Monday, July 25, 2011

Better Shape and Fit

Since I have disciplined myself lesser intake of rice on my meals and sweets on my snacks I felt better now. I learned that too much rice can affect the blood sugar and eating them excessively can cause excess pounds, diabetes and other sickness. Instead I replaced them with variants of fruits daily. I still look big but I feel fit and strong now. I know that if I’ll continue my good eating habit I’ll change in few more months. I just have to balance my meal plans with the right sleeping hours, exercise and maybe I should return to having sports like I used to.

I really want to be in shape again not just for looks but for health as well. When I want to play but can’t find one to play with me I keep on thinking about sports that you can play with computer as your opponent like chess, scrabble and lately I saw this newgy ping pong table where you can play ping pong without looking for other player. With this kind of sports anyone can play anywhere, anytime and even without the company of others. I’m amazed.


Missing My Sports

My two daughters has gone through try outs for their chosen sports to join and at first their minds are battling whether they would go for badminton, volleyball or some other related sports. Gen was a former chess player of their school last year but opted to change sports this time. Ruth is forever caught up in her love for volleyball and didn’t want to join in any other sport. My two girls laughed at me when I told them that I almost enrolled all ball games when I was in college. I just didn’t enroll in lawn tennis because I thought that it’s expensive to maintain. I’m also concerned with the uniforms required to wear and thankful that wearing equestrian clothing is out of the subject as we don’t have sports concerning horses lol!

Anyway my being athletic and sports lover didn’t end in school as I’ve joined volleyball and bowling competition when I worked in office. If there’s one thing that I truly misses when I married and got 3 kids it’s my sports. Maybe that’s the reason also that I gained pounds after marriage. Sports would have helped me maintain my form and be as fit as ever. No regrets though, just missing it.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shopping for Wonderful Pillows

I just love weekends because I can spend it with my kids and hubby without thinking of my work or their school activities. Today my younger daughter had her first real retreat in the hilly town in a secluded prayer garden where we also held our camp fellowship last December and summer. She’s very excited about it since it’s their first freshman activity outside school and they’ve really prepared for this one. After we brought her to the site we dropped by the famous fish market near our town and finished our shopping for our week’s supply of fish, chicken, pork and veggies. I had a very active morning which started at 4am so after having our lunch I decided to take a nap that made me feel revived and refreshed.

Sleep offers me a lot of benefits when I’m tired and restless from day’s activities especially when I’m laying on my favorite bed and soft pillows which made sleeping a restful one. I was reminded by my daughter that I told her last week that we will buy some more soft and comforting pillows like the ones we have now. Since I don’t have time now to go shopping again I remember to search through online stores that may provide me with the things we want for the bedroom like the Goose pillows which I found so luxurious, light and soft. The White Company provides selection and variants of this kind for convenient online shopping. You can choose from standard, square, super king and cot bed. If sleep is also your way to relax your senses you must ensure that you have comfortable and soft pillows to cradle your head and neck for a wonderful night’s rest and sleep.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Her Enjoyable Hobby

My friend has a flair for sightseeing and she loves to travel from one province to another to tour beautiful places and take pictures. She does this hobby of hers every time she could take a day off from her work. She’s saving all her money from her sideline writing job to take the opportunity to go to unknown places. Now she’s thinking of having this eotech magnifier she saw in one of her online shopping. She really thinks that she could use it on her hobby and she’s so excited about buying it when she has extra money from her other job. It would be an added collection to her increasing number of gadgets for photography, binoculars and travel equipment. Anyway she’s taking very good care of all her collection and if you happen to see it in her special cabinet you’ll be encouraged to give her hobby a try too.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Promotes Good Health

It must have been the weather that’s causing sickness everywhere. Most of my friends now have one family member who is sick or not feeling better. It usually starts with cough, headache and back pains then fever will follow. Kids are very susceptible to sickness these days and I’ve noticed that it also occurs in adults as well. I often say that I can’t afford to get sick because I have three kids to look after and my work would file up also. Besides I prefer to be tired and work harder than be sick and stay in bed. The workaholic in me wouldn’t be in peace if I have various jobs pending so I’m changing my eating habits so I can be healthier.

