Saturday, July 31, 2010

PH#224: Public (Foot Bridge)

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This is the new Public foot bridge in Libis just few meters away from the flyover. It was requested by Citizens patrol few years back and built early this year if I'm not mistaken. My former office is just beside this bridge and for 6 years working in that place I endured crossing the street praying that vehicles would not hit me. It was a very dangerous road in Libis because pedestrian crossing is just a few meters where vehicles rush coming down from the high flyover. I resigned from my job a year ago and it was months after that I saw this bridge being completed. When I visited my office early this year I was excited to see my dream bridge and took a photo. You'll notice that it's really quite new with all the paint still in good shades.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Jewels' Nutrition Day

I’m so tired that I wasn’t able to do any work online today. I attended my little boy’s nutrition day program. He’s one of the boys in Filipino costumes in white camisa tsino and red pants with the letter of N in NUTRISYON (nutrition) saying what the letter stands for. There are many presentations and I can say they’re all in good concept. All PTA officers prepared foods for all students representing each grade level with one healthy recipe food. We presented soup, pancakes, ice cream, menudo, pasta and chicken. All booths were decorated with nutritious fruits and some even put balloons. It was very festive and at the end of it we parents and teachers ate what’s left and had our group picture taking. 

To see the yummy foods we had on that day visit my post at Feel at Home.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guidance and Love on their Younger Years

If you have a family and a couple of kids that you want to have good education and good life you’ll work hard to give them the best even if it would mean hard working days. My friend works in Africa after he got married ten years ago and until now he’s working hard to pay for his house, to support his family’s needs and save for his kids’ education. I know that he only wants the best for his kids but I told him that it’s not only money that he needs to provide for his family but his presence and guidance also. He has never been with his kids for more than one month vacation leave in a year and I think it’s not good when they reach their teenage years. His little boys will grow up and money will not compensate for the father figure that they haven’t had since they were born. He could think of other ways of earning money like putting up his desired business, investing on tangible assets or buy gold eagle coins without having to work abroad until he’s old. I know that he’s sure to make a good profit out of these gold coins after several years so it’s really a good investment.

Most stopped working abroad if they’re too old to work and when they come home their kids have grown and don’t want to stay at home with parents all the time but rather with his friends. That’s the cycle of kids, when they’re younger they want to be at your side always but when they’re grownups already they have other world beside you so you can’t keep them always at your side. So love, guide and care for them when they’re young so when they get old they’ll just remember how you loved and cared for them so much.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memory Card is Retiring

Oh no! My cam’s memory card is slowly showing signs of leaving me. Sometimes it can be read, sometimes not. I’m hoping that it will last even up to this week only as I’m scheduled to buy some needed gadgets next week in time for my salary. It has served me for about 3 years now and now it’s slowly bidding goodbye. It’s only a 2GB memory card and I’m planning to buy a 4GB to accommodate more videos when I’m attending school program. Actually I’m thinking if I’ll buy 2 pcs. of 2GB each or 1 unit 4GB, I don’t want a bigger storage because 4GB is enough for me.


How is Your Self-Esteem?

You Have Low Self Esteem 4% of the Time

You have high exceptionally high self-esteem and a healthy sense of self worth.
You believe in yourself, and you know how to be the real you. You love yourself, imperfections and all.

I’m the type of person who easily adjusts to my environment and to people around me that’s why I didn’t had a hard time mixing with all kinds of people in all of my previous jobs. The last one I had was a complete test for me regarding balancing people because I was the officer in Human Resource Division who interviews and examined applicants to our company.

I’m also simple in ways and looks. Not the flashy kind and not the attention-seeking person. I enjoy being simple but I love myself – my simple looks, ways and my simple life. I have many friends and I know almost all of them are true friends because they’ve been my friends for decades and experienced the ups and down of life with them. We must love the real person that we are because it’s the greatest love of all. How can we love others if we don’t love ourselves?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sun's Harmful Effects

I attended a seminar about Iron Deficiency in my little boy’s school. The kids were scheduled in an afternoon class to make way for the parents’ seminar. We started in the morning and ended an hour before lunchtime but the sun was almost at its peak then. I felt the scorching heat of the sun as soon as I got out of the school. The seminar place was a secluded area so we had a cooler temperature but it didn’t prepared us for the heat outside. It drained my energy and when I reached home I felt exhausted. That’s what we feel when we’ve had exposure to the sun so it’s imperative that we stay out of the sun during peak hours between 10 in the morning up to 2 in the afternoon. If you can’t avoid meetings or travel during those hours better protect yourself and have some shield.

It’s not healthy for anyone kids and adults to be always exposed to sun as the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays results in various sickness. It’s also dangerous for people with hypertension and those with sensitive skin. Do you know that it also pose danger to our house and furniture? Yes we need to have protection like window tinting los angeles so our furniture will lasts longer and not wear out in just few months. We need to have tints in our windows to filter the UV rays of the sun which can cause damage to us and our properties. We will be protected from too much glare and that can save us air conditioning costs because it will decrease the amount of heat that will pass through the house thus protecting our skin and body from feeling tired. So don’t risk yourself and your family get the window film installed and get optimum protection while adding style to your windows.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Hud Apartments and More

I’m browsing the site for some online work opportunities because I’m waiting for my downloads which is getting too long now already. I hate waiting without doing other tasks so I decided to visit blogs and came to find Yousaytoo, a site that offers revenue sharing and ways of earning through revenue blogging. The site has many things to offer like blogs, games and other ways of earning income through registering blogs.

