Friday, April 30, 2010

Don’t Risk Our Health

I’m arranging my receipts and some notes from my little boy’s new school when I was asked by my friend about some weight loss pills she bought when she travelled to another country. She was convinced that it’s guaranteed to give fast results but when she reached home she’s having second thoughts. I told her that any medicine or drugs she may want to take she should consult it to her doctor in case she has allergy or sensitivity to some kind of pills or if the pills she brought are safe or risky to take. Sometimes we take risks in order to achieve our goals but for me if your health will be in danger you shouldn’t take the risk. It’s safe to consult and take the advice of trusted doctors to prevent from getting bad effects. Anyway losing weight drastically is not good for me.


Only One

Myspace Mothers Day Graphics Quotes

You can have as many friends as you want, you can have boyfriends or girlfriends in your life, you can have all the things you want but you can only have one Mother in your life and she's irreplaceable. Nothing and no one can compare her devotion, love and caring hands. It's as if God has entrusted us to our mothers for guidance and support. I thank God for giving us one of the best gifts that a person can ever have and that's our very own dear Mom. Now that I have my family and my own kids I feel the very same love that my Mom gives to me with my own kids. There are hundreds of beautiful things and great people that we encounter each day but our Mothers are unique and only one.


Distinctive Look of Chefs

I’m fond of cooking and love to taste different dishes in different restaurants, and I get great satisfaction in guessing the ingredients in particular recipes I’m interested in. With my hobby of cooking I have a habit of observing professional chefs often when they come out of the kitchen, sometimes to speak personally to a customer. I am impressed with how professional they look when they are dressed in complete chef attire and I can imagine myself in the kitchen cooking when wearing chef apparel, and of course I would love to be in their shoes if I’m ever given a chance to study culinary arts someday. Anyway as a keen observer of the chefs I have noticed that some of them have the traditional chef apparel with those classic muffin hats that I remember since I was a kid.

I think chef apparel plays an important part in distinguishing the character and class of the restaurant. You can be trendy in your choice of hats, shirts, coats and chef pants and the quality of the uniforms will set your restaurant apart from others. If you wish to come up with style, fashion, and quality I suggest you look at the selection of iD by Landau apparel. You can create a professional and distinctive look for your restaurant chef and employees with the right combination of colors and uniform style.

I just browsed their website and saw the elegant black aprons that would suit an evening event well. iD by Landau provides a black tuxedo apron that will blend well with any elegant evening affair. I myself would love to have one of those stylish black aprons to wear when cooking a special meal for my friends. If you own a restaurant the menu isn't all that matters, it should be coupled with good looking staff and great service.


Finishing Tasks for Tomorrow's Occasion

I’m hurrying up today as I’ve many tasks to do because my PC was down and I’ve accomplished zero tasks yesterday. We’ll be going tomorrow to the baptism of my niece’ baby girl Sofia. Iya as we fondly call her is vacationing in her father’s Mom house and her grand Mom thought it best to have her baptized before she comes back here in our compound. So tomorrow we’ll be visiting her and my two young girls will be her sponsors also. My niece asked me if I could assist her MIL in the morning to prepare necessary things for the reception and entertain them as well when they arrive. I will be their official photographer also lol! Well I would love to do that and for my baby Iya I would gladly do the honors of taking her special day pictures. Well it’ll be my day off tomorrow; blogging will have to be after the celebration.


Healthy Ways on Getting Slimmer

As you grow older your metabolism decreases and slows down. When I was younger I could eat large amount of carbohydrate-rich foods without getting heavy and fat. I’m a sporty person and I think that helped too but the main thing that really helped me was my fast metabolism. Now after having three kids and being married for fourteen years I noticed that everything I eat added up to my weight. This is an alarming thought and I have to make a healthy balanced diet without fat, have some exercise and move as often as I can to at least prevent myself from being too fat.

I have tried many ways of losing some weight but I tried to do my dieting the healthy way as I don’t want to be slimmer but sickly. Anyway I heard about this hCG weight loss Spokane from a friend and noted to inquire about it. Now I’m trying to start a diet of fruits, veggies and fish only on lunch and dinner. I only eat meat and rice during breakfast which I can’t give up because I’m a morning person who gets strength on breakfast meals. I’m energetic when I have full breakfast and the succeeding meals are easy on me. I can eat whatever I want without craving for more. I discovered that fruits can cleanse your body system and it’s the best for removing bad toxins. I’m preparing myself for a real cleansing diet of raw foods and fruits only.