I read a lot of health books and I learned that changing your lifestyle in eating, sleeping and daily activities can work wonders on your health. It can even cure severe sickness so it’s really beneficial to health. Now if you would add up nutritional supplements like Activated B-Complex you’ll be increasing your energy level and will be able to combat fatigue and stress that causes killer diseases. It can give you the needed B-vitamins requirements that will serve as your energy boosters in all your daily activities so you’ll be free of stress always.

Having the right supplements for your specific needs help in balancing your body’s resistance against common prevailing sickness and will also give you protection like what Isotonix OPC-3 can do to your body. It supports the cardiovascular health and healthy cholesterol levels which can save you from occurrence of risky diseases that involved the heart and other delicate parts of our body. Maintaining your cholesterol level to a good status will not only give you a fit body but resistance to other sickness as well. These supplements from Isotonix offer the best absorption of your much needed nutritional supplementation taken in oral form. Its absorption is faster than others so you’ll get the optimum results of the supplements.

My Mom is now complaining about her rheumatism and she’s leaning on her ointment for relief of the pain. Now that I’ve learned about Isotonix I’m thinking that Isotonix Prime Joint Formula could her ease the pain because it supports joint health and it promotes fluidity and flexibility in the joint areas. She’s old now and when she takes medication and vitamins we really choose the ones that can give her the best results so she’ll be free from pain immediately. We also want her to take nutritional supplements for her joint health because she needs it a lot.


Good Site Exposure with Zugo LTD

With the emergence of innovative online technology and communications almost everything can be done online. You can study, shop, search, watch movies and work at home online. This is very beneficial to those who can’t find time to leave their kids at home and work in office. It can also be a great help to students who can’t continue their studies because of transportation and money constraint because studying online can give them the convenience of not transporting and a chance to study at their preferred or available time. Well I can name more benefits of online technology but it will take me more than a page here. The good thing here is that these benefits can be enjoyed by many people and they can choose what they will want to venture online to grab bigger opportunities.

When I browse through my favorite online seller of clothes, shoes and bags I learned that they linked their sites to their social networking sites to maximize the exposure of their products. Facebook and twitter are two of the most helpful sites for them as they spread the news about what’s new and what’s in. Now for a sure boost in online exposure they should get the services from Zugo LTD because they bring innovative solutions that can help online site owners and publishers be properly exposed and advertised. They provide search toolbars that can give instant access to the best results on the web, links to well known sites, much needed weather news, latest news and a lot more. With all these benefits their products are clean and will not affect the performance of your computer.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Relaxing Outdoors

We’re always having cold nights now that there’s rain every evening. Sometimes I missed those summer nights that you can stay late in the evening out in our backyard garden. Since the kids were on their summer vacation I can sleep late and prepare their food a little later in the morning. Staying outdoor with the family with or without barbecue party has always been a favorite relaxation for me and a great bonding for the whole family as well. We have our own traditional grill but I would love to have those nice outdoor firepit I saw in one of my client’s products.

Now that we can’t stay outdoors very often we just confine ourselves to our terrace which is partly covered by a roof and where we can enjoy the view of our garden. We used to stay there with Mom and Dad where there were pots of roses on one side. Those were memories and I’m glad that after all these years we still have the terrace and our garden even after the widening of the road in our place. We lost half of our front yard and garden three years ago but we managed to revive the other half to a new garden that we presently have.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Waiting for Computers Sale

Lately one of our desktop computers is showing signs of needed upgrade and maintenance which means we have to prepare to buy a new one because we need them for the kids as my laptop is used for my online work. I have canvassed a completely new specifications for the model that I want but I’m still waiting for desktop computers sale before I purchase a new one because it will surely hurt my budget if the price is not competitive. Well if it’s too expensive the kids will share with the other desktop computer in the house or use my laptop when I’m not working on my sites.