What caught my attention on the site is the social program I seen on them that help people in low income level am able to secure a HUD apartments for rent which is available only for a certain income level and you should be below the level they set. It’s also available for students and seniors. I admire their goal that low-income people should also enjoy living in better apartments within their reach of course. You can find variety of HUDS apartment for rent online at their website. I’m sure anyone would be delighted to rent in better apartments without extra cost.

Well compared to the low salaried people who can only pay for affordable apartments I found something that will take you to another level of place to stay with. The new hotel Dubai which has plenty of amenities to choose from like luxury suites, art gallert, spa, underwater restaurant and butterfly jungle. Maybe it’s nice to stay there but for now they’re stil deciding on it.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 9: The Sun Rising

1. When was the last time that you watched a sunrise? Who were you with?

The last time was last month second week of June when we were in Tagaytay City overlooking Taal Volcano, I was with my hubby, my kids and our brethren in the church. It's always awesome to see the sun shining its glory to mankind

2. If President Obama promised he'd do one thing you asked, what would you ask him to do? To encourage people to have a closer relationship to God, to learn how to pray so catastrophes will not be so severe on people

3. What is one experience that has strengthened your character the most so far? First, My working experience with the bidding team of DSI and being an all around officer in telecoms. I learned everything and I also learned how to deal with people of all walks of life. Second and the most important of all is the experience of being closer to God and having been through a hard ordeal that taught me how to kneel so hard to God to guide and help me get through with it. It strengthened the spiritual character in me.

4. What is the first thing that you usually do after completing Saturday 9?

After completing Saturday 9 I will prepare dinner for the whole family.

5. Tell us about someone either in your life or in the blogosphere that you think is extremely funny.

My youngest kid is extremely funny with his own antics and jokes and he makes it more so when he imitate the monkey and smiles with no front teeth.

6. Where was the last bed that you slept in that was not your own? Last week when Mom massaged me in the back and I feel asleep in her bed. Felt like a little sick girl again with Mom on my side.

7. Have you ever been too drunk to remember anything? I never drink.

8. Have you ever licked something to clean it? I licked something but not to clean it but to eat the excess ice cream of my kid :-)

9. Who, outside of family or a S/O, has influenced your life the most? Our Pastor in the church has influenced me a lot.

Enjoy your weekend!


Illegal Disclosure of Confidential Info

Have you filed and acquired loans in US between 1987 and 2000? Well if you had some credit applications and loans granted it’s likely that your confidential information given for that credit application is one of the credit information that has been sold by TransUnion. Well you should check this out because they’ve just violated a law that prohibits selling of confidential credit information. It was an illegal disclosure and used by the buyer for some unwanted activities. If you’re one of them you can file TransUnion Lawsuit to O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath to seek fair justice for the damages done. If you’re at least 28 years old and filed a credit on the year mentioned you can seek a consultation now.


The Things that I Bought from PB

I could never thank God enough for the opening of blessing in my life. He knows everything and I’m glad my plans were His plans too for me. I gave up my 16-year old tenure to work at home but from the day I left the office until this day He always provides work for me. They say that my work is not a stable one but when God’s hand works He’ll make everything good for His children. I left my work last year on July 18 and before my resignation anniversary I was able to buy my big wish and dream and that’s to own a laptop.

Every year of my blogging I always buy something for my own satisfaction, those things that I wasn’t able to afford when I was still in corporate work. Yes my salary is not that low but whatever excess I have for my salary I spend it on my family. But when I started blogging I was able to set aside money for the things I want for myself without the guilt :-). On the three years of my online work I bought my dream gas range on the first year, my Canon digital camera on the second year and this year my dream HP laptop. My friend teased me that I didn’t post a picture of the last dream gadget that I bought so I’ll share the picture later this following week.


Stylish Hats for the Family

Some women love wearing hats whether it's sunny or rainy and browsing through some nice sites I came to find these pretty Blue and Brown Olney Rain Hats and Solneil Sun Hat from Village Hats at where they have hats for men, women and for the children. You’ll love their complete selection of hats by style and by brands. Go get those beautiful hats from them and use them as protection or just an accessory to your clothes. It can be a good gift idea also!


Credible Investment from the Past

We dropped by the mall yesterday to get our free printer from our internet provider then we arrange for the repair of my cellular phone. I had my daughter’s mobile phone replaced with battery so I can use it while my own mobile is in repair. I noticed that the mall has many people looking at the stores, mall walking, eating and doing so many things but most never buy a thing. They just stroll there and pass the time away enjoying the cool temperature of the mall. What would I do if I have a booth there and customers were not coming in?

