Thursday, January 28, 2010

:TC - Messy : Natural Disaster

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"MESSY" (Children, Natural Disasters, Work Areas, Kitchens, Animals, Hair,...)

This is a shot from our veranda on the big flood caused by typhoon Ondoy that badly hit our town. Our town was submerged up to around 5 feet depending on the location or areas. This picture was taken when the flood started to decrease its height after one day of giving us deadly flood. We're lucky to have a two-storey house and we let some affected neighbors who have bungalow or one storey house stay in our place.

One day after the flood stranded people started to come home and check their loved ones and homes including my sister and my husband. It was a saddening moment for those who lost the lives of loved ones and properties. It was MESSY all over the town after the flood subsided. It took days and weeks before the mess was cleared up With God's help we were able to move on and start anew.


Avaya Telephone Systems

I’ve worked for a small telecommunications company for several years and been dealing with carrier settlements, billing & collection until I resigned from the company. Since most of our transactions were via internet and via telephone we always look for quality but affordable electronic components to use in our head office needs. Anyway it’s not a problem with regards to installation and minor adjustments as we have our technical staff to attend to every need of the applicants. Our prime service clients are the call center companies who are in need of affordable calls to US and other countries. We also cater to telecommunication needs of big corporate companies who were able to reach our usage quota.

As I can remember we used to buy phones from major dealers just to avail the discounts they’ve been giving wholesale clients like us. I know some companies also look for inexpensive components for their electronic needs to somehow cut their expenses on purchasing cost just like finding used Avaya merlin legend telephone systems which can be bought at very affordable prices and can also be upgraded to latest version. Avaya systems provide help to small and big corporations by way of reorganizing and making the telephone systems more efficient. Visit for their full line of Avaya and other telephone systems.


Tips on Having Beautiful Smile

Having white, healthy teeth will surely bring that bright smile on your face and will make you look younger than you really are. A smile will light up your face and will add some charms on you. I'm glad that I've managed to take good care of my daughters' teeth, read about some tips here to get that beautiful smile:

1) Good dental care begins with regular and right brushing
2) Use a small, soft bristled brush. It works better than the big ones because it gets at all sides of your teeth. Or use an electric tooth brush. These brushes are very effective when used properly and regularly.
3) After brushing you can help yourself to use a water sprayer to clean your teeth
4) Don't forget to floss. Floss gently and thoroughly.
5) Eat about an ounce of aged cheese BEFORE a meal. It will eliminate the acid in the plaque and help prevent tooth decay.
6) Last but not the least,, visit your dentist at least once a year

Now you see that it's so easy to follow the tips above. With proper care of your teeth you can flash that pretty grin on your face.


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