Friday, April 9, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #171

1. In 1992, I was in my office working as EDP Asst. Supervisor in Philippine Rapid Transit and was enjoying my work with some close friends .

2. I want this summer vacation to be filled with my kids' laughter and smiles and it seems playing online and offline made it possible lol!

3. Do what you think is right, with what you know will make you happy , where you will be contented to live throughout your life .

4. In this very hot summer afternoon, swimming pool is where I’d like to be with my whole family. Actually we're planning to celebrate my Mom's birthday on May in a resort

5. The trees and flowers are telling me that they should be cared for patiently so they can bring about as many fruits and flowers as possible lol!

6. There are many election campaigns here and there that just keeps going on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to stay up late to start my numerous tasks freshly given to me and I'm thankful that my sister will work also on uploading photos on her FB, tomorrow my plans include general cleaning of the house and Sunday, I want to rest from blogging, relax and devote my time to our Sunday service!

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Stop Worrying!

My Auntie woke up yesterday morning and felt like very dizzy. She was sure that she has high blood pressure so she asked my niece to buy her medicine for her blood pressure. It’s lucky that she knows when to stop working and when to rest because if not it might give her complications. She was worried that she will be confined just like many of the senior citizens like her. The summer season is giving out too much heat that it causes some sickness on the kids and oldies alike. It’s hard to get sick especially if you haven’t any medical card or insurance like North Carolina health insurance because it will be far too costly.

Anyway I asked my Auntie later in the afternoon and she’s fine after taking her medicine and a much needed rest. Many people now are having problems with their fluctuating blood pressure because of the heat, the food they eat and most often due to excessive worrying on things. If they stop worrying over their problems and take their medicines regularly maybe they will be spared from heart sickness like high blood pressure.


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