For now I’m reducing my intake of rice and meat. I’m actually quite successful about it and I’m enjoying it just like my friend is enjoying her hCG diet Spokane as she’s very excited at the results. Well I have yet to see her now but she’s living very far from us. She said she’ll talk about her weight loss Spokane when we meet next month after the summer season. She’s not fond of traveling in this very hot summer heat and she’s protecting herself from any sickness that may arise when she’s tired herself in visiting far away places. So I’ll wait for another month until I get to see this friend of mine.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Blog is Peaceful Blue

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.
You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

This is true in a way as I don't want to express my rants if I can help it because if I rant about it I may regret to post it in public. Though I have some mild and petty rant sometimes I try to make it look funny to lighten the bad mood. I'm more particular in sharing inspirational experiences and thoughts and share some tips to help someone who might happen to visit my site. I also try to share without being too open because it might bring some danger.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finish Math Subjects in Flying Colors

It’s every parent’s dream to have a child that’s good in Math because not all kids are gifted with skills in mathematics. Not only skills and gifts as the child require much patience, effort and parents supervision to achieve a good grade in Math. They need someone to guide them in doing Math homework and it’s a big problem if no one can provide them that kind of help. Well now that will not be a problem because there are Free math homework help that can answer to this kind of problem and it can be given online so parents and the whole family can see it also. This will pose the best solution to many problems emanating from the need to learn Math subjects.

You can hire teachers or Math tutors but sometimes the one you hired is not capable of teaching hard Math subjects. If the need arises to Solve calculus problems we need a better and more experienced Calculus tutor to answer the need. It wouldn’t be solved by hiring an ordinary tutor because complicated Math subjects need someone who has mastered such subjects. They have to be experienced enough in handling subjects like that in order to teach proper ways of dealing with tough Math Subjects. You’ll have to get someone who can give the best Calculus help that will not only teach the student the basic of calculus but smart enough to give the proper exercises to hone the skills of the students. I would love to have that kind of tutor for my kids and with Free math tutoring I know I can guide them while they study online. Proper guidance and full support are still the best ways to help our kids achieve their goals in life.

In this modern technology of people indulging on the net it’s a good idea to do tutoring online as the whole family will benefit from this. The parents can guide their kids in learning math and they can have it in the comfort of their home. This Free math tutoring online will let the kids learn difficult Math subjects like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, equations and some subjects in a different and enjoyable way. You can now see your child pass Math subjects in flying colors.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

:BM/MYM/RT: Catch Your Sponge Bob Here!


This is one of my kids' favorite game in Tom's World arcade the UFO catcher where you'll have a chance to grab pretty and cute stuff toys like teddy bear, hello kitty, barney, sponge bob and many other stuffs. It was hard to do this but Ruth managed to catch one pretty stuff toy in one of our visit there. It's so precious to her because she only tried twice and she got it.

Btw she's so fond of stuff toys and she added her catch to her collection. I had a chance to take some snapshots of the different stuffs there including these super cute yellow sponge bob. His tongue, eyes and socks has red and blue colors on it so I included this post on all three memes.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arizona Air Conditioning

The temperature, yesterday reached 38 degrees, and we experienced a very hot and humid afternoon. I was out yesterday with my cousin and we felt the hot temperature throughout our travels, especially inside the taxi cab we were riding in. The air conditioning unit inside the cab didn’t work well so we just opened the windows to let the air come in. This situation reminded me of our air conditioning unit at home. It needs regular check ups, adjustments and maintenance by professional staff like the arizona air conditioning group to keep all parts of the air conditioning unit working at its best.

It is not new to me to hear about cooling systems that don't work for people when they need them. Whenever I heard of someone's malfunctioning air conditioning unit, I was not surprised because many of us don’t follow the instructions written in the manufacturer manuals or follow the technician's advice from when we bought our cooling units. If you look back in the manual of the air conditioner, you will see that is clearly stated that we should have it cleaned and checked after months of using it and after a period of not using it too. Failure to follow this advice results in malfunctioning or if neglected for longer periods, it may not work at all. Well for those people living in Arizona or near the Phoneix area, there’s a good arizona air conditioning service that will solve all your air conditioning needs and requirements for a cooler environment. Jay’s Comfort Team provides routine tune-ups, installation, repair and all kinds of home air conditioning services that you may need.

Restoring your home cooling system is a great way of saving money too as it will keep running in a stable and efficient manner, using as little energy as possible. Instead of buying a new one try to maintain your existing one. Make sure that it has regular cleaning and check up service by arizona ac who can provide the best and most expert tune-up, the fastest response to when you call and the greatest variety of skilled technician who will service any kind of air conditioner. So start restoring and maintaining your air conditioning units now, visit


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miniature House-Shaped Wooden Trinket

Looking for a way to tidy up some of your little clutters? Well I've found one with this miniature house-shaped wooden trinket/treasure box at by dustypages.

