Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Driving While Intoxicated Cases

Just watched news over television and it’s always the same news – crimes and accidents. Sometimes I passed on watching news but most of the times I just take news lightly and think of that bad news as part of life. Talking about accidents most of them are DWI related accidents especially those professional drivers that you hire to take you from one place to another and those jeepney drivers who just can’t leave their vices behind. Well I have church mates who are drivers also and I know not all are reckless and careless but those few drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol should be jailed because they can cause risk in the commuters’ lives. They should know that they’re responsible for the passengers that they drive and utmost safety should be observed to avoid road accidents.

Accidents happen when you least expect them but it’s better if we take precautionary measures to limit its frequencies like having decent drivers without vices, following street and road signs always and checking the car you’re driving before going to the road. Try to avoid drinking while you’re driving because it’s the most risky thing to do putting your life and others in danger. If you’re in Texas this crime is punished with stiff penalties with stay in jail, fines, community service, probation, suspension of driver’s license and many others. There’s nothing to worry about if you’re accused falsely of DWI because you can get the help of Houston DWI lawyers to assist you in defending your case. They’re experienced and skilled enough to win the case and give you fair trial. It’s not good for a person to suffer when they’re innocent and that’s what these lawyers wanted to achieve.


Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Take a Break as a WAHM

As a work-at-home mom (WAHM), you have it harder than most people. You basically have to work two full-time jobs. You have your job that pays the bills, and your job as a mother. The most important thing to remember as a WAHM, is that you need to take time for yourself in order to keep your sanity. Even if the house is a mess and you are neck deep in work, without those little breaks all to yourself, you would literally have a meltdown. Here are some ideas about things to do during your WAHM breaks.

• Take a Walk: Going outdoors can be really good for your mood.
• Have a Bubble Bath: This one is a no-brainer because it is very relaxing and makes you feel refreshed when you are done.
• Read a Chapter in Your Favorite Book: Entertainment is always a great way to take a break. It makes you forget about the stresses of your life for a while so you can unwind.
• Shop Online: It can take too long to go to the store, and lugging the kids around is out of the question, so why not do some browsing online? Daily Deals can help you find some great discounts and you’ll have fun while you’re at it.
• Work on a Hobby: Whether it is sewing, knitting, scrapbooking or any other craft, a hobby is a great thing to do during a break because it will make you happy, which makes it easier to get through the day.
• Watch a Short TV Program: It might be mindless, but sometimes that what you need to relax so you can do the things you need to when the show is over.
• Take a Nap: Nothing is more refreshing and energizing than an afternoon nap. If your kids are resting, why not take a break yourself for a little snooze?


Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is one holiday where the entire holiday is centered on the food. This holiday is completely dependent on the tedious effort put into one meal. Although it is a holiday which is meant to express gratitude to god, harvest, friends, and family, it rarely is celebrated in its real form. It is only in Wikipedia where one can find the real meaning of the holiday. Being a home maker you will be expected to lay a huge spread that will have to dwarf at least three normal dinners combined. Hence it is important that you choose everything on the dinner table carefully and leave no stone unturned to please everyone on the table. You might have to go for a huge credit card debt to get the table really decked up or you can get payday loans since it is the end of the month.

Here are a few tips that every person preparing a thanksgiving treat should know. The whole process of preparing is extremely tedious, but if one fails to plan properly, it will only become impossible. Plan what you are going to cook. There are a large numbers of recipe books and online resources that can help you in deciding what recipes to cook for thanksgiving. Websites such as How2Heroes, The Food Network, Epicurious are some of the popular websites that have delicious thanksgiving recipes. Remember to decide a few days in advance and get all the ingredients. It is certain that a normal kitchen will not have the complete list of exotic spices required for many recipes. Also before cooking remember to calculate how much food is required. If it is too much, it will go to trash bins, if it is too little, it will lead to humiliation. Hence use online portion calculator to appropriately gauge the amount of food require for the guests and family members.


Technology on a Budget

Technology seems to be advancing faster than I can keep up with it. It seems that every time I get something that I believe is the latest and greatest item, it really is something like 10 series behind what the current version is. With all the advancements in technology it can be hard to keep up with it and stay on budget. All the latest and greatest items cost hundreds of dollars and as a work at home mom I need to save every bit of money that I can.

Luckily, I have discovered a way to be able to imitate the latest technology without breaking the piggy bank. Here are some of the ways that I have received the latest technology without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Internet Downloads. All of my friends and family members show me the latest backgrounds and ringtones that they have on their phone. A quick browse through my cell phone carrier's store showed that these range from .99 cents to $3 dollars. I found several dozen free ringtones that allowed me to have similar music to my friends and family but for a fraction of the cost!

Refurbished Phones. One of the most expensive aspects of being up on the latest technology is that of the phones. Phones can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase them new. I have purchased some of the latest phone styles at half the price by getting them refurbished or from resale. The only problem with refurbished phones is that they might not be covered under insurance policies or work as long as regular phones. However, if you change your phone out like I do you will be looking for a new phone in six months time anyways.

There is no reason a work at home mother can't keep up with the latest technology with these great tips.


The Hormone Meltdown

Zero though six were a breeze. Your son and daughter both made it through the terrible twos without the terrible. Through grade school, there were ups and downs, especially fifth grade when they began to develop free thinking. Then the freshman year in high school hit. Your son went through it first. He became lippy and independent; you could have done without some of both but all in all he came out OK. At age 22 he graduated cum laude from college.

One day you were having coffee and a scone with your 14 year-old daughter. It was the usual chit chat and warmth you shared with her regularly. And then it happened - POW! Estrogen hit her brain. You actually got to watch it happen right there in front of everyone as she exploded. It was like seeing your computer go through a meltdown. You searched the hard drive (her conscience) to make sure the data was still there. Download drivers: check. Anti-virus software: check. And so you spent weeks looking at her from a distance, wondering if you could reformat her.

A year later, she is playing in two orchestras and has changed from being a democrat to a socialist. She has ten friends who are also going through melt down and yet she is finding time to get a 3.87 in school. When it is that time of the month, you leave the house for a week.