My brother ventured a business on the same mall and stopped after six months because the income can’t compensate for the high rental and expenses. The minimum contract is for six months. There are lots of choices for us to invest our money but we should be careful in entering any of them because sometimes the agents or companies put so much possibilities on earning without concrete leanings if it will earn or not. If we should invest our hard-earned money it should be on a safe investment, one that’s sure to appreciate values in years. You can buy silver bullion or any other precious metals like gold because these were credible investments from the past generations. Actually these ideas came from my granny when I was still a child. I keep hearing her telling these things to her friends.


Nice Tumblers

We love tumblers and I collect some for my kids especially my little boy who just collects and store. He's using just one and all others he only kept for future use. Well I have many too mostly from friends who gave me souvenirs from the places they've been to like Singapore, US or in some places here in our country. I'm not a choosy one especially if it's a gift because I cherish all of them. Now I'm browsing some for gift ideas too and found these simple but cuties Tervis Tumbers at


High Quality Used Auto Parts

It’s very expensive nowadays to buy new parts and accessories for the car but if the car really needs the parts you have to spend your money into it or you’ll be travelling with some fear that your car will stop in the middle of the road. Having a car needs a lot of attention and finances too. It’s like having another member of the family so you should set aside budget for its maintenance and up keeping. If the car is well maintained and properly cared for it will serve you best and will not leave you hanging on the road.

So you need replacement for the parts that suddenly malfunctioned and you don’t have enough cash? Well I’ve been through all that problems in maintaining our car and one solution that I can share is searching for quality and reliable used auto body parts that will save you from spending a lot but will guarantee that the parts is of high quality. When it comes to things like these you can always count EverDrive to offer their clients their quality used auto parts. They commit themselves into assuring their clients the right part for their brand of car, right quality and right price which is very important. With their affordable price of up to 50% less than the new parts and their 3-year warranty you can depend on them to supply your auto parts’ needs.


Stylish Clothing for the Expectant Moms

We’re always excited whenever we have a pregnant friend or relative. We’re counting off the months until the delivery date and looks forward to seeing the little angel on the first day. Being pregnant involves mixed emotions and feelings. It’s a mixture of excitement, some little fears, difficulty in carrying through the pregnancy period and a lot of changes in physical looks. Most of the women especially the working Moms give their wardrobe a bit of attention because they should look good even while pregnant. When I was pregnant I bought clothes that will not look awkward when I was in meeting with my boss and some clothes that are comfortable for everyday office wear.

Anyway choosing and buying maternity clothes is one of the exciting parts of pregnancy. And when it comes to searching for maternity clothing you can check out Apple Seed maternity online for all your clothing needs. Trust them to give you a variety of choices for stylish and chic maternity shirts, bottoms, dresses, suits and others. They even carry baby boutique, nursing wear, designer diaper bags, gears and gift items for both Mom and baby. It’s almost a one-stop shop for women on the family way. I’m not pregnant but I picked some designs that I want like the Maternal America dress which can be used for office or for dinner with your hubby. It’s comfortable and so gorgeous!


Shower of Blessing

I was a little sleepy now because I stayed few hours more last night to wait for some tasks but little did I know that I'm in for a surprise. A single tweet from online friend made way for outpouring of work blessings and my waiting hours till early dawn was rewarded with so many tasks. I was very thankful that my online friends and I were able to get many blessings early dawn and for the last several days. We're indeed blessed and we're thankful to God for all the blessings of work.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Studying Ceramics and Pottery

Being artistic and having some creativity with crafts runs in our family, well at least to my brother and most of my first cousins. My cousin has a gift for all kinds of artistic skills including painting with pastels and charcoal, and also with graphic arts, signs and everything you want done with the use of his magical hands. He’s really perfect in his skills and talents. My other cousins and their kids inherited the same skills and even though they finished college in other fields of study, they have all gotten back to using art in current their jobs. I guess some people just want to work where their hearts are.

As to our own family my brother has the best art talent of all of us, with my sister and I having some drawing and lettering skills. All of my kids are showing skills in that area too. I smile when I think of how artistic talent is passed on through generations. Well I hope these skills transfer to other areas, such as learning ceramic arts as I just love so many of those beautiful hand crafted pottery items. As I may have said before, I can always use some more unique pots for my flowers and plants, so I am hoping to try my artistic skills with some pottery lessons one day. I think taking a ceramic arts class will be the best as then I learn about different clays and using throwing wheels, slab rollers, and kilns.

I got some information about pottery making online at AMACO/Brent. This amazing website sells everything having to do with pottery from clays, glazes, and ware carts to throwing wheels, kilns, wheel replacement parts and more. They have all of the equipment, tools and accessories you’ll ever need for ceramic arts, along with many resources for teaching clay art such as art lessons, videos, dvds and instructional books. I know I have a lot to learn before I make my first flower pot, but I am going to be looking for a ceramic arts class in my area. Its always good to be learning new things, and I think I'll especially enjoy calling on my artistic talents to see what I can do.