This is good for storing jewelry, pins, clips, candies, coins or any little thing that needs housing! Carefully handmade and painted and comes in different colors and designs. Complete with a little garaged vehicle in the back, flowers and pets in the windows. Painted interior as well. Measures 3.5" wide x 5" tall

Great for home decor and gift for your loved ones. This beautiful wooden house-shaped trinet costs USD15.00 only. For other designs of this trinket visit


Growing Up Fast and Tall

My nephew graduated from high school last March and he’s now entering college to take up the same course as his father. My brother is a practicing civil engineer and my nephew wanted to help him in managing their construction business. That’s how caring he is, he wanted to take some of the load of his dad in their business. Well I hope he’ll be able to do good in college because that’s his goal now. He’s the first grandchild in the family and I’m so fond of him since he’s a baby. I even took care of him when he’s a toddler when I was still single during my day offs. Until now he used to ask me to cook for him his favorite gelatin and leche flan desserts. He’s still a baby when it comes to his favorite foods.

Now he’s really grown up very tall just like his parents. My brother and SIL are both tall and their kids inherit it from them. What a nice thing to inherit, they’re lucky to have that in their blood. My nephew is still growing and most often his clothes would be too short for him especially his pants which always seems to run short of his legs. Often times he would complain that his pants suddenly not fitted for his height. Well how can you handle things like that if the pants shrink after many washings.

I was looking for a nice pair for him on his birthday and I chanced upon which offers cargo elastic waist pants which has a nice elasticized waistband and won’t shrink after many washings. This is perfect for him as he loves comfortable soft cotton clothes. It’s casual enough for his daily activities and will never worn out easily. If you have a need for men’s wear check out this site and you’ll see wide array of shirts, accessories, pants and more.


Saturday 9: I Want to Hold Your Hand

1. What do you notice about other people’s hands?

I looked for some veins especially in a man's hands because if it's too smooth and unblemished I reckon he's not working at home, maybe lazy or don't care enough to help his mom and dad :-)

2. If someone was nosing around your house, what would you hope they wouldn’t see?

I wouldn't like them to see my personal things, belongings and my chocolates lol!

3. Do you think that the more stuff you own enhances your life or adds to your burden?

Of course the more stuff I own the more happy I am and it makes things easier and merrier! It doesn't add to my burden because I wouldn't buy it it does! I always buy things with plans!

4. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

It was decades ago in the early 90's an English movie before I became a born again Christian. I don't watch movies since I became one.

5. What do you have under your bed?

Nothing! I don’t want anything under it so I don't put stuffs under it. I want it clear and free.

6. What do you think your s/o or best friend would say about what makes you unique?

That I'm extra special (just hoping :-)) .

7. What’s your current favorite TV commercial?

I love TV commercial with kids as models like McDo and Jollibee commercial, and I love those food commercials like cakes and ice cream

8. Who do you owe a phone call to?

To my office friend, he told me to call him.

9. Do you know about my friend’s new meme Wednesday Wickedness? Will you give it a try this week just for me? Please?

No. But I've seen it now. Will give it a try this coming Wednesday!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Breezes Resort Destination for Family’s Vacation

Its summer now and everybody is busy running about making their vacation plans for the summer. I’ve visited my former office mates and they’re telling me about their plans for a company outing. They want a nice resort but opt to have it somewhere near to avoid a long plane trip and to maximize their time on their activities. Anyway we’ve had one summer getaway trip already and the kids are asking me to arrange another visit to one of the resorts here. The summer breeze is rounding up people and inviting them to have a relaxing vacation on one of the beautiful local destinations and resorts. I’ve been dreaming of a few days rest and relaxation in one of the beautiful islands here but I still can’t find time to indulge on that as I have many things to do and arrange. I would also love to be booked at Breezes Resorts to experience the magic of vacationing in their beautiful beach resorts there in the Caribbean. Breezes Resorts offers Super all inclusive vacation packages in beautiful resorts in Jamaica, Brazil, Curacao, Panama and Bahamas.