Trying Out New Optical Shops

Someone dropped by our office to check who wants to have a free examination of eyes and possibly purchase a new set of eyeglasses from them. It’s actually my officemate who wants to have another pair of eyeglasses so she’ll have different sets when she’s at home and at work but others can be examined too. I already have two eyeglasses but I want to buy another stylish cheap sunglasses for other color or shaded lens, whatever is nice and good. I really have a favorite shop for my optical needs but I’m thinking if I’m going to try this one since they will visit the office to check on our eyes.


Future Addition to my Collection

I have collection of several old coins that date back in the early 60’s which were my Mom’s collections too when she was younger. She gave me a few when I was 12 years old and I started my own collection too. I always keep some of the old coins when government replaced them with new and that constitute most of my collected silver and gold coins. Now I have some of international coins too from my friends who work abroad but I want to have those silver dollars I browsed online. Since they dated back from year 1878 it would really be nice for my coin collections. Anyway I have to save money for them as they’re not my basic essentials but I’ll just keep them in mind for future purchasing.


Value Engineering and Metal Expertise

I’ve worked in manufacturing company for 5 months and been exposed to a lot of high technology gadgets used in making transformers and some other components for PC. Since it’s related to my computer engineering course I was excited to land a job that would enhanced my skills and knowledge on electronics. I’ve enjoyed working there but I shifted to another job because I realized that it’s not stable and there’s no career improvement. As young as I was I wanted to learn more and explore some other jobs that I’ll be able to use what I learned from university. My first job made me realize that work enjoyment and career doesn’t always go together so I moved on to a completely different field of work.

I worked in different offices then and experienced working on various kinds of businesses until I landed on a consultancy and Telecommunications Company that made me stay for more than a decade. I guess that job gave me all of the knowledge, skills and work experiences that I need for all of my career life leading me to such expertise on many aspects of work in technical proposal, human resources, administrative management, finance and accounting, telecommunications, billing and collection and a lot more. The job also brought me knowledge varied fields of engineering such as construction, design, structural and some others. Since my employer is into contracting jobs then I was exposed to dealing with suppliers too.

What intrigued me most is the demand for metals on many aspects of work. We have several projects that needs the majority of metal and steel supplies and found the need to look for providers that can meet the specified requirements and high standards for optimum performance delivery like that of MetalTek which specializes in casting and metalworking processes. Since they have sole capabilities and metal expertise in heat, wear and corrosion-resistant products more companies rely on them for support, supplies and providence like what mackson nuclear has done. 

Mackson joins the MetalTek International family and will continue to be the leading supplier of nuclear safety materials with the help of metal casting resource from MetalTek. Like Mackson other companies in various industries rely on them for their need for metal expertise and whether their requirement is complex or simple, small or large MetalTek can serve you best. With their technical expertise, value added technologies, alloy options, market expertise and a lot more their client is assured of quality performance and optimum results.


She Wants to be Covered

My former office friend has opted to work at home instead of reporting to office every day. She’s so tired of hiring helpers that seems to abuse them always that she decided to work online at home and care for her two kids. She maintained one all-around helper so she has someone to help her with the chores. Since she’s now out of work she wants to look at the offers of because she realized that she’s not covered with anything when she quit her job. She’s thinking that if something happens to her she would have a problem with finances as no one will be responsible for some of their bills.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Protection for your Tools and Equipment

Metal equipments and tools are very important in dealing with our daily routine of work when we are in our workplace and even when we are in our home. We cannot fix our defective electrical lines without using special tools and gears available in our tool box or warehouse. Each tool has a special and specific usage designed for quick and safe work installation and repair. Screwdrivers and pliers are greatly needed in setting up and checking our electric lines, wires, bulbs and switches. Hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, hammers, sockets and ratchets are very useful in terms of repairing our automobiles. To avoid scrapping off or abrasion of our tools and mechanical instruments hard chrome plating protection are recommended for long dependable equipments uses.

Most of our tools are made of steels hardens of iron mixed with carbon, some of its characteristics are hard, strong and tough but they tend to weaken because of scratches and dirt that brought physical damages. When our tools are exposed on continuous usage you must expect reddish brown particles in the outer part of your tools and it turns to rust and affects the tools performance. If we want to lessen our financial burden of buying new sets of tools we must assure that all our tools, molds and dies will pass through the high standard process of state of the art technology and added with full guarantee of hardness and solidity.