Perfect Pasta Cooking

I’ve been busy the whole day and put my work on the side as I have to attend to my kid’s need for assistance on their cooking class. Someone asked me online about vigrx but I was sorry for not giving an answer as I have to cut the conversation early or I’ll be late for my daughter. It’s the first Thursday that I didn’t dedicate to working all day. As I said to my Mom Thursday is my day for doing everything on my sites including updating, blog hopping, doing tasks and everything about my work online.

Anyway this day is an exemption as Gen is the leader student in their cooking class and I don’t want their group to receive a low grade. Anyway all my efforts were not wasted as they’ve received great comments and my spaghetti recipe which I passed on to my daughter has received a perfect grade. DD Gen kissed upon arriving home because she’s very happy with the outcome of their group cooking.


The Power of Smile

Myspace Smile Graphics Quotes

Sometimes we're looking elsewhere for solutions on our problems and little did we know that we have something in ourselves that can solve them, erase worries on our foreheads, minimize our anxieties and eradicate misunderstanding among family and friends. And that powerful weapon inside us is our smile. Smile conquers all and so powerful that it can break the ice - what I mean is the ice that sometimes makes friendship become icy cold. We shouldn't let our problems get the better of ourselves because we'll end up as loser.

As they say 'smile and the whole world smiles with you' 'cry and you'll cry alone'.


Kids' Interest in Ceramic Arts

Sometimes during vacations or after school young people get bored. They often stroll the malls and some even get into trouble, mostly because they have nothing to do in their spare time. That is why it is important to get your children interested in hobbies and sports at a young age so that they have things they enjoy doing and will not find their time away from school so boring. There are many different things a parent can do to get their children interested in things at an early age. If they are athletic or like sports then sign them up to a soccer team or for dance lessons or baseball. If they seem artistically inclined you can enroll them in arts and crafts courses during their vacation, or you can buy some art supplies and encourage them to work on these at home.

A friend of mine introduced her younger children to ceramic arts last summer. Not into the serious ceramic arts like wheel throwing, because they are too young for that. But she did get some easy to work with clays from an online store AMACO/Brent. She said she found some great safe and non-toxic clays that her children found easy to use and they even molded basic items like small animals and pinch pots. She said her kids loved working with the clay and unlike their Play-Doh creations they had a product that was durable. My friend hopes to keep her kids interested in this art form and has done some research. She said there is much they can do as they grow before needing the use of bigger investments such as a kiln or a potter's wheel. She has discovered some self-hardening clays that her kids can use, and she can use a rolling pin to flatten the clay to a consistent thickness and then they can place the clay over simple molds to get some basic bowls and plates. If they like doing this as they get older she said she may invest in one of the slab rollers to roll the clay out properly as they have table top slab rollers at AMACO/Brent. She even has fashioned a small shelf with wheels for her children to use as a ware cart to store their creations.

My friend's kids are still young so it is hard to know how long they will stay interested in ceramic arts. If they remain interested my friend says she will enroll them in some ceramic arts classes as they get older where they will learn about wheel throwing and get to use kilns to harden their clays and set glazes. Right now my friend says her kids really enjoy working with the clay and making objects to give to their family and friends. She has found AMACO/Brent to be a very reliable source of products and information about ceramic arts. Who knows if something like this will keep my friend's kids out of trouble as they grow older? But I think she is doing something right by introducing them to an activity they enjoy and they can explore more as they grow older.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Vacation Packages

My back is aching again because I have been overworking myself. I remember having back pains several years ago when I was working the night shift. Mom gave me massage therapy and also suggested we take a vacation to relax. So I started looking for family vacation packages because that would give me a chance to recover. Now I am looking at some family vacation destinations and if we have the money it would be great to just getaway.

I have been thinking about a Breezes all inclusive resort for one of their affordable family vacations in beautiful destinations Brazil, Curacao, Jamaica, and Panama. Their all inclusive packages include rooms, meals, entertainment and sports activities. This would be a great relaxing vacation for me because there would be great activities for the kids and I could just relax and let my back have the rest it needs. With no meals to cook I could just take the time to lie back and enjoy doing nothing in the beautiful surroundings!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Your Focus Inward or Outward?

Your Focus is Inward

You prefer to spend most of your time alone. Other people tax your reserves.
You appreciate and enjoy your own company. You can always find a way to entertain yourself.

You don't believe in being bored. In fact, you don't think it's even possible.
With so many ideas, books, and places to explore, you are never lonely - even if you're all by yourself.

Actually I like being with my friends and family but when I'm alone I also savor the benefits of being alone so I write my ideas and meditate. It's good for a person to think some inspirational or positive thoughts frequently because it molds your being. I must admit that I can be temperamental sometimes when my environment is so unruly. I want a peaceful environment because my previous job is so....

Anyway since I can be a jolly or silent person I will never be bored as I have something to do most of the times. I have a hectic schedule that a ride on a bus is a rest for me :-)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Audio Conferencing

I’m so amazed with what the modern innovations in communications technology has done to improve many businesses. All these improvements were based on embracing online communications using the internet. It has been of great help to many people especially to those business people who use the internet to promote their services and products. The internet has become a very important tool directing the way to business success. With the current trend on doing everything online like shopping, studying, selling, writing and many other online activities like Web conferencing you can say that the world has undergone a major change.