And speaking of these beautiful resorts you can’t miss the quiet coves of Runaway Bay Jamaica with beautiful rainforest mountains. Those who love nature adventures will enjoy a weekend stay there. Plus the 7-mile long beach of Negril Jamaica which is very famous for its white soft sandy beaches will entertain the traveler. Jamaica’s natural resources are abundant in their salt water ocean, waterfalls, springs and river are just perfect for the family’s water activities. You’ll enjoy all the activities here or you can chose to just laze around and enjoy the soft breeze of the air coming from the sea. Visit their site and enjoy super savings on your vacation.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

:TC - Food : Complete Birthday Foods

for fun and learning

"FOOD" (Meals, Restaurants, Eating, Vegetables, Unusual Foods, Cooking, BBQs,...)

This is a quarter-old photo of my husband's birthday food photos which I selected for my entry this week. I choose this shot because it's a complete meal for us , we're a lover of pasta, chicken lollipop, fruit salad and oh so yummy cakes! Well we also have double dutch ice cream but we didn't put that out in case it melts immediately. I don't need to prepare elaborate recipes because my family especially my 3 kids love all these foods above. It's a complete treat for them.

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Higher Percentage of Getting Back to Slimmer Form

It’s always a battle for many women who gave birth to return to their old slender form especially when they’re working in office. When I compare working Moms and stay-at-home Moms there’s a greater percentage of stay-at-home mothers who has successfully returned to their slim form because they’re more flexible and more physically active. Sometimes they don’t need to use weight loss products just to shed off excess pounds. I have noticed this big difference because I have cousins who didn’t work and yet they’re slimmer.

I surmised that household chores and other physical activities such as walking to and fro and running errands can give you the needed burning up of calories because of frequent movement unlike office workers because they sit too long in their chairs and some like me stay in front of PC all day. Now I’m a stay-at-home Mom already but I also stay too long in my PC doing online works so there’s no big difference in my weight. Do I need those products?


Look Up for Meteor Shower

Chanced upon this news while opening my mails. It instructs us to turn off the TV and look up. Why? Because in the pre-dawn hours of April 22 (1:00-3:00am)US Time you'll likely (not sure?) be treated to a spectacular celestial show of meteor shower. Here's part of the news:

In the pre-dawn hours of April 22 (1:00 - 3:00 am), be sure to look up. If you do, you'll likely be treated to a spectacular celestial show in the form of the Lyrids meteor shower.

Why bother to wake up at an ungodly hour to gaze at the sky? Several reasons. First, the Lyrids shower was, according to Meteor Showers Online, first observed at least 2,600 years ago, making it the oldest of any meteor shower. Secondly, viewers have a small chance "to get a glimpse of some dazzling fireball meteors from a completely different meteor swarm."

For complete details of the news visit


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Driver’s Bad Habit of Transferring Passengers

I’m hurrying up now because I’m preparing for our weekly bible study. I just need to browse some acne treatment reviews for a friend’s daughter. I don’t want to miscalculate my time because sometimes it’s hard to wait for vehicles going to our church. The time of my departure is a lazy time or what you can say not a peak time so drivers are lazy to go out in bulk.

Sometimes if I chanced to ride early there’s a possibility that before I reach the place the driver would transfer us to a different vehicle excusing that he will rest early and since we’re only few it’s best to transfer us to his friend. It irks me to have a driver like that. It’s best that they rest in their house than get passengers in their vehicles and in the middle of the travel they would transfer them. It’s even worse when you have heavy items in tow or when you have your kids with you. Anyway I have no choice as don’t want to travel alone on a cab at night. I’m just not comfortable with the thought. Wish I’ll be luckier later!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House Floor Plans

It’s everyone’s dream to have some place to build their homes for their families. I know how expensive it is to build a house because my brother is into construction business. It really takes time, planning and a big amount of money before you venture into your goal of having your own home. Both couple should agree on the budget allocation and house plans. It should be in accordance with your specific standards and needs because after all you’ll spend your life in that home with your family.

When you plan to start your own house you should be careful enough with the details of architectural design because it will be the pattern of your future home. If you need help on planning your future home you can get the help of and you’re ready to start your new house. They provide resources and tools in their site to help you choose the best house plan that will fit your style, preferences and most importantly your budget.

I’m fond of looking at houses and when I browsed the wide variety of house floor plans they have in their site I should say there must be one to catch your fancies as their styles are all beautiful. For the budget conscious families there are more affordable homes you can choose from. They have wide range of styles like cabin plans, cottage plans, farmhouse plans and more. Visit their site now and choose from among their home plans.


