me. I was enrolling my youngest and it just fall from my pouch to an enormouse bunch of school uniforms. The school staff never found it much to my sadness.

5. Do you prefer action packed vacations or relaxing ones? Of course I prefer relaxing ones because my life is already full of actions lol!

6. How long will you wait in a check out line before abandoning your purchases? I'm patient enough to wait for 30 minutes but I have an attitude of calculating the line before I even get into it.

7. How old do you wish you were? In my early thirties :-)

8. Do you consider yourself kind? Most often than not my friends say!

9. Tell us about your tattoos. Or if you had to get a tattoo, where and what would it be? I don't have any and I don't plan on having one.

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers there! My own father has passed away already and I'm greeting my FIL and my dearest husband!

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