You wake up one morning with a grin on your face realizing her internal software is fine. She is still the girl you raised. Everything about her is the same. It’s just magnified. Your little girl is becoming a woman. She will survive. You’re just not sure if you will.


Is a Debt Consolidation Service an Option?

Given the current economic times it is not surprising more people are turning to a debt consolidation service to help them reorganize their finances. Individuals can use these services to help them get a handle on their outstanding bills and allow them to put a new system in place to avoid future financial hardship. These debt consolidation services can help individuals get back on track financially. When searching for a debt consolidation service it is important to do some research regarding the reputation of the service. Searching the internet will certainly yield information and any complaints about the service being considered.

The number of debt consolidation services has grown astronomically in the last few years, likely in direct correlation to the increase in individuals in need of financial guidance. The debt consolidation services can help individuals to make arrangements with current creditors to reduce the debts owed and make payment arrangements that can be worked into a regular budget. The concept is that in time the debt will be paid off and the debtor will be saved from further fees and credit marks.

Many of the debt consolidation services claim to be able to reduce the debt amount by as much as 50 percent. Individuals should be cautious when working with a service and understand exactly what the terms of the service provided are. This is vital to ensuring that the repayment plan scheduled works to the individuals benefit and is acceptable. The last thing a debtor wants is to be locked into a payment plan that can not be managed with the current income. These services are a popular way for individuals to attempt to avoid such extreme actions as bankruptcy and if completed professionally can be a great way for debtors to clean off the slate and get a fresh start.


Pull the Chopard Jewelry Out Again

When you are a work at home mom, you may find that you don't wear things like Chopard jewelry quite as much as you used to. Getting ready for work in the morning is a much simpler process now that you don't have to go into an office. In fact, many work at home moms end up working a good portion of their day in their pajamas. Though this can definitely help cut down on some stress, it can also, unfortunately, lead to bad habits.

In fact, many work at home or stay at home moms find themselves quickly sunk in a rut. Their daily routines become extremely easy. There's very little, if anything, to keep them up and going. In fact, many times this can lead to severe depression. Combining a lack of outside conversations with other adults, sitting at home most of the time working, and not taking the time and energy to keep yourself looking great can all contribute to a run down feeling. A lot of times, this run down feeling can and does lead to feeling down.

There are a few things that you can do to help combat this depression. First, taking time to change your daily routine is important. Instead of rolling out of bed and starting your day in your pajamas, start off with a shower and a clean set of nice clothes. If you are feeling up to it, put on a little bit of makeup. Even if you aren't going anywhere, it can help you feel better. Try to find a group of adults to interact with. Whether you join a book club, or even a parent's group, being able to talk with other adults on a regular basis is important. Another thing to do is to make sure you get yourself out of the house on a regular basis.


Shopping for a Family Car

When it comes to toting around your precious cargo, it’s always important to get the safest and most reliable car on the market. Shopping for family cars can be overwhelming, but if you do your research and prepare features you’re looking for in your next car, you’re sure to drive off the lot satisfied with your purchase.

Consider how versatile you want your car to be. Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and family cars are starting to reflect that fact. Cars are becoming more and more adaptable. Today’s family cars can hold many passengers or add cargo space if needed, are capable of accommodating both adult and teen drivers and provide easy access to rear seats for families with young children.

If you need to satisfy many different types of needs, consider purchasing a crossover car. Crossovers ride like a car but provide more seating and storage than traditional cars do. They are also more fuel-efficient than SUVs and sit slightly higher than a car for improved visibility. Crossover cars include the Ford Edge or the Honda CR-V.

Determine what safety features you want. Families shopping for cars are most considered with the safety features. According to a survey by Ford Motor Company, nearly 70% of consumers want side airbags, and 65% care about electronic stability control. Before you begin shopping, it’s a good idea to evaluate what safety features you need and see what makes and models meet your needs.

Research the best family cars of 2009. Search online to determine what the highest-rated family cars were in 2009. Some of the best cars include the Chevy Suburban, which seats nine and has ample cargo room to spare. Volvo models are also included in that list—the Volvo XC90 is one of the safest cars in the world, loaded with the latest and greatest safety technology.


Staying Organized and Working From Home

For many, working from home is a dream come true. It might seem like in working from home you'll have more spare time, but the reality is that you'll be as busy if not more busy, when your office is at home. This means that staying organized can be more difficult, especially if there are children in the home. Staying organized is imperative so that you get your work done and still have time to get the household chores done as well.

Making a list of what your priorities should be for each day will help you understand where your work and your house need to be separated. If you are working, you probably need to be keeping track of your hours so you can get paid. Keeping track of what hours you put in at work versus the time you put in on home chores can help you set some goals of keeping a home-based business. Setting these goals will allow you to get your work done while still having time to organize the pile of shoes.

When you get your work schedule and home schedule decided stick to it! When checking emails make sure you know if they are work or personal. The few minutes you spend checking personal emails throughout the day can really add up. Find the best time that will work for you to get your home-based business done. It will be easier if you stay on a schedule just like you would with a regular job. And be realistic with your hours. You know you are not going to put in 10 or 11 hour days. Control your work and don't let it control you.

No matter what kind of work you're doing at home, keeping your schedule organized will let you find the time to take care of both the house and business.


The Importance of Prepaid Credit Cards for Homeowners

One of the primary negative features about current society is the fact that people often buy expensive items that they will eventually not be able to afford. The media and large manufacturers target these customers, influencing them to make large, expensive purchases.

The finances of a new homeowner and the debt they have just taken on are usually a source of stress and worry, seeing as they just have made a large, life changing purchase. This can cause a person to feel sad or depressed. Some people also end up in bankruptcy, either because they do not budget for their new mortgage or they have bad spending habits. One of the tools that can help to reduce debt and manage spending is prepaid credit cards.

