Monday, July 26, 2010

Hud Apartments and More

I’m browsing the site for some online work opportunities because I’m waiting for my downloads which is getting too long now already. I hate waiting without doing other tasks so I decided to visit blogs and came to find Yousaytoo, a site that offers revenue sharing and ways of earning through revenue blogging. The site has many things to offer like blogs, games and other ways of earning income through registering blogs.

What caught my attention on the site is the social program I seen on them that help people in low income level am able to secure a HUD apartments for rent which is available only for a certain income level and you should be below the level they set. It’s also available for students and seniors. I admire their goal that low-income people should also enjoy living in better apartments within their reach of course. You can find variety of HUDS apartment for rent online at their website. I’m sure anyone would be delighted to rent in better apartments without extra cost.

Well compared to the low salaried people who can only pay for affordable apartments I found something that will take you to another level of place to stay with. The new hotel Dubai which has plenty of amenities to choose from like luxury suites, art gallert, spa, underwater restaurant and butterfly jungle. Maybe it’s nice to stay there but for now they’re stil deciding on it.


Liz July 28, 2010 at 11:03 AM  

A 10-minute exposure twice a week is healthy. Our kids need that for their D supply. :)

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