Tips on Limiting Cholesterol

My daughter is so fond of eating sunny-side up eggs but I limit her intake and cook eggs as breakfast twice a week only because I learned that it's high in cholesterol. But did you know that you only need to limit your intake of egg yolks and not the whites. It's the egg yolks that's high in cholesterol. Egg whites are OK. So you can make a little substitution when you're cooking eggs. Say if your recipe calls for three eggs you can make it one whole egg and two or three whites just to limit the cholesterol level. Now if you're going to cook scrambled eggs try taking out some egg yolks and it will be just fine, nothing to worry about. It's best to do it than suffer from sickness brought about by too much cholesterol.

Image from


Expression of My Love Through Quick Recipes

Did you know the old secret of keeping your man to your side? Well my Mom told me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s not as if your husband will not love you if you don’t cook for him but through cooking you’ll make him feel special. The old folks told me that women tend to put their heart in the food that they cook and it extends to the people that she cooks for. So I think it’s one of the main ingredients in making your man fall in love with you more because they feel special when you serve him the best of your efforts.

With my own experience with DH every time he goes home tired and weary from his work a steaming hot soup and delicious dish with dessert erases his tiredness. Anyway I don’t have to prepare special meals everyday because as he says Quick Recipes from me is good enough for him because I’ve worked hard for it. Well same goes for my kids as they look forward to my cooking and always asks what I’m planning to cook the next day. Sometimes I took them out for lunch or dinner but I always see to it that I can also cook whatever we eat in the restaurant because I don’t want them longing for other recipes lol! I want them to know that I can do it all for them because that’s my way of showing my love.

So that’s cooking and food is all about. It’s an expression of love for your family so if you’re not the professional or the best cook in town you could start with simple quick recipes that will not require too much preparation and easy on the budget too. You can make these simple recipes taste as good as your other special recipes as long as you put your heart on it. Start searching and learning new recipes now! Here's one of my quick recipes!


Are You Ready to Be a Parent?

You Are 92% Ready to Be a Parent

You are totally ready to be a parent. You pretty much have your life in order.
In fact, there's a good chance you've been thinking about starting a family.

You are financially and emotionally stable. You would provide a good home for a kid.
It's also likely that you understand kids well. You've spent a fair amount of time around children.

If you're already a parent, you are doing great!

Keep it up. More kids wish they had parents like you.

Just taken this quiz to find out if I'm or if we're ready to be a parent in some people's point of view like this personality test which I consider sometimes as psychology test pertaining to people's behavior and personality. It's like having a real psychologist here telling you what's our real self. Well this one is good and oh boy it has plenty of questions to answer and I feel ike answering a real psychology test. Love this one!


Protection from Sun’s Harmful Effects

I heard some news around our compound that most of the people confined in our town’s hospital are mostly hypertension cases, heart burn and sicknesses emanating from too much heat. Well who wouldn’t be in this very hot and humid season. I had my share of overexposing myself to too much heat last week and I almost fell due to dizziness and loss of breath. We should really protect ourselves from the glare of the sun when we’re outside. Our house should be protected also because the rays of sun can easily get through and the heat can reach us if we don’t have protection just like products of window tinting los angeles. I learned that many offices and residences are now making good use of window films because it can reduce the sun’s heat and glare by 99% us maximum protection when we’re inside our house.

The use of window film los angeles is not only beneficial to us but also to our houses and interiors because it will protect our furniture and some other interior furnishings from being worn out easily. It can preserve most of our interiors to its original beauty. It has additional protection when it comes to security from theft, natural disasters and accidents because of the product quality. Bringing this product into your life will ensure protection in your family, house, car and office.


Monday, April 19, 2010

:BM/MYM/RT: Little Kids' Train


Josh and his friend Carl enjoys riding in the toy train for the kids. You can see their happy and excited faces when the train started to move. The train looks very inviting to the kids because it's full of lovely colors - blue, yellow, red, green and orange. Well it can also accommodate Moms as I was seated on the first carriage train taking the second shot. Sometimes I think I have turned into an OC Mom photographer lol! Photo taken at EK!

Got another entry here!

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Bumper Stickers At-A Glance

I love staring at beautiful cars especially if it has pretty accessories. We’re living beside the national road so I get to see more cars daily and I must say I’m looking for different kind of accessories like unique bumper stickers that can caught my wandering eyes and give it a second glance. Well I just found something that really satisfied my search for fresh ideas on car accessories.

I came upon a site that offers customized bumper sticker that caters to your personal needs of your own message and artwork you want to display on your car. You only have to choose the material, size, colors and message then you’ll have your unique bumper stickers printed to your specific requirements. So whether you want to use your stickers for schools, resorts, clubs, auto dealers, churches or any kind of establishment they can have it printed for you in premium quality and fast production.