As soon as homeowners apply for a prepaid credit card there is an adjustment in the way they manage money. These cards are generally intended for someone staying within their budget that needs a credit card for spending money, without taking out a loan that will appear on their credit file, or the mismanaged spending that can occur with normal credit cards. However, no matter what the need is, people today apply for a prepaid card because of the great advantages it can make in a person’s life. It is a pre-approved plastic card that delivers economic freedom. Even if your credit rating is pretty weak, you can start off with a prepaid card and build it up. Depending on the card, there may be a monthly fee to maintain the debit account, but it will much less than what you pay in interest on a traditional credit card.

Just like regular credit cards, a home owner or anyone else should definitely review the fees associated with the card and read the fine print to see if there are any fees or other stipulations to be aware of.


Payday One and its Services

Since the year 2002, Payday One has been known as a reputed payday lender over the Internet. A subsidiary unit of the ThinkCash Inc., the company operates in Nevada, Delaware, and Texas. Payday One was started with a goal of providing quick and convenient payday loan processing, efficient customer service, and a feasible price.

Services Offered

The company’s website has an online loan application that can be filled in easily. Loan applications can also be submitted over the phone. In order to apply for a payday loan with Payday One, you should be a US citizen and at least 18 years old. You need to have an active checking account, an email address, and a regular source of income. As soon as you apply, you get the answer. The next business day, your account will be credited with the approved loan amount. More than this, Payday One helps its borrowers access their account anytime online. You get payment reminders with sufficient time to arrange for it. The payments can also be made online with a few clicks.

Favorable Features

The site is SSL secured and you can rest assured that your personal data passed onto this site is safe. It is also safe for online payment transactions, as it is secured with VeriSign and McAfee. There is a provision of great rate opportunity wherein you can locate a lower rate of interest from a similarly licensed online lender.

Need for Payday One

Payday loans are there in order to help you to avoid check bouncing, to pay for unexpected emergencies, and to pay bills on time. However, you have to obtain payday loans from a reliable payday lender, as otherwise you will end up paying more than you have bargained for. As Payday One is one of the most reliable lenders, many seek their help in acquiring payday loans to overcome their financial problems.


Shopping for the Best Accessories

Accessories right now are some of the hottest pieces of fashion in the world, so there are many things to think about when shopping for the right accessories. Whenever accessories such as jewelry trinkets are on sale, they are quickly snatched up and are used by many people on a daily basis to add flair to their outfits. Therefore, it is beneficial to have the best accessories, and a wide variety of accessories on hand.

First of all, your new wardrobe will need certain accessories to help you maximize the look of it. These accessories include necklaces, bangles, earrings, scarves, hats, purses or handbags, bracelets, and rings. Before purchasing a multitude of accessories, it is recommended that you first stop and think of the various ways you will use them. For example, if you would like to go to a party, then an accessory that is not too plain and has a certain amount of style and color will have to be purchased.

If you are an avid traveler, either personally or professionally, then there are even more accessories that you will need to take with you. For one thing, the best accessories should have their own case to protect them and make sure they don’t get lost, as you travel either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also get a fashionable and colorful case.

Someone who has just purchased an Apple Bottoms handbag will want to buy all of the best accessories to compliment it. Yet, even though the best accessories are very handy, allowing you to dress up a very plain outfit with just a nice pair of shoes or a handbag, their usage can be maximized by adding them to different outfits and for different occasions. This is truly the best use of an accessory. So, get your accessory on today!


What's Your Black Friday Shopping Style

You Are an Online Deal Seeker

You are technologically savvy and extremely comfortable with online shopping.
When it comes to Black Friday, there's no other choice but to shop online. How else can you be at multiple stores at once?

Besides, you don't even have to leave your warm home to shop. You may have to get up early to get the best deals, but at least you can do it in your pj's.
You don't need the stress of crazy crowds and long lines. The sales are just as good online!

That's the perks of shopping online you can get the best deals conveniently in the comfort of your home.  Online shopping can get you to as many stores you want without getting pains on your feet and without waiting on long lines.  Discovering online shopping is one of the most convenient way I learned these past few years. Though I love online shopping I still maintain my frugay ways lol!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Personal Touch in Every Card

It’s only one month away before Christmas day and as early as now many of my friends are sending their cards around the globe. They have discovered custom address labels that they used to dress up their envelope. It’s nice to see stylish address labels that I can say make a letter or card very impressive. It adds up personal touch to the card that will make any recipient feel special plus of course with the unique greetings inside the card. In these times of modern technology in communication where people send their greetings through email and social networks it’s still sweet to receive the old traditional cards.


Tips: Stain Remover for your China

Many of us especially Moms like me would be glad to know some tips on how to bring back our china to their original shine and to erase stains caused by tea, coffee or iron rust.

For china stained with tea or coffee: You can mix 2 tablespoons of salt with enough vinegar to form a paste. Rub stain with paste.

For china stained with iron rust spots: Mix 2 tablespoons of salt with enough lemon juice (or calamansi juice) to form a paste. Rub stain with paste.

Easy does it? And very economical too, imagine all it takes is to have salt, vinegar and lemon juice which is readily available in almost any kitchen. Now you don't have to worry about those stains on your china and you can save some money by removing it rather than buying new china wares.


Investment Plan on Beach-Front Property

SIL is thinking of good investments lately since she has finished with her first major investment of new house and lot in the lovely mountain side in a peaceful town of Montalban. Since she stopped with paying for the land in one province because of too many conflicts she’s planning to invest again and start a new venture on resort business. Well I heard about Duck foreclosures and I would want to give SIL an idea of owning one property there since she always want to stay in beautiful beaches every time she goes on a work vacation. I know she would enjoy having a place to stay there whenever she wants.


The House Oracle

You Are an Extrovert

You are a bit shy and hesitant around people you don't know well. It takes a bit to get you to open up.

You like to weigh all of your options before making a decision. You are apt to look for a compromise.

You are responsible and determined to do the right thing. There is often a lot on your plate, but you handle it all well.

You rely on yourself first and foremost. You know that you won't ever let yourself down.

