Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home and Garden Composters

As a Mom I’ve been very cautious of all waste in the house and it starts in the kitchen where I spent most of my time in the morning. Everyday I have to take care of all the waste food and if I just put in the trash it will just accumulate together with all the kitchen waste of my neighbors. It’s hard to think what will happen to our garbage landfill if all people will have so many trash everyday.

My Auntie tries to limit her trash by burning the leaves in our backyard to bring smoke to our mango tree because it is believed that it would bring out fruits if they do it. It does but the smoke and the smell affects our neighbors next door. I read somewhere that it also affects our environment. I remember my uncle in the province turn these waste into compost and use it as fertilizers to his crops. But that’s the old manual way of doing compost unlike what they have in the market now that with the use of garden composters they can recycle household and yard waste into fertilizer thus bringing the nutrients of food and garden back into the land that produce them in the first place. Join in the eco-friendly process and choose from Outdora’s range of home composters. I find the odor free compost caddy good to use for small household like us.

There are other ways of making organic fertilizer like using the Worm Farms home composters where the compost bin is filled with worms inside. This kind of composting produces compost tea which can also be used as a very good organic plant food. This way we can help our environment maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere because of using all ways of composting waste not only from our food, our garden but also from our pet’s droppings.

Well did you know that even our own waste from our bodies can turn into a good mulch for your plants by using composting toilets? This is a very interesting thing for me as you don’t just help the environment but minimize your water costs as well. It’s good to be aware of our environment because having a clean and safe environment is a plus in maintaining our body’s good health.


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