Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips on Renovating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

My brother is currently doing some renovations on his former client. His client owns the house for several years now and he’s not that happy with the kitchen and bathroom layout of his house. He decided to change it a bit to make it more convenient and comfortable. He started with the faucets, showers and sinks on the bathroom and requested my brother to replace them with Copper which surprised my brother because he’s the kind who loves modern appliances and this time his preference is copper. He told my brother that he wants antibacterial things and fixtures on his bathroom. He knows that copper has some antibacterial properties and resistant to stain and rust so he has chosen Copper Sinks to be the best alternative for his renovation plans on his house. 

My brother will use it in his client’s kitchen sinks also because it’s better for health and sanitary purposes. His client is currently on his strong drive for clean environment and that includes his own house. Of course I didn’t know that Copper Sink could be a healthy fixtures for kitchen and bathroom. It’s also affordable especially that Mr Direct offers them directly to his clients, no middle man in between which makes the price high.

They also provide and sell variety of other products for your specific needs for constructing and remodelling of your bathroom and kitchen. They offer glass sinks, porcelain sinks, granite sinks, stainless steel sinks and TruGranite sinks. You can visit their site now to choose from among their quality products, rest assured there will be one that can satisfy your specific requirements. All products are covered with lifetime warranty.


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