Well I'm just an independent worker who can work without too much supervision and help.  But I would appreciate help from friends and not from complaining staff lol! With making decisions I'm very careful about it and will spend some time thinking about the best decision before coming up with one.  I'm always determined to do the right thing because I don't want to suffer the consequences of my wrong moves.  In short I want to play safe and right.  I don't want to let myself down because some people are relying on me.


Need to Take Care of Myself

I’ve been busy since the first day of the week and spent long hours in the night doing my tasks. I’m used to overnight work when I was working in Design Science doing bidding documents but I was younger then. Now I have to think of my health, my low blood pressure and the possibility of using wrinkle cream whenever I stayed late at nights. It’s different when you’re getting old because you’re more prone to aging elements and ailments. Not that I look old because I only have few grey hairs and I’m a jolly person, I just want to take care of myself in the best health conscious way I can to ward off sickness in the future. I have three young schooling kids and they need a healthy vibrant Mom to guide them while they’re growing up.


Ability to Handle Challenging Works

In my first years of employment I worked with a government agency under the agriculture department and there I experienced working with people working until their retirement age. I’ve seen them working even if they look frail enough to quit working and retire in their house. I noticed that some were old enough but don’t look like their age. Maybe they were using the best anti aging products to hide their age. Some of them don’t want to look very old because it affects the way people look at their working capacity. People tend to compare them with younger employees and they were often deprived of handling challenging works. Well with their younger looks the boss wouldn’t hesitate giving the harder and challenging jobs to them.


Birthday Party Supplies

I have three kids and plenty of nieces and nephews and I like organizing parties for their birthdays. I work hand in hand with my sister in planning the kids’ birthday celebration and some special occasions of the family. It’s exciting to plan and prepare but sometimes it’s also stressful especially if you can’t find the things you need for the party. More often the supplier doesn’t carry all the supplies needed so you have to hop from one store to another to complete your list of party supplies. Just two months ago we’ve organized my little boy’s 7th birthday party and we’ve completed all our needs like invitations, giveaways, loot bags, balloons, banners, birthday cake and game prizes from different suppliers. The party was a success but I was hoping that next time I would just buy from a one-stop shop store for all the things I need for birthday party. 

If you want to organize or arrange birthday parties you can make it a themed party because it’s the usual trend now. You should also plan it with a target budget that will cover everything from place, accessories, birthday goodies and food. Well I found out that all these are possible at partypro.com, an online resource for discount party supplies for birthdays, holidays, catering, wedding, baptismal, baby shower and other parties. For children’s birthday parties they have over 250 party patterns for all ages. Their themes range from superhero themes, sports themes, animal pattern and princess themes. Of course I would love those superhero themes for my little boy and I would take note of this on his next birthday party. I will never have a stressful moment in organizing birthday parties when I have partypro.com to order from.


What Color Cell Phone Are You?

You Are a Black Cell Phone

You are powerful, assertive, and a real go getter. You never have any problem getting what you want.
You value success, and part of that success means having the latest and greatest things.

You tend to be the first in line for the newest cell phone. You like to have as many features as possible.
You know that things don't make people happy... but they sure make life more fun!

This is quite funny as I don't have much interest in the latest cell phones in the market.  I just want the latest windows phone because I really need it for my online work.  Since my lappy is too heavy to carry anywhere I want usually in my kids' school I want a phone that I can use for blogging also.  Aside from that I'm not much into the latest model of cell phones.  I'd rather spend it on camera or kitchen appliances lol!


A Good Medicinal Plant

It’s nice to learn about medicinal plants once in a while because I was really amazed at how simple plants can do wonder to heal man’s sickness. I didn’t know that cissus quadrangularis is a very useful plant. It’s a tonic and analgesic and can help to heal broken bones because it contains ascorbic acid and other good properties need for healing. I have to take note of this discovery because this one can be used to treat sickness like asthma, cough, osteoporosis, hemorrhoids and gonorrhoea. Best of all it can be an aid to treat obesity. Now I believe the God has created many medicines in our environment. We just have to discover and use it rightly.


Organizing My Emails

I started the day organizing my mails because it’s accumulating everyday and I have to sort them according to importance and group them accordingly. I’ve always maintained organized files in my office computer and email files in my office email. Since I’m maintaining 4 email addresses for different purposes and categories I have to ensure that all of them are in good order or my mind will mess up with my files. I was surprised to see several male enhancement products promotions. Well I have to delete unimportant messages or those that are not necessary anymore like the ones emailed to me seven years ago. It took some time before I even reached half of my emails and believe me I’m tired.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Fast and Easy Cash

For stay-at-home Moms like me we always see to it that everything is in order and kids are well cared for. We choose to leave our job to prioritize caring for our family so we’re doing our best to stay committed to our goal and that’s family first. My life revolves with my family especially my kids and then to my work online which is becoming busier as time goes by.

Well I’m thankful for the huge workload because it means we’re going to have big earnings at the end of this month and I’ll have some savings in the bank. That will also ensure that I don’t need to file for a no fax payday loans when emergency need for cash happens because I have enough savings. Well for those who need fast cash that doesn’t require documents and fax you can visit cashproceeds.com and apply for quick and easy loan.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sharing Your Blessings

With all the blessing and outpouring of tasks I keep reminding myself to share my blessings this coming holiday. I have my plans and I hope that I’ll be able to do it if these tasks will continue. I also pray that delayed payments for my tons of work completed will arrive soon because one of the things I have in my wish list is now out in the market. Too bad I wasn’t able to buy the discounted price few days ago. Anyway Cyber Monday is just around the corner and who knows my windows phone will be offered again in discounted price on that day. If it’s really for me I know that when the sale comes up I’ll be ready with my funds.


Smart Thinking on Entering Investment

I’m glad I’m now accustomed to working at home despite the usual obstructions sometimes. Working at home has its disadvantages but they’re few compared to the advantages it brings to Moms like me. When you work at home you’re the boss and you’re the one who will make your own work period unlike when you’re in the office that you’ll have to follow the regular working hours. If there’s something that I missed when I’m still working outside it’s the lunch break where we will have our meals and have coffee while chatting. 

