Saturday, July 2, 2011

Observations On Medical Equipment

I have visited several hospital and laboratories and  medical equipment was strategically put in every room most especially in the operating room. Anaesthesia machines, surgical tables, electrosurgical equipment, patient monitors, surgery lights are some of the useful medical equipment available to every patient. I personally witnessed some of medical equipment when I gave birth to my son and daughters in my caesarean operations. In every room there are designated medical equipments and I listed down some of it:

- In Operating Room they have anaesthesia equipment, operating room tables, surgical lights, vital signs monitor and many others.
- In Exam Room I’ve observed autoclaves, critical care monitors, diagnostic equipment, exam, medical furniture and some that I’m not familiar with
- In Recovery Room where I spent lot of hours after my operation to recuperate and restore my energy from the major operation. I found multi parameter monitor, medical stretcher, respiratory ventilators and plenty of other monitoring machines.
- In Emergency Room where emergency cases are admitted because of the urgent attention needed there are infusion therapies, portable defibrillator and portable suction among others emergency equipment.
- In Laboratory Room where I only had a short glimpse because it’s restricted I saw some lab anaesthesia, exam tables, lab microscopes, warmers and plenty of slides.

The hospital where I was admitted also owns and operates  used medical equipment imported from other countries for additional support to other patients. Newly painted, carefully tested and with the same quality standards comparable with new sets of medical equipment.


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