Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Thunks#2

1. I got nothing. What should I ask next week? Although I think Kimber should do it next week. Somehow. Hmmm I can't think either :)

2. Wind chimes - annoying or not? NotI like wind chimes, it sounds brings delight to kids also. We have two babies here who love hearing our wind chimes!

3. Camping - camper or tent? We're always camping out every Holy Week and Christmas season. We used tent to sleep outside our conference hall. It's really exciting on the first time up until now :-)

4. Told ya I got nothing. This really sucks. I should have had Bud do this, huh? Well that really happen sometimes just feeling blank and wordless but I'm not see!

5. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet? I like J and letters with the sounds of J when used like G.

6. So this week my kid had to type a research paper for English.... then she had to email it to her teacher! Is that not just the oddest thing ever? Blew my mind away. Well maybe that's the way they want it done this high tech generation. Classes online are becoming a pad now!

7. Wow. These questions suck. They suck bad. Do you like to suck through straws? For what type of beverages? almost anything except for hot coffee and choco. But I us straw only when I drink outside the house on restaurants perhaps but when I'm home I prefer not to use them.

8. What do you do with your cell phones when you do those wonderful "upgrades" to the newer, fancier phones? I don't upgrade my phones I use it as long as it's good enough fro text messaging and phone calls. My SIL gives out her phones to her siblings, niece and nephews when she visits her homeland-the Phils.

9. It's allergy season - unless you've completely missed all the people walking around with kleenexs stuck to their nose... what are you allergic to? I'm not the type with allergy but I guess too much dust can be so bad on anyone

10. What did you sleep with as a child? pillows and bolsters!

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