Anyway on my last few months of stay in the office I had lunch breaks mostly with my friend Win who is also a born again Christian and whom I had some sharing of God’s words and wonderful blessing on our lives. We shared everything from faith to work up to our hobby of cooking and selling business. We also talked about having small investments. I’m good in our company’s financial planning but he’s better when it comes to personal financial planning and I asked him if he’s interested to buy gold bullion if ever he’ll have funds to buy. He said he’ll study about the probability before he will decide to invest on that. Clever! Even I would do that first if I have the money to invest.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Precision Machining with Herker Industries

I’ve been to a lot of jobs in my 19 years of employment. I was employed early just after the day of my graduation I was lineup up for interview and got the job right away in an International semiconductor company. My first job was in manufacturing transformers for personal computers. They were hiring all graduates of either Electronics or Computer Engineering and those who have computer technology courses. As such I was exposed to big equipment in header assembly, machines for tin dipping, doing armature coils and many others. I was assigned in header assembly and soldering of the thinnest wires I’ve ever seen. Of course we rounded all section of the manufacturing for us to be able to do the jobs of our co-operators.

That was years before and we were competing with other countries in terms of production, precision, quality and speed. Yes we’re working on strict time frame to be able to meet deadline of orders. I don’t know if there’s cellular manufacturing on those days because it would have help us to maximize production efficiencies that would result in manufacturing of high quality products. I learned that it allows execution of multiple jobs in flexible way that eliminates or minimize waste thus enabling the product to be sold in lower prices.

Herker Industries brought this kind of manufacturing together with the best cnc milling services utilizing the most modern horizontal and vertical machining centers. They produce the highest quality and quantity CNC machined parts plus providing finishing services for all components needed by the clients.

Being one of the best cnc machining centers in the country they offer world-class service in precision machining, contract welding and mechanical assemblies. They provide tools that will guide their clients into high production capabilities that will lead to price affordability. Frankly I don’t know anything about cnc machining but after visiting the site I came to understand that it will certainly help any manufacturing company to achieve optimum results in producing quality, high precision and affordable products.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding Needed Car Accessories

We’ve started paying for the car we bought last month. It’s not a new one, it’s a pre-owned Mazda pickup from my big brother which he sold to us so we can look after it and maintain it. He has a new car so he sold the old one to us as he can’t keep the three cars. It’s just unfortunate that spare wheels and  rims were stolen when it was left in my brother’s open parking. Now we’re searching and canvassing for a new one and this time I know we’re going to keep it away from burglar because our car is parked inside our compound. We’re making sure that nothing will be stolen again because it’s every expensive to buy auto accessories. 

Since we’re looking for quality and affordable wheels, rims and some other car parts and accessories I surfed online for ideas on where to get the best deals on our needs. I’ve found CARiD, an online automotive accessories superstore where you can find all your interior and exterior needs for your car. It’s good to find an online store where I can find the things we need for the car without having to go to various stores to look and canvass prices. Now we’ve also found other things we need there and I’m thankful.


The Perks of Home Working Environment

One of the perks of working at home is the environment where you work at. You can choose your working environment the way you want it to be. You can have it in your room, in a little makeshift home office or anywhere you feel comfortable to work at. One of the things that I look for when looking for a job is the ambience of the workplace. I’m not much into super beautiful and elegant office environment, just a simple corporate style office with convenient pantry and comfort rooms will do for me. It’s very important that my office environment is safe from harmful pests and air dust of course because I don’t want to be sick because of that.

In all working environment we should ensure that everything is safe and people are secured that nothing in the workplace would bring sickness or harm to them just like what the workers of those industries who uses asbestos in the past generation. The company didn’t ensure a safe workplace for them that they were exposed to asbestos that lead to Mesothelioma cancer. They were not properly informed of the implication of working in industries that uses asbestos thus many workers were victimized. It’s just relieving to know that Houston asbestos lawyer are there to help all victims of this rare but deadly cancer. They offer the best service on how the victims of Mesothelioma or lung cancer can seek justice from their employers. They’re dedicated to help.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grand Cayman Vacation Rentals

Some of my friends are planning their vacation for holiday season up until summer vacation. They’re making the most of the travel promos online. In fact they’re very excited about it and are so busy buying things for their trips. I told them to enjoy planning their vacation as long as their kids are not schooling already because when kids started to go to school planning vacation can be as hard as you’ll have to do it only on their school breaks. 

We were planning to have a short vacation last October but my kids had different vacation dates so our plan was cancelled. We’ve decided to do it this summer vacation. We’re only having it in the Northern part of the country though I wouldn’t mind having a Grand Cayman vacation rentals someday if the schedule and budget will allow us. I learned that they have waterfront villas and condos and each villa differs. It’s actually perfect because you can have oceanfront, soundfront and lagoonfront depending on your planned activities.

If you want a place directly on the Caribbean Sea you can choose Oceanfront which is also good for active marine life. For the best white beach sand and awesome sunset views you have to pick Soundfront or Lagoonfront if you desire less marine life and more on the pool swimming. Your choice will define what you will have for your vacation activities, be it more of the water activities or just relaxing and enjoying the view. Whatever it is you’ll be assured of a perfect grand family vacation.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Durable Seat Covers

Cars and cars accessories come hand in hand. They are like spoon and fork; one cannot be left alone in order to be the best at what they do. Cars alone can be used but it will not be well-protected from the normal wear and tear that time brings in its life. Car seat covers, dash board covers, car covers, floor mats and even bed liners are available in order to protect the car and help the car owner in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the car.

