Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Roses for My Birthday

I have had many happy birthdays in the past but today I can say that I really had a wonderful birthday because my husband was with me all day. In the past these holidays were their peak dates and no one’s allowed to take a leave from work especially him who holds the stocks in their store. He would always run just to be home late afternoon or early evening. Now after giving me his very special bunch of white roses similar to the one I saw in proflowers he told me that he’ll just wait for my task to finish and we’ll be off to the mall for early dinner. He really knows I love flowers and it could melt my heart anytime. Do you believe in falling for a man several times? I just did. 

Well the kids and I were all very happy that he resigned from his job who doesn’t allow employees to have day offs and leave of absence on holiday month. I can’t believe we’re having him all for ourselves now lol. Of course I’m happy and no amount of money or elegant gift can beat the special bonding moments we had on my birthday. Forgive me for being so sentimental, I guess it goes with adding an age on your calendar!


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