With the influx of modern online opportunities come better communication tools that help improve business in their undertakings. As a result, business dealings become easier with the use of communication tools like Audio conferencing which makes transactions more manageable because setting up a normal meeting doesn’t have to be that tasking like what we used to do in my last job. Previously we would wait for our client’s availability before having a meeting.

Now setting up a meeting with business associates and clients is much more inexpensive and easier because attendees were not physically present. They just have to be online. Together with these above mentioned conferencing solutions from the Conference group I learned that they also have Video conferencing which is faster and more effective way to communicate. They provide Video conference solutions where you can be spared setting up a conference meeting days ahead because you can do it at a moment’s notice. They deliver the most customized solutions which can be used to maximize your business transactions.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

PH#222: Triangle (Cottages)

Click the image to enlarge pic

This shot was taken in Tagaytay Picnic Grove in the area where families and groups can view the beauty of Taal Volcano and the lake surrounding it. The cottages with triangular roofs provides shelter and place where visitors can eat, chat and relax while they''re viewing the scenic view of Taal and the towns in Batangas province surrounding it.

I had fun taking shots at the beautiful scenic spots there - sky, the field, the view of Taal Volcano and the cute little kids playing at the picnic grove. We were there for their Dad's discipleship seminar with the ministers and pastor of our church.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wear Your Best Smile with Confidence

Having beautiful and healthy teeth will surely give you a beautiful smile and it can only be achieved through proper caring and maintenance. As early as now I’m teaching my kids the importance of keeping their teeth as clean as possible to prevent frequent visit to the dentist. I would want those visits to their dentist be concentrated only for their regular scheduled visit and cleaning. I love to have perfect teeth also but after giving birth to my three kids I noticed that my teeth seem to lack calcium and strength.

I consulted our family dentist and diagnosed that I need to undergo fixed bridge to repair imperfections. Of course I would need a sizeable amount of money and for now I’m saving for it. I’m not vain in other ways but for my teeth only so I’m planning to avail of the modern dental technology like that of San Diego cosmetic dentistry where they applies the latest and advanced dental techniques to optimize oral health and beautiful smile also. They also offer dental implants, smile design, gum lifts, teeth whitening, crowns, inlays and onlays and many other modern dental services. It’s not only the health aspects but of physical look also. I would love to go back the time when I can wear my best smile with confidence.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boggle Me Thursday #57

It’s Boggle time! Thanks to MommyW for this exciting and fun meme!

Look at the words I found:


Boggle Me Thursday
1) APT
2) LAP
3) LIP
4) PIT
5) BIT
6) RIP
7) NAP
8) BIN
10) SANE
11) BINE
12) PINE
13) BILE
14) LANE
15) LEAN
16) TRIP


Boggle Me Thursday

1) BIT
2) BIN
3) LIP
4) LIT
5) TIN
6) PIE
10) BILE
11) BINE
12) LEAN
13) LANE
14) LINE
15) PANE
16) SANE
17) SLIP

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Our Crowning Glory Restored

They say that hair is our crowning glory and it defines our face. It has a great effect on the way we look as it can enhance our simple looks and it can also lessen our beauty if our hair became grey or thinner than it used to be. There are many causes of hair loss and for women I learned that factors like heredity, stress, hormonal imbalance, severe sickness and aging affects them in some ways. When our hair starts to recede we sometimes lose some of our confidence and it can develop into inferiority complex.

Now that modern technology can be applied on almost all field of studies you can get the doctor’s services to help solve your problem with your hair. The only thing that hinders many people is the hair transplant cost which is a bit expensive. Well it is really expensive because it depends on the sessions, procedures used and where the clinic or hospital is located. You can get a lesser cost if you hire a private doctor because you’ll be able to save on the cost of expensive clinics. Each individual has his own hair problem and you’ll just have to ask Dr. Pistone’s Hair Restoration specialty for free consultation on your hair requirements. This way you’ll be able to afford having your hair restored together with your confidence.


:TC - Weather - Sunny

(Sunny, Calm, Rainy, Snowy, Icy, Fog, Clouds, Thunderstorm, Lightening, Hail, Windy,...)

This is a shot depicting a very sunny weather as the scenery here shows beautiful blue skies, white cloud, luscious greenery and beautiful small fountains all over one swimming pool here. It should be as this is the resort where we spent our Mom's 78th birthday last May this year. This is in total contrast to the last typhoon that hit Luzon, Philippines Tuesday night.
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House Plans and Designs Made Easy

I’ve talked to a friend of mine and she told me that they’re getting tired of renting an apartment and they are tired of spending money on rent, they would rather be spending it to pay for their own home. All of us at one time dreams of having our own home but it takes lot of finances, determination and planning before you can start. Then you have to decide if you will buy a home that is already built and has been enjoyed by others, or whether you would like to have a new house built. If you decide to have a new house built, first you have to get a good house plan that will meet the specific requirements and style of the house you desire. Careful planning is important to make sure you build a home that will meet your changing family needs.