For a car owner who is also a dog-lover, a Scottsdale seat cover can be the best preference for a car seat cover. Scottsdale seat covers are made from the most durable fabrics and so it protects the car seats for a longer period of time. Car owners with dogs almost always want to bring with them their pets.  Dogs can damage the car seat covers with their paws and claws. Scottsdale seat covers are very tough and versatile so the car owner will not worry even when their pets are sitting on it. Protecting the car using car accessories such as car seat covers is also a way of keeping the car look new, clean, well taken care of and maintain its good value.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Fast and Easy Cash Advance

In times of financial crisis some people have a hard time budgeting their small income for their family’s need so when emergency need for cash happens they would resort to applying for cash advance where they will pay in terms when their salary arrives. It’s a great help to meet the urgent need for money when salary is several days away. Sometimes It’s hard to borrow from people because they might have no available cash to lend so most people just resort to cash advance loans especially when it’s from CashLoanByPhone because they offer a no-fax no document cash advance in fast and easy application and processing. Rest assured that it’s safe and in full confidentiality. Apply today and have your check cash advance tomorrow.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun at the Beach

We went to the nearest beach first day of this month and the kids had real fun playing with the sands at the shore. It’s actually the little boy’s first time to play sands because the last time we went there he was still a baby. My two girls were also little girls then but they remembered playing with their complete shovel and pail. Now after five years of spending swimming on pool resorts in Calamba we’re back again at the beach to enjoy the good results of air and sun for the kids’ health and wellness. The fresh air near the sea is good for respiratory sickness and even though my kids don’t have cough and colds the air is still good for them. They’re not that young and little anymore so I just have to be near them while playing and swimming in their girls shorts and watching closely on their younger sibling. 

It was the first time that I’ve gone to beach resort since I started blogging and amateur photography that’s why I’m as excited as my kids taking plenty of shots all over the place. I had fun watching my kids and hubby make castles, bridge and names on sand while walking along the beach and taking my sea and sky shots. 


Trying New Methods

Some of my friends are having a hard time controlling their intake of food and I can relate as sometimes when you got used to eating your favorite foods you just can’t make your day without eating those. It’s total discipline that will make you stay away from foods that will make you fat. Weight loss can be achieved by choosing the food that you eat and not by skipping important meals. I don’t believe in crash diet and in skipping meals because those practices can affect the stomach and might incur ulcer or some stomach disorders.

Some take diet supplement but those who are not losing weight with their current diet plans are really looking for new diet pill that will fit their body system. They believe that some diet pills are not just right for them so they’re taking chances on new ones. As for me it took a lot of planning, perseverance, time and discipline to achieve your desired weight loss. It should be coupled with balanced diet, exercise and regular sleep.


Vices Early in Life

I was going to my kid’s school when two of the high school boys in the vehicle I’m riding were busy joking about the girls they passed through. It’s an irritating sight for me seeing those school boys having bad attitude in public places. They were yelling at the road and smoking their cigars and I pity their parents who didn’t know what their children are doing on their way home. Not only are they rude and noisy but has vices as well. I can imagine how they do in school.

I believe that if they’re wise enough they will not be that rude in public as they will know it would embarrass not only their parents but the school they represent also. I guess school administration should think of measures of how they will implement discipline on behaviour of their students. They should also conduct seminars on the negative effects of cigarette on human body. Those teens should be alarmed on the possible diseases they may incur from smoking.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips on Renovating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

My brother is currently doing some renovations on his former client. His client owns the house for several years now and he’s not that happy with the kitchen and bathroom layout of his house. He decided to change it a bit to make it more convenient and comfortable. He started with the faucets, showers and sinks on the bathroom and requested my brother to replace them with Copper which surprised my brother because he’s the kind who loves modern appliances and this time his preference is copper. He told my brother that he wants antibacterial things and fixtures on his bathroom. He knows that copper has some antibacterial properties and resistant to stain and rust so he has chosen Copper Sinks to be the best alternative for his renovation plans on his house. 

My brother will use it in his client’s kitchen sinks also because it’s better for health and sanitary purposes. His client is currently on his strong drive for clean environment and that includes his own house. Of course I didn’t know that Copper Sink could be a healthy fixtures for kitchen and bathroom. It’s also affordable especially that Mr Direct offers them directly to his clients, no middle man in between which makes the price high.

They also provide and sell variety of other products for your specific needs for constructing and remodelling of your bathroom and kitchen. They offer glass sinks, porcelain sinks, granite sinks, stainless steel sinks and TruGranite sinks. You can visit their site now to choose from among their quality products, rest assured there will be one that can satisfy your specific requirements. All products are covered with lifetime warranty.


Cheap PS3 Slim 160GB Deals

When you talk about games and entertainment you can’t help thinking of high tech gadgets that’s very common among kids, teens and even adults. Yes, games are not only for kids but for grownups as well. That’s why manufacturers are incorporating games on mobile phones, MP3, Ipod, Ipad. There are lots of gadgets and toys that you can have if you want to have complete entertainment and games like game boy, PSP, Wii, Xbox and also PS3. I’m not much of a game enthusiast as I want puzzle and word games but my kids are as almost all kids in every house. Well if you own one of these gadgets at home you should have discipline on the time that you kids can play on them like weekends and other off-school period because it can take studying off your kids’ minds if you let them play it whenever they want.

With my second kid always urging me to search for good finds on some of her gadgets’ wishes I tend to surf for things that would make her happy and find discounts on her dream gadgets. Finding Cheap 160GB deals on PS3 slim makes it worthwhile as I’ve found PS3 bundles with PS3 games and additional hardware. Now my daughter Gen will have something to look forward if she really wants this to be her next project game toy. Kids’ toys are getting expensive and innovated these days compared to old times when kids are more focused on physical sport games. Guess this is the result of modern technology.


Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

We’ve been planning to have some minor renovation in the kitchen because it was damaged by natural disaster that hit our town last year. It was still in good condition but we really have to repaint the walls and build some nice cupboard storage to organize messy kitchen utensils. I’ve talked with my brother’s foreman and he suggested a change of kitchen layout which will place other kitchen equipment in proper order. We’re planning a clutter-free layout that will customize all of my kitchen equipment like gas range, refrigerator and other small cooking gadgets. I will also have to include some more kitchen cabinets. I’ve heard about the quality of using Copper for my planned kitchen sinks because it’s the best material to last for long period of time. It’s known to be antibacterial, rust and stain resistant and low maintenance.