The pocket size spi mold guide helps a lot to ensure and determines the quality of steel finishing and coating products we get from the steel molding company. The excellent skills or workmanship applied in our different tools and equipments are contributed much in its durability and reliability. Stone Age has passed thousand years ago and we are now the benefactors of advanced human technology or what we call the digital age whereas people mostly depended on computer technologies available in the market for fast and safe usage of mechanical equipment.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Enjoying His Pension

Ensuring your family’s welfare is a good thing to start especially when you have a job because you could allot part of your income to getting an insurance that will cover your hospitalization and some other things that may need a big amount of money. It’s not bad to plan for your future and your family’s well-being when you’re old enough to retire from work. My FIL has started working since he was in his teens and was able to be employed in a good transportation company. He never failed to pay his insurance and when the time came that he met a severe accident he was able to use his disability insurance and managed to get a fair amount when he retired due to disability.

Now he’s just living on his pension and though it’s not as big as the regular salaries he’s happy enough that he has his own money to spend. He can live simply and be contented on his monthly pension. Anyway his daughter is also giving him extra allowance and he’s so thankful that even if he lost his dear job he can now enjoy the fruits of his labor.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Observations On Medical Equipment

I have visited several hospital and laboratories and  medical equipment was strategically put in every room most especially in the operating room. Anaesthesia machines, surgical tables, electrosurgical equipment, patient monitors, surgery lights are some of the useful medical equipment available to every patient. I personally witnessed some of medical equipment when I gave birth to my son and daughters in my caesarean operations. In every room there are designated medical equipments and I listed down some of it:

- In Operating Room they have anaesthesia equipment, operating room tables, surgical lights, vital signs monitor and many others.
- In Exam Room I’ve observed autoclaves, critical care monitors, diagnostic equipment, exam, medical furniture and some that I’m not familiar with
- In Recovery Room where I spent lot of hours after my operation to recuperate and restore my energy from the major operation. I found multi parameter monitor, medical stretcher, respiratory ventilators and plenty of other monitoring machines.
- In Emergency Room where emergency cases are admitted because of the urgent attention needed there are infusion therapies, portable defibrillator and portable suction among others emergency equipment.
- In Laboratory Room where I only had a short glimpse because it’s restricted I saw some lab anaesthesia, exam tables, lab microscopes, warmers and plenty of slides.

The hospital where I was admitted also owns and operates  used medical equipment imported from other countries for additional support to other patients. Newly painted, carefully tested and with the same quality standards comparable with new sets of medical equipment.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Quality Seals and Protection

I’m a wise shopper not only in price but also in the quality of the products I buy and how it’s being sold in the market. I’m specifically sensitive when it comes to my children’s food looking at the expiration on every biscuits or cupcakes they bring to school for their snack. Twice I returned the goods in the store near us because the store owner still keeps some expired ones in the store. Of course they didn’t know as no one else in the neighborhood are doing what I always do. It’s very important to me that the packaging contains the date that items will be expired because I don’t want any of my kids to suffer stomach problems.

Shoppers should really be aware of what they’re buying for their family because they will be putting their family at risk if they’re not careful. Packaging and sealing is what they should also be looking at because some deteriorate even before the items were bought. Products may it be food, medicines, cleaning materials, office supplies and other kinds should be well protected to preserve the freshness of the product inside.

When it comes to sealing and packaging American Printpak takes a step ahead in quality and made. They produce custom engineered flexible packaging material and provide various industries of industrial packaging and manufacturers of medical devices, medical tubing, food, healthcare and currency handling. With their  cold seal packaging manufacturer they can protect wrapping furniture legs, automotive parts and adhesive bandages.

They cover wide range of products that needs sealing and protection and offer various kinds of sealing for specific usage like the  self sealing paper bands, their innovate latex free product which can be used to hold coiled tubing products like IV tubing, suction tubing and others. I suddenly remember the things that we bought yesterday for my daughter’s IV transfusion in the hospital. I examined the packaging and seals carefully before giving it to the nurse.


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