There is a website that will give you much to think about when you are planning on building a home, a website that sells new house plans . That website is of HDA Inc. which has a wide and exciting selection of professionally designed home plans. With their search tools, tips, and information, they make it easy for your to choose the perfect design for your dream house. The site offers so many different house floor plans available for you to order at your convenience. You just pay and the plans you choose, are yours. The advantage of this website is that you have so many different house plans to look through. It is easy to get some great ideas for designs that may never have occurred to you. It is like being able to walk through thousands of different homes from the convenience of your computer, make note of ideas that you like and don't like, and search until you find a plan that has all the features on your "like" list.

There are homes of all sizes and architectural styles. Choose your favorite of these and then search for the house floor plans you like the most. Then use the costing tool on the website to see how much your favorites will cost to build in your area. The website also has project plans for the backyard, for sheds, gazebos, and garages. This website just makes planning your new home so easy, and also fun. Even if you have never considered having a home built, you may want to visit the website before you decide to do otherwise. This site takes a lot of the guesswork out of the planning and you will delight in the ability to pick a home that is exactly what you have dreamed of, and is not just a home someone else has dreamed. This is one sure way to make your home your home. We all know a home is one of the biggest investments we will ever make, so make sure the home you invest in is the home you really want, a home that meets your needs and tastes completely.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Patio Furniture

I want to have some renovation in the upper floor of the house in our Master’s Bedroom so we can make our lower ground bedroom into a study or music room. I just need to make some good budgeting on our finances so I can save for it. I’m also thinking of renewing our terrace there because sometimes I want the fresher environment in the upper floors. Our upper terrace or patio has not been used for months and I want to put some nice Patio Furniture for a cosier look. I’m thinking that it’s a waste to just let that beautiful spot be like a display only as we’re not using it.

I remember we used to stay and linger there to relax and enjoy the cool air breeze when I was younger. There being on the upper part of the house you’ll get to see the clouds and sky on a much advantageous level. I can take my shots of the sky there without interference of people. Now as I’m looking on some beautiful Outdoor Chaise Lounges I’m beginning to have nice ideas of what I want to do with our upper patio. Well if you visit CozyDays you’ll have plenty of ideas too because they carry a wide range of classic and modern Outdoor Patio Furniture which is of high quality yet inexpensive. They have everything you’ll need for your patio be it chaise lounges, furniture, dining sets, fire pits, chairs, tables and more.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Manic Monday #213 - 5 Simple Pleasures in Life

Name 5 of the simple pleasures in your life:

  1. Picnic in nature park and bonding moments with family
  2. Dinner and date with hubby
  3. Sleeping and reading
  4. Facebook, Twitter and YM
  5. Coffee, Cakes, Pizza and Chocolates

What do you like to do on a rainy day? Have coffee, chat and nap :-) Actually I really love drizzles and I'm so inspired writing and working on a rainy days (mild rains only) because I love the cool temperature and the raindrops!

I deserve a week long vacation for working so hard and I want a vacation where I can just sleep, eat and walk. No cellphones, no internet and no planned schedules.


Slow Metabolism

Have you ever tried to go back to your old form when you were single? Well most of the new Moms had but not all have been successful in obtaining their objectives. Our metabolism slows down when we reach the age of 30 so the most successful in getting back to slimmer form are those who are under the age of 30. So that explains why even we decrease our intake of foods we only shed few pounds off our bodies. Those who really need a quick trim should consult their doctor on how they can do it because they know better. Well we also need a lot of physical activities like workouts, exercise, walking and sports. Also try not to sit for long hours as it may add up some bulges in your tummy. Remember that as we grow older our metabolism slows down so we better move and be active.


:BM/MYM: Playbooth


Look who's hiding inside the little tikes playbooth?

Click the image to enlarge pic

It's my little boy Josh who played at the slide and play booth while he's swimming. He rounded up all these at his granny's birthday celebration in the resort even without his playmates. Just caught him doing this while I'm looking out for him at the pool.

Happy Monday everyone! For other entries just click the top logo!


Breakthrough Innovation in SAT Prep Course

Modern technology has done a lot of improvements in many facets of life such as infrastructures, communication, manufacturing and also in education. Who would have thought that you can be educated outside the premises of school rooms and universities. Well now it’s all possible as online studies proved to be an added learning tool in giving education to many. Now there are even more advanced improvement in learning like the Knewton’s sat prep course which developed simplification in learning so the students can adapt more and concentrate on studying their weakest subjects. This will be achieved through live video online classrooms with the best online teachers to give their personalized attention to the student’s best and worst. It’s like getting the most out of the students’ weaknesses and strengths.


Getting Discounts from Wholesale Prices

I’m looking at some gadgets I want to buy from my favorite one-stop media provider when I suddenly remembered to buy dozens of blanks CDs for backing up my files. It’s cheaper buying them in bulk because you’ll get a wholesaler discounts. We also have a need for blank CDs always so it’s a lot more convenient to have more stocks. It’s like buying things like pouches, school supplies and clothes which have discounted prices when you buy in bulk. Even then I don’t buy things in dozens when I don’t need them because it’s not a good habit when you buy things you don’t need.