My engineer brother would supervise the remodelling but I need to find the most economical way of having it done and that would mean looking for quality and affordable materials for my kitchen like Copper Sink. These sinks perfectly fits to my ideal budget especially that I found some good deals at Shop Sinks and Faucets which provides quality products at affordable prices. 

They manufacture their own handcrafted Copper Sinks which help them sell it at very competitive price because they do direct selling and no middleman in between. They also offer other quality products which you can use for kitchen remodelling or for construction of new kitchen. They have wide range of products like porcelain sinks, stainless steel sinks, glass sinks, bronze sinks, stone sinks and TruGranite sinks. All of their products are backed up with lifetime warranty.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Protecting Your Identity in Emergency Situations

Many consumers are taking the necessary steps to protect their identity. One thing a lot of us do not think about is how to protect ourselves during an emergency situation. These situations can include things like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires or even man-made disasters. During these times there is typically a lot of chaos, but there are a lot of thieves that take advantage of those situations. They will break into your home, steal your personal belongings, and even steal items so that they can use your identity. To help protect yourself from identity theft in a moment of chaos, there are a few steps that every consumer should take:

Every consumer should be prepared for a possible evacuation. Whether you are in a fire zone or a secluded area where disasters rarely happen, you need to be prepared. There are specific items that you should store photocopies of in a large envelope or secured lock box.

* Birth certificates
* Current photograph
* Copies of your driver’s license
* Copies of your social security card
* Any death certificates in your family
* Insurance papers that should include deeds, property records, and personal insurance records
* Vital records such as marriage certificates, immigration papers, etc.
* Financial account information so that if you need to access them without your debit card, you have the right information on hand
* Any brief medical histories and a copy of medical insurance cards

If your family is going to be evacuated for a disaster or other emergency, there are steps you need to take to ensure your personal information is not exposed to potential thieves:

* Place your envelope or lock box with your copied information in your car only when you are ready to actually evacuate. There are a lot of thieves that will rob or loot vehicles that are left standing during disaster evacuations. You may need these papers to identify yourself in a disaster situation; therefore you need to protect them.

* Keep your envelope or lock box within your sight at all times. If you are evacuated to a shelter, keep that box with you or with another family member and never let it out of your sight. Never trust anyone except your immediate family to care for this information.

* Another step in protecting your identity during an evacuation is to not leave your computer behind. Many thieves will enter homes after they have been evacuated and steal hard drives or laptops. With those pieces of equipment they can steal your identity. If you are in a time crunch, remove the hard drive from your computer and be sure to package up any laptops to take with you. Hard drives are easy to remove from your desktop and literally can be done within just a few seconds.

Protecting yourself during a disaster is essential for your identity. Though it is a time for tragedy, realize that there are people out there ready to take advantage of such situations. Protect yourself and your family by following the steps in this guide. Be prepared for disaster to strike at any time so you are not caught trying to do these steps in a dire situation. Written by id theft protection.


Shelter Your Car from Heat and Rain with Carport Kits

Getting inside your car when rain is pouring is not the most convenient thing to do. Even if you have an umbrella, you’re still bound to get wet one way or another. It’s also not easy to get into a car that’s been lying under the scorching heat of the sun all day. These two scenarios are what people who don’t have roofed garages go through most of the time.

It’s a good thing there are carport kits which solves the problem of car owners who don’t have roofs over their garages. That used to be our problem too, except that half of our car was covered with a roof while the other half wasn’t. But we have remedied that with a carport that we attached to the small roof so now getting in and out of the car when it’s raining or when the heat is blistering is no problem anymore.

There are flat panel freestanding carport kits for houses which don’t have roofed garages. They simply need to be cemented at least 2 feet into the ground for durability. They come in 7 colors which homeowners can choose from and are made of high-grade aluminum so you can be sure that they won’t be susceptible to wear and tear. A carport is something all car owners must have to provide year round shelter to their cars at the most affordable prices.   


Friday, November 5, 2010

Buying Old Coins and Jewelries

Someone entered our compound and started shouting that he buys old coins, broken jewelry, gold coins and silver. It always amazed me when I was a child when I hear those words because I thought that they were really looking for gold bars. My young curious mind was thinking that if they buy gold they must be so rich to afford every gold sold to them in the neighbourhood or even bigger our community. As I grew up I learned what they really mean and they’re buying the old coin collection and some jewelries that you stopped using because it’s broken or you lost interest on it. 

Anyway ever since I first started to see and hear those men and women shouting those words I have never remembered anyone in our family and my relatives heeding those calls. They’re not interested because their price for the old coins and jewelries were so low that you can just ignore them and make your old coins and jewelries a collection only, who knows they might also increase in value.


Home Security Systems

Home is where we rest, relax and enjoy quality time with our family. It is where we feel secured that nobody will harm us because it’s our own and it’s a private place for the whole family. What if suddenly we were greeted with unwelcomed intrusion by burglars or other bad elements? Of course with that in mind we will feel threatened in our own home. Well this is not impossible as there are many cases that homes were attacked by robbers and those people who want to break the peace in our homes. Recently I heard  bad news of a family robbed and killed by a drug-influenced man. It still haunts me to think of that news because the victims seem as real as one of my online friends knew them personally.

We all want our family to be safe and our home to have the best security in town but how can we do this? With all the bad elements roaming around the community we should really think about having Home Security Systems to help detect and deter unwanted strangers in the house. Whether we’re inside or outside our home we should have the right security equipment like burglar alarms to protect it from possible disturbance by unknown people who might want to enter our homes. A good Home Alarm Systems will help us to know the activities around and outside the vicinity of our house. It will help us feel that we will be alerted anytime that there are suspicious individuals roaming around.

To help us get acquainted or informed about what kind of Home Security Systems we should get for our homes we can browse online for sites like Home Alarm Directory where you can get free home security quotes, articles about home security, listings of home alarm companies and some tips and advices.