Waiting for Confirmation

I have to finish my online tasks which will due today up to tomorrow because I’m not sure if I can do it tomorrow. Our church friend will celebrate his birthday tomorrow at Pansol, Calamba and they’ve reserved a private pool for our group. I’m just waiting for DH to confirm if we’re going with them or not because he’ll try to secure approval of his leave.

Actually it’s not only a birthday celebration but a baptism of our newly converted brethren who joined us when we transferred to our new church location in Kamias. I can’t go with the group without DH because I’m not feeling well. With my condition right now I will not be able to attend to my kids when they play and swim in the pool. Hope he can get a leave tomorrow.


Customized Parking Permits

My hubby was asking me if I want to learn how to drive and my answer is always the same. I don’t want to drive a car so for now I don’t want to schedule driving lessons. I have a very busy schedule from sun up to sun down and since we’re near the traffic jam area I don’t want to bring a car when I’m shopping. It’s good if husband will drive for me but if I’m the one who will drive it through traffic I’d better take a cab or ride a jeepney. If I have tons of groceries to buy I schedule it on my husband’s day off after our church service, that way I have the whole family with me to buy food stuff. That’s how simple I want my life to be.

Anyway I also don’t want looking for parking space especially on busy weekends where everybody seems to be present on the mall. I’m just glad that we don’t have to secure parking permit in our favorite supermarket. It’s a first come first served parking area and it’s free as the mall got a vast area for parking.

Well speaking of permits I learned that you can now have your parking permits customized to your own chosen design and specifications. You just select design and order it online. Visit their site now and avail of their quality parking permits fast and easy.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

PH#209 : Covered

This is my photos taken during one of Josh' school activities ' Linggo ng Wika' (Week of Filipino Language). The first shot showed a group of kids clad in polo with their head and eyes covered with hat and shades (they're imitating one of the country's popular singer in the 80's Freddie Aguilar). My little boy was the one in green polo :-)

The second pic showed a group of little boys with their bodies covered with coconut shells which they use for dancing.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Visit to ATV Site

Josh sometimes watches me when I’m visiting blogs and when I’m making my posts. When I visited atv magazine online site he enjoyed the scenes he saw there with different racing cars. Actually it’s my first time there also and I must say I enjoyed the visit because I love cars also. Anyway since its past midnight already and I’m the only one awake now I should be finishing my task so I could have some decent sleep. I promised myself not to overdo things and here I am again doing some blogging overnight. I’ll be scolded by my Mom is she sees me now lol!


:TC -Green: Bumbling Boulders

This is one of my little boy's favorite ride in Enchanted Kingdom which is known as the Bumbling Boulders. There are different colors of boulders such as Green, yellow, orange, violet and blue. green. The rider will choose one color and join three other kids inside the chosen boulder color. Then all boulders will rotate on its own and around the center. To tell you frankly I felt dizzy after I made a video of Josh lol!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Checking Out Foreclosures

Just came home from our midweek bible study and I just want to peek through my emails and check out the Nags Head foreclosures before I sleep. My cousin is asking me to help her about these foreclosures and I agreed as I’m online most of the times. Even if I’m just reading my emails and reading some messages on my comment box I was surprised that it’s getting really late now. I can’t stay working on my blogs for long now as I’m visiting my former office in the morning tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be able to work in the afternoon and I hope I’ll have overflowing words too.


Clever Cupcakes!

I was looking for some ideas on our upcoming birthday occasions and look what I've found! It's actually for a wedding but I stopped all the same because I find it truly special and unique to have a cupcake tower instead of traditional cake that will be cut one by one before serving. Here cupcakes are ready for serving and eating, no need to wait that long.

See each cupcake is hand crafted and designed. You'll see sunflower, polka dots and striped cupcakes designed to match the big cake. Wow! this is really beautiful! It's also easy to take it home lol! This creation is from Elizabeth Marek and you can see all of her beautiful cakes in Artisan Cake Company.

Well as I'm looking for kids' birthday party cakes I've found these cute clever cupcakes to match the kids' taste.

She's now having her 2010 Cake giveaway. Check out!


Things To Do on Summer Vacation

Now it’s summer break vacation from school and I’m thinking of ways on how my kids will spend their vacation period. Since I don’t want them playing on the net the whole day I agreed to what my daughter is telling me that she’ll practice riding her bike in the afternoon or they can play volleyball. Well if they’re going to play sports they should be wearing comfortable and quality shoes like skechers shape ups. Shoes are very important when playing your favorite sports as your feet carries your whole body.

