Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CD Copies of the School Winning Moments

I love shooting and recording special moments in my kids’ school life and when I have a good copy some of the mothers of my kids’ classmates would ask for a copy of pictures and videos. I usually take a picture not just my kids but some of their classmates too especially if they don’t have cameras with them or if their Moms are not there to accompany them. I actually became the school photographer in the school events for academic contests where my kids participate always. 

Even if I’m a working Mom I never miss the chance to attend those special moments of my kids because they need moral support from me. In those contests where my kids’ school usually win or was able to grab a runner-up place I’m always successful in capturing every winning moments and let the school have a copy for their newspaper. If somebody asks for a copy I will just tell them to secure a copy from the school office because I’m always busy to do multiple copies. 

If only I was able to know the likes of cd duplication service from disc2day then it would be easier to have several copies for all the parents and students involve in the events. Anyway before my kids graduated from school I was able to give some copies to my closest Mommy friends when my daughter volunteered to make few personal copies around 3-5 only.


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