Learning WP

I'm researching and reading some reviews on good web hosting solution for my new domain blog which I will do in WP. Yes it's new to me but I also want to try what my friends are using for their blogs. I know it has more features and nice themes but I don't want my other blogs to be transferred now as it would mean tedious work. I will learn WP with my new blog and I'm sure I'm going to love it. I just have to finish my due tasks as this work is my bread and butter these days and I know God is helping me with my work. He's been my Jehovah Jireh, my provider.


Thinking of Good Investment

If you’re a work-at-home Mom like me you should know by now that we’re blessed with a chance to work in the comfort of our home and be able to take care of our kids as well. I don’t want to go back to those years when I need to depend on my helper to take care of the house and my kids. They always seem so nice for the first six months then they will change and show some attitude problems. Well I had a chance to work with good helpers too but they didn’t stayed that long because they got married afterwards. It’s already one year and 3 months now since I left my corporate job and I feel so blessed that my online work can help my husband in our finances. I can even save some for future investments.

We’re still planning for it and we still don’t know if we’re investing on small franchise or study about what US Gold Bureau has been offering online. This thing about gold bullion investment is getting our attention now because gold is a secured investment so far and it has never shown any indication of depreciating values. By far it’s considered as one of the most tangible investments these days. I’m taking note of these things so when we’re ready to invest I will know what to do.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Every end of the month I have to face the task of paying utilities and bills of the house. I always wonder why our electric bill seems the same every month no matter how we tried our best to conserve consumption. We have a digital meter and it seems more costly on meter reading , just a thought! Anyway we really have to think of ways on how to lessen our consumption or a great percentage of our income will just go to our electric provider. I’m just glad that I can seriously plan ways of conserving because I’m always here in the house unlike before that I’m in the office on daytime.

I was browsing the net and I learned that Arizona has a different climate where heat can be so intense that there’s difficulty if the residents will just use an ordinary cooling systems. The difference on their outside and inside temperature is quite extreme. It’s good that GeOasis Hybrid provide geothermal heating and cooling that will specifically solve the problem there. They offer a different heating and cooling system that will efficiently provide needed temperature whether it’s hot or cold.

With the use of geothermal heat pump you can save money because these units uses solar energy to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water. There are many benefits of using GeOasis hybrid geothermal systems like heating your pool on cold months and cooling it on warm months and domestic water is heated for free on warm months when your air conditioner is in use. You don’t have to worry about paying for this technology as some programs will help you with payments for this one.


Top Droppers for October 2010

I've missed dropping entrecard last month except for some days I guess because last month gave me so much work that I just didn't find enough time to blog hop.Still these bloggers/droppers visited me even without a visit in return.  So by way of appreciating their efforts I'm listing their sites here, thanks so much! Really appreciate your visits.  Thanks to my friend Liz who is equally busy but managed to give me some drops.

Dropper # of drops
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My Little Boy’s Dream

Being a Mom as my little boy told me is like the light of house and if there’s no mother in the house it will be dark. His teacher taught that to him and he seriously thought about that idea so much that he keeps on repeating it to me. He’s always like that; he’s contemplating on every single thing that he learned from school and church. Even his teacher told me that he’s very good in his class and he has his high quarterly exams to prove it. Majority of his examinations got perfect score and we’re so happy for that because it only shows that he’s very diligent and attentive in class. We’re telling him that he could be a good teacher or a good doctor when he grew up. 

Lately he told me that he’s going to take up Architecture and then sometimes he wants to be a pilot. Whatever it is we’ll let him choose what he wants and because he’s eyeing a degree that will surely cost us big amount of money we’re thinking of investing on a bankable investment like gold bullion because it’s too risky to put your money on some other kind. Gold proved to be a very stable investment since the early centuries and until now it has never depreciated its value. So after several years we can take a good amount of profit from it if we start investing now.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One-Stop-Shop for Your Printer Ink Needs

It’s so good to work in the comfort of your home because you’re the boss and you set the rules for your work. Your time will depend on your priorities and will revolve on your chores and online tasks unlike when you’re working on an 8-5 office work when you have to adjust all your activities after your office hours. Well it depends on the kind of work you have and I’m glad that I’ve found this online work that let me work on my desired time adjusted to my family’s needs and activities. 

Working at home would also mean that you have to take care of all your supplies at home and in your home office as well like computer essentials, printer supplies and things you usually need for running an office. You also have to set aside supplies for the kids’ school assignment which is usually run on computers and printers. With all these things in mind I have to look for affordable inkjet cartridges  for my HP printer. It’s good to find InkCartridges.com, a one-stop-shop for all my printing requirements. Browsing through their online catalog will give you an easy, hassle free online shopping for all your printer ink needs for almost all copier, fax and printer models such as HP, Epson, Apple, Dell, IBM, Kodak, Brother, Canon,NEC, Toshiba,Samsung, Sharp and a lot more. 

They offer wholesale prices which will give you more inks for your money by paying for bulk orders. Anyway you can afford to have stocks with their affordable prices. For all orders within the contiguous US they offer free shipping. Check out some of their great deals and coupon codes and be ready with secured and easy payment through major credit cards and PayPal. Best of all they care for the satisfaction of their customers that’s why they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee of one year from date of purchase. Great isn’t it? And for work-at-home Moms like that sounds like a great deal to me!


Monday, November 1, 2010

:Mellow Yellow Mon/Ruby Tuesday: Woman

Click the image to enlarge pic

This simple painting displayed in my daughter's school room caught my daughter's attention that she took a shot and filed in our photo folder.  I was browsing the folder and noticed that it features the daily chores of mothers showing them taking care of baby, washing and ironing clothes, sewing, crocheting and many others. I was thinking what subject this kind will be and it dawned on me that it's for their Home Economics  subject where different household chores were taught to children for them to learn and later to apply to their own homes.  The painting also included nutritious fruits and vegetables which are also included in that subject which also tackles cooking nutrition and table etiquette.  Glad dear daughter has the same passion of mine in photography (i'm an amateur only :-D)

Happy Monday! To see more MYM and Ruby Tuesday entries click the badges!


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