Back to the kids’ vacation from school, I’m also teaching all of them household chores, house cleaning and some easy recipes on the kitchen. I can feel that my eldest Ruth is very interested with cooking so I’m planning to bring her with me when I enrolled in a baking class.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Capturing Precious Moments of My Kids

I’m relaxing a bit now after Mom gave me the therapy for my back pain. She insisted to give me a follow-up massage since my sleep is not normal again due to my back. I would wake up just very early at dawn and sleep will evade me because of the pain. It was a nice and soothing massage just as good as ever. Now I’m viewing my kids’ school video of their graduation and I’m not satisfied with the length of the video. I’m thinking that I should save for a nice camcorder so I can capture more minutes of their special moments in school.

Has anyone told me that I’m a stage Mom? Of course my friends laughed at how I seriously document every single school activity they have. But as they laugh they will tell me that they would love to do it as well if given the opportunity. Oh well as for me children will only be kids once and if you don’t make the most of it you’ll never see it again. They will grow up soon and you’ll be surprised at how time flies. One day they will eventually graduate and work and they will never be kids anymore. So for now I’m savoring every moments of their childhood and maintaining my sites helped me document their journey in life.


Fledging Blogger's 100th Post Special

A friend I met through Entrecard has reached his 100th Post and he's making it a special one by celebrating it through a simple contest. Well I'm not really for the prizes as I just want to shout about this contest for my friend June Zach, win or not :-) just my way of thanking him for the special links and mention he has giving me in his blog. Visit his site 'Fledging Blogger' and join the fun!

Here's the mechanics:

Contest Number 1: Give your reason what makes the number 100 significant.


1) Your answer must be original (not copied from other source or reference).

2) Post your entry in the comments section.

The person who could give the best explanation and illustration shall win.

Prize: A blog review at the Fledgling Blogger.
Contest Number 2: Comment and Love Link Challenge


1) Simply make a real comment on this post and create a link back to it on your blog (does not require a separate blog post). You can insert the link anywhere on your latest posts. You can also shout about it.

2) Notify him once the link has been created.

Prize: Free advertisement from April 15-30, 2010 in my 125 X 125 ad space on the right side above the fold. The winner on this contest will be drawn by raffle.
Winners will be announced prior to April 15, 2010.


Hospital Observations

I accompanied my Auntie last month in her ultra sound and took the chance to visit my friend’s father who had a shoot in his blood pressure. I was relieved it wasn’t a mild stroke. As we’re waiting for the radiologist in the waiting foyer my eyes wander at the busy hospital and linger on the instruments used there like their weighing scale, BP instruments, oximeter and many other gadgets used to determine pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and weight. Nurses and caregivers test the patients before they even see the doctor.

These are commonly done in public hospitals where long lines were expected everyday and to make the process of checking up easier. Well if all these things were checked first all the doctor have to do is read the tests and readings and proceed with the checkup as fast as possible to accommodate all patients lined up for checkup and treatment. At least even if you’re tired lining up you don’t have to pay doctor’s fee and you’ll even get free medicines.


Stained Glass Jewelry Box

I was browsing for some gift ideas for a young lady when I came upon this item from doodlesanddoodads at

This is a Big Catch Trinket/Jewelry Box Made of Stained Glass, a handcrafted stained glass trinket or jewelry box. It depicts a small child sitting on a dock fishing. This item is dimensional and detailed, complete with a bait can and the "big catch" of the day. I love the color and the unique materials used in this jewelry box. The small child sitting on a dock is just perfect for a gift to a young lady. And because it's made of glass it can also be used as home decor or paperweight. This item costs USD35.00


Took My Appetite Away

The sun’s heat this week is enough to take my appetite away from some foods as I only want to drink plenty of water and eat fruits when I feel the heat of the summer. The heat is like appetite suppressants to me because it somehow minimize my cravings for sweets and some other not so healthy foods. Well good for me as I don’t need to buy, eat and drink anything to lose some excess pounds as exposure to heat is enough to give the equivalent perspiration of one person who plays badminton or other sports. This confirms the article I read when I was young that it’s easier to lose pounds on summer than on winter!


Monday, April 12, 2010

What Do You Love to Talk About?

You Love to Talk About Relationships

You love to talk about people you know. You're not exactly a gossip - you just think a lot about your friends and family.
You're likely to be completely up to date on what's going on in everyone's life. And when someone has good news, you make sure and share it.

You also spend a fair amount of time dissecting relationships and analyzing people. You are always trying to better understand the people you're closest to.
Of all the types, you are the most social. You have a lot of people to talk to and to talk about!

