Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Effects of Lighting on Stage and Events

Whenever I see stage play, presentation or evening events I particularly give much attention on the lights. I love looking at beautiful lights and at times it amazes me how a particular shade of light can make or break the total ambiance of the event. I know that putting on the wrong lighting can ruin the stage decoration while a good planned lighting effect can make the stage very beautiful. 

If you’re into movie industry, theater or stage plays or even in some social events that requires elegant designs you should know how to balance the lighting fixtures with the effect you want to achieve. It can define the time of the day if you want to make it look like morning, afternoon or evening simply by putting on appropriate lightings just like american dj lighting where they see to it that proper lighting should be done to achieve their best planned effect on stage. There are many things to consider but after all these considerations you’ll be amazed at the results.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Kids’ Flair and Interest

Kids have different hobbies, skills and flair for things in life. Some loves adventure and outdoor activities while some just want to do their things at home. While most kids finds technology very awesome others treat it as just a thing to learn about to keep pace with the modern world. I also know some kids who loves shopping and eating at different fast foods while some just want to play music on their free time. Often parents didn’t know exactly what their kids want but if they really focus on their kids they will know their interest in life. 

As early as my kids were in grade school I realized that they got my grandfather’s talent and interest in music. I’m happy about it and encouraged them to pursue their interest. I enrolled them in summer musical workshops and from there they continue with self-studies and practices. They all have talents but they differ in intensity. My middle child got the most and she’s now playing guitar, keyboards and some other instruments. She also wants to shop here! for accessories she wants to add to her collection. Playing musical instrument is one thing that makes her happy and I’m glad about it.


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