Village Provencal

This is the Village Provencal hand painted soap and lotion dispenser I've found in from Florence while looking for gift and home decor ideas.

Florence described this glass recreation of her as Provence village where she painted a village and landscape around this soap and lotion dispenser with houses, trees, flowers and rolling hills. This will be perfect for your bathroom accessories. It measures7" (18cms) high from top of pump, 5" (12cms) wide and 2" (5cms) deep. It holds 13.2 oz of liquid. Plastic pump is included.

This beautiful glass dispenser costs USD28.00 and there are other collections from Florence at


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Custom Home Plans and More

Many newlywed couples look forward to the day they will own their own home, a place where they can raise their family. At first most don't have the finances right away and choose to rent a house or an apartment first and then plan to save for their dream home. This has its advantages as it takes some time to save some money. As well, you learn from your experience of living in different houses and apartments, what you like and didn't like about the various floor plans or the set up of the rooms in the different places you have lived. From this you can think about what you really want in your home, how many rooms you want, what your house floor plan should look like and so forth. Then when you are ready to buy your first home it will be less daunting as you already have some clear ideas about what you want in your home.

If you decide to have your home built, then you will need to look at some home plans or have some drawn up for you by an architect. That way your home can be built to meet your needs and according to your specifications and budget. One great place to start if you are looking for homes plans is of HDA Inc. They have a wide variety of home styles and designs you can choose from. You just visit their site and choose from their beautiful house plans and you can purchase the plans there as well. With thousands of home plans to choose from you are most certainly guaranteed to find what you are looking for. If you find a plan that is not entirely to your liking you can request to have the plans customized to accommodate your wishes.

Houseplansandmore helps people turn their dream home into reality with their easy to use website and huge selection of home plans to choose from. Start dreaming now as from the array of their designs I’m sure you’ll find one that will suit your taste of style and designs with their very dependable house floor plan that can turn your dreams into reality. I’ve visited the site myself and I’ve found one or two designs that really appeals to me. They also have plans for garage, shed and backyard so these make a complete home for you. For the more budget-conscious families try looking at their affordable homes that’s perfect for limited budget


Friday, July 9, 2010

What Does Your Wallet Say About You?

Your Money Personality is Reasonable

You are likely very financially savvy. You probably track your purchases down to the penny.

Even if you have money problems, you try to avoid letting them stress you out. You try to stay on top of your finances.

You are a careful and reasonable person. You think clearly before you make a decision.

You are the type of person who has trouble throwing things away. You tend to have a bit of clutter in your life.

I'm very careful in handling my finances. I used to have more than one credit cards but now I learned my lessons well and always purchase my things in cash except for online shopping of course. Well I use my paypal more now than my cards to prevent debts. I'm wise in spending and much wiser in budgeting. When I shop I shop with pleasure and in cash so I'll enjoy my purchases even better without thinking of paying it later.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Waking Up at Dawn

I’ve got to finish my work and check on this diets for quick weight loss now so I can get at least 4 hours of sleep before I wake up, cook and prepare foods for my kids. It’s hard to stay beyond midnight because I have to be awake at 4am in the morning unlike last summer vacation when I can schedule an overnight because I can sleep as late as 6am. During summer my kids woke up a little late than usual school days so I don’t have to wake up at dawn. I can cook and make everything ready in less than an hour so before 7 in the morning they can have their full meal breakfast. Besides no one’s going anywhere so early in the morning. Now I’m missing summer vacation!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fashionable and Chic Nursing Scrubs

I always think that doctors and nurses have the cleanest uniform because they always have immaculately white coats and clothes that don’t get dirty even after a day’s work. How did they do it? I don’t know of course but healthcare professionals should really be the epitome of cleanliness because they’re the ones that help people recover from their sickness and on being healthy. Now medical uniforms and apparel comes in variety of colors. They’re designed to excel in quality, to be stylish and to fit perfectly on anybody.

I have a friend who always says that her scrub is so simple that it doesn’t accentuate much of her looks. Her scrub was that of the old conservative style of scrub that sometimes just hang onto her body. She long for nursing scrubs that would make her feel comfortable and at the same time beautiful and slimmer just like the nursing scrubs and medical uniforms by blue sky scrubs.

I’ve visited the site myself and found that blue sky scrubs are stylish, fashionable, chic and quality line of nursing scrubs and medical uniforms. They offer scrubs for men and women and for kids too, they have their line of medical coats, nice scrub hats and accessories. All products are in variance of colors and style to bring style and beauty in medical uniforms. Now when I think about the health care professionals I will not only think of their immaculate uniforms but of their stylish simple fashion also.


Monday, July 5, 2010

My Top 10 Droppers for June

Thanks to all who visited, dropped their ec's and commented on my posts. Just want you to know that I appreciate your visits and feel free to visit me again this month. Hope to see you again this July.