I really enjoy personality quiz like this as it suggests a certain character inside a person and though not all facts above are true some of them seems true enough like I'm always trying to better understand the people I'm closest to, actually even if they're not that close to me I always leave some space in my heart to understand others! Actually I don't like talking about relationships but I'm open to anyone seeking advice. I like this piece of job as I can also share God's blessings in my life.


Outdoor Sheds and Canopies

We’re thinking of another project for the house and this time I want to arrange the garage which has turned into a little messy after the flood. Well that was over now and we’ve moved on from some losses caused by that but we still have few things to do to become normal again with regards to house condition. One of the things that I want to arrange is the place for keeping up the tools for the car, gardening equipment and some garage tools. I would like to have one of those vinyl sheds I saw recently to have some organization in our garage and backyard space. It would solve some of my arrangement problems and on looking for the things my husband needs when he’s fixing things for the house.

Well you can arrange things in a different way but with the help of storage shed you can put everything inside without leaving a clutter in your garage and backyard space where most big tools and equipment are always put in. With the use of Duramax shed you can store your precious equipment and tools for carpentry, gardening, car repair and many other things with ease and with more space than ever. You can visit Outdora’s site for the wide array of outdoor storage shed made from high quality standards that makes it stable on bad weather.

After storing up your precious tools and accessories on those helpful storage sheds you can have some time for yourself and relax in the comforting shade of canopy tents. This is also great for outdoor entertainment of family and friends. You can easily gather them all and enjoy family reunion, parties or even wedding reception. If the family wanted a beach family bonding you can easily carry the portable canopies. The portable canopies packs up easily for traveling and installation on wherever place the family wants to go. Perfect for summer vacationing. You can use it also as carport to protect your cars from dust, rain and excessive exposure to sun. Trust Outdora to give you outdoor convenience at affordable prices.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

PH#208 : Vertical 'Tree'

This is a shot from our last summer camp fellowship in Indang, Cavite (Philippines) and I just love my shot that i want to share it here. My capture of the cutoff tall tree is just perfect for the theme as the vertical upright position of the tree seems to divide the beautiful cottony clouds in the background. It was taken for my entry in sky photo meme but I'm posting it here for my take on this week's theme. Hope you like the beautiful sky here. Enjoy your weekend!

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Getting Back To Healthy Physique

Whenever I gain some pounds I immediately limit my intake of fatty foods, carbohydrates rich foods and other sources of too much calories. I turn to eating more fruits, vegetables and fish to stop myself from gaining excess pounds. What I can’t do is plan my exercise schedule as my very hectic schedule restricts me from doing so. I know that exercise is one of the most important aspects in losing up excess weight and in maintaining a healthy and fit body. I used to walk 4 kilometers a day, 2 kilometers in the morning and another 2 in the late afternoon so I had no problem then with my health and even if I’m not thin I don’t gain pounds easily.

Now I’m really thinking of returning to my old healthy and fit body and I want to try using the Tunturi treadmill recommended by a friend who also returned to her daily exercise regimen. The treadmill helped her a lot to give her back to her old slim form and she wants me to enjoy the healthy feeling of using up exercise equipment like this treadmill because it’s comfortable to use and safe to use. Actually I heard a lot about using equipment and it has done quite remarkable effects on their health like this Tunturi elliptical I browsed online. This elliptical is just perfect as cardiovascular equipment, great exercise equipment for the heart. We all want to have a healthy heart and that needs some exercise too.

Well this is helping me a lot on my latest plan of getting back to a healthy physique and I know that this has been made possible by learning some Information on Exercise Equipment. I really need this equipment to develop fitness for myself and with the help of proper and balanced diet I’m positive that I’ll be healthier and slimmer in time.


Friday, April 9, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #171

1. In 1992, I was in my office working as EDP Asst. Supervisor in Philippine Rapid Transit and was enjoying my work with some close friends .

2. I want this summer vacation to be filled with my kids' laughter and smiles and it seems playing online and offline made it possible lol!

3. Do what you think is right, with what you know will make you happy , where you will be contented to live throughout your life .

4. In this very hot summer afternoon, swimming pool is where I’d like to be with my whole family. Actually we're planning to celebrate my Mom's birthday on May in a resort

5. The trees and flowers are telling me that they should be cared for patiently so they can bring about as many fruits and flowers as possible lol!

6. There are many election campaigns here and there that just keeps going on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to stay up late to start my numerous tasks freshly given to me and I'm thankful that my sister will work also on uploading photos on her FB, tomorrow my plans include general cleaning of the house and Sunday, I want to rest from blogging, relax and devote my time to our Sunday service!

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