Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Driver’s Bad Habit of Transferring Passengers

I’m hurrying up now because I’m preparing for our weekly bible study. I just need to browse some acne treatment reviews for a friend’s daughter. I don’t want to miscalculate my time because sometimes it’s hard to wait for vehicles going to our church. The time of my departure is a lazy time or what you can say not a peak time so drivers are lazy to go out in bulk.

Sometimes if I chanced to ride early there’s a possibility that before I reach the place the driver would transfer us to a different vehicle excusing that he will rest early and since we’re only few it’s best to transfer us to his friend. It irks me to have a driver like that. It’s best that they rest in their house than get passengers in their vehicles and in the middle of the travel they would transfer them. It’s even worse when you have heavy items in tow or when you have your kids with you. Anyway I have no choice as don’t want to travel alone on a cab at night. I’m just not comfortable with the thought. Wish I’ll be luckier later!


imelda April 21, 2010 at 9:31 PM  

yes i have encountered such kind of people, too bt u have to no choice but to keep ur cool

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