Dropper # of drops
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on the verge 30


Live a Healthier Life

I’m trying to get back to my regular exercise regimen because eating healthy foods alone will not help me that much. Our bodies need enough rest, complete sleep, healthy foods and regular exercise to maintain a healthy and fit body. Working online keep me glued to my laptop more than 10 hours a day and of course it also keeps me in a sitting position almost half of the day. This isn’t healthy anymore and it’s also the reason for my big tummy so it’s a must that I should do a regular exercise to balance my activities and work. I tried to follow a healthier habit when I reached forty because I don’t want to have high number of bad cholesterol although I heard that some with that sickness can be cured through natural cholesterol treatment. If this is true I should inform my friend with high cholesterol level because he may need this kind of treatment.

Mom was always right in saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It’s also easier to eat healthy and avoid late nights than having yourself hospitalized or suffer from painful sickness that can cost you physical and financial distress. Well I’m starting to live a life that’s healthier in body and also in spirit. Care to join me in my goals?


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dreaming for the Europe Tours

In every working Mom’s life there comes a point that you want to be in a place new and offers respite from your everyday routine. Mothers love doing everything for their families but they also need some break from daily activities and routine of life in order to refresh and enjoy some days of relaxation. Motherhood is one of the best things that can happen in your life but everyone deserves a break, a rest or a vacation that will get you away from usual things you do every day. It’s also a therapy for every relationship. Having some time with your hubby and kids outside the home zone helps you forget stress and daily problems of life. It will be nice to have the whole family join one of those national parks tours offered by I’m sure the whole family will enjoy it.

Well it’s not the first dream tour we have because we really want to plan for europe tours because that’s where hubby’s sister lives for several years now and vacationing will be so much fun with her to accompany us. It will be our first time so it’s easier for us to feel comfortable if we have her with us. She’s also a busy working Mom but I know she’ll be delighted at the thought of us travelling to her place. She’s also fond of traveling around the globe and has visited several historical places already. Now she’s thinking of new places to visit and the thought of having one of those australia tours suddenly became a positive plan for her. I know she’ll love it also and welcomes the idea of meeting some Filipinos there.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

PH#220 : Open (Field)

Click the image to enlarge pic

This shot was taken in Tagaytay Picnic Grove in the left wing area where you can play, run, jump, fly kite, have picnic and anything you want to do because it's an OPEN field. Even though it has a slight slope it's safe for little kids because they'll just fall in soft grassy land. Look at the kids here with my own also, my daughter in orange blouse and my little boy in dark green shirt barely visible at the farthest among the 7 kids in the pics.

They had their happiest playing moments here where they run and run without me stopping them lol! How could I when I was busy taking shots at them :-) I had my moments too because I enjoy taking shots at the sky, the field, the view of Taal Volcano and the cute little kids playing at the picnic grove. We were there for their Dad's discipleship seminar with the ministers and pastor of our church.


Every Task is Important

I’m finishing some tasks today after I’ve checked what adipex p is all about. I don’t want my assignments to file up and I don’t want to do it on due dates. Juggling between house chores, errands and kids’ school needs is busy enough and to have expiring tasks in addition with all of these can be exhausting so it’s better to schedule my work ahead of time if I can help it. Discipline is needed in this department because sometimes I have a habit of doing only what’s been required for the moment which in the long run can give me headache.

Sometimes tasks can be so plenty and you’ll never know what to do first. Of course I don’t want to miss any of my work as one task expired is a loss for me. With the current economic difficulty these days I could never afford to let opportunity passed by so every single task is important. I keep thanking God for the wonderful opportunity He has given me by way of letting me work at the convenience of my home. He used my best friend in introducing blogging to me and in making all things go with my plans such as resignation from my job and finding again my first love which is writing. God is good all the time.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Waiting Line in Banks

I’ve rounded up two schools yesterday to get the patches for my kids’ extra uniform and visited my little boy on his lunch break which is a little earlier on the real lunch time. I went to the bank to ask about health savings account and pay my card just before lunch but I was welcomed with a long line of clients. I had no choice but to stay and wait for my turn even though I’m starving. Worst thing is we’re all standing up unlike other banks that have chairs while you wait.

One teller was assisting one client for the rest of my stay at the bank, he really had tons of transactions and it took around 25 minutes to move because the other teller has closed her cubicle. My plans were canceled because the other teller that opened entertained payments only and not inquiries. I would have to go to another line to ask so I went home and planned to go next week again to look for a bank with that kind of service. If there’s no such service like that here maybe I’ll just open a regular savings account for my kids.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

:TC - Home (Near the Mountains)

"HOME" (House, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Nest, Hive,...)

We spent few days in my MIL's house in Montalban and there I saw the beautiful homes at the foot of the mountains of the town. The first shot was late afternoon just in time for the sunset but the sunset was on the other side. The second shot is nearer to my MIL's house and a farther from the mountains. It was taken early morning. Even though the place is a little far the city it is very accessible and all your tiredness from the travel will be gone when you get there because you'll see the beauty of the nature and it's so peaceful there.

We also had a shot in MIL's house.

For more 'home' themed photos click the title badge.


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