Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Through Adolescence

When my eldest entered secondary school I was prepared for the time that she’ll ask me many things about adolescence and the things related to it. For me it’s the most delicate years because my child will turn into a young lady and many changes will happen during her teenage years. Among the changes that will happen to her are the monthly period, changes in height, voice improvement and the usual transformation of a child into a young woman.

I will not be surprised if one day she’ll ask me about the best acne treatment that I know about when she’ll experience having acne, zit or some other skin disorders. Now that I’m home most of the time since I resigned from my corporate work I know that I can give her my utmost care and attention in helping her pass this exciting teenage period.


The Sporty Car Test

You Are Idealistic

You have very distinct ideas about how the world should be, and you really don't care how realistic they are.
You are a true romantic. You want to see the best in situations and people - no matter how flawed they might really be.

You are a natural philosopher and poet. You have interesting theories, and you express them well.
You can become easily overwhelmed by the real world. Things are much better in the world you've created for yourself.

Wow that's one kind of personality I'm not aware of (partly lol)  Well maybe 50% idealistic several years ago but now after 5 jobs and 19 years of working in corporate world I know what the real world was like.  I still have the idealism that was in me when I was in college but I know now where and how to use it to understand people and life.  Now that I'm writing online I can use some of my idealistic views through my posts.


Need Some Discipline Again

With the latest outpouring of tasks on me I had completely forgotten my healthy eating plan. Previously I would eat full breakfast, light lunch and fruits only on dinner time. Now I’m eating full on all my three meals because I work so hard and food gives me the energy I need to complete my tasks. If I work on late night I will have my midnight snack so now I’m beginning to regain the pounds I lost last summer vacation. My tummy has grown bigger again and I’m beginning to think of the newest diet pills that will help me lose my excess pounds. I got easily tired from walking also so I really have to think of ways that I can eat regularly to do my work and at the same time discipline myself on gaining excess weight.


My Office Table

The room next to our rented venue for church fellowship was vacated because the tenant transferred to the larger office in the floor above us. I saw some of their office furniture in the lounge area and was puzzled why they left it. I learned that they have replaced most of their furniture with new ones and the tables I saw was for sale. I was actually looking for furniture to use for my home office so I immediately reserved the PC and office table which were slightly used only.

I had a very good deal and was glad that we brought our pickup to carry the tables on our way home. Now I’m using them for our desktop computers and for my files of books and reading materials. I was thinking of making a small room for a real office environment.


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