Saturday, April 21, 2012

Better Hobby

My daughter is enjoying her week-long vacation in her grandmother’s house in Montalban and with her she brings some of her sports gear and things because the place she’ll be staying has plenty of space to do badminton and other sports she wants. She’s been practicing her piano lessons for sometime but left it because she’ll concentrate on her sports. Aside from the piano lessons she told me that she’s thinking of learning guitars and asked me to search for the kinds of Kramer Guitars or some other quality ones for her plan. I’m so glad that my kids are all interested in learning to play musical instruments which is a better hobby this summer as it’s not only fun but will only give my kids skills and talents in playing.


Affordable Camera Pouch

Want to protect your camera from being exposed or prevent scratches? Well if your budget is limited and you want to look stylish in a way you can have this camera pouch for PhP 150.00 at cdrking. This one is perfect for your MP3 or MP4 players, iPod, digital cameras and other gadgets or accessories. I've posted one of my fave colors here but there are other designs as well. Most importantly this pouch is not only convenient and soft but durable as well. It's getting value for your money.


Health Supplements for Working Mom

There are lots of supplements for all our health needs and I can say I’m really amazed at how they grow in numbers. Left and right I see supplements for healthy brain, memory, for the eyes, liver, bones and every part of our body which needs supplements for health. I also heard from my friend about which can promotes muscle mass and extra strength. I’m also taking iron supplements every time I have my monthly period because I feel that I need extra iron for endurance and strength in working.


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