Thursday, November 4, 2010

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Every end of the month I have to face the task of paying utilities and bills of the house. I always wonder why our electric bill seems the same every month no matter how we tried our best to conserve consumption. We have a digital meter and it seems more costly on meter reading , just a thought! Anyway we really have to think of ways on how to lessen our consumption or a great percentage of our income will just go to our electric provider. I’m just glad that I can seriously plan ways of conserving because I’m always here in the house unlike before that I’m in the office on daytime.

I was browsing the net and I learned that Arizona has a different climate where heat can be so intense that there’s difficulty if the residents will just use an ordinary cooling systems. The difference on their outside and inside temperature is quite extreme. It’s good that GeOasis Hybrid provide geothermal heating and cooling that will specifically solve the problem there. They offer a different heating and cooling system that will efficiently provide needed temperature whether it’s hot or cold.

With the use of geothermal heat pump you can save money because these units uses solar energy to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water. There are many benefits of using GeOasis hybrid geothermal systems like heating your pool on cold months and cooling it on warm months and domestic water is heated for free on warm months when your air conditioner is in use. You don’t have to worry about paying for this technology as some programs will help you with payments for this one.


Top Droppers for October 2010

I've missed dropping entrecard last month except for some days I guess because last month gave me so much work that I just didn't find enough time to blog hop.Still these bloggers/droppers visited me even without a visit in return.  So by way of appreciating their efforts I'm listing their sites here, thanks so much! Really appreciate your visits.  Thanks to my friend Liz who is equally busy but managed to give me some drops.

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My Little Boy’s Dream

Being a Mom as my little boy told me is like the light of house and if there’s no mother in the house it will be dark. His teacher taught that to him and he seriously thought about that idea so much that he keeps on repeating it to me. He’s always like that; he’s contemplating on every single thing that he learned from school and church. Even his teacher told me that he’s very good in his class and he has his high quarterly exams to prove it. Majority of his examinations got perfect score and we’re so happy for that because it only shows that he’s very diligent and attentive in class. We’re telling him that he could be a good teacher or a good doctor when he grew up. 

Lately he told me that he’s going to take up Architecture and then sometimes he wants to be a pilot. Whatever it is we’ll let him choose what he wants and because he’s eyeing a degree that will surely cost us big amount of money we’re thinking of investing on a bankable investment like gold bullion because it’s too risky to put your money on some other kind. Gold proved to be a very stable investment since the early centuries and until now it has never depreciated its value. So after several years we can take a good amount of profit from it if we start investing now.


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