Monday, August 31, 2015

Kid's Interest on Game Apps and Music

My son was amazed at the new apps and games offered online but he still sticks to his favorite Minecraft and their group games. He’s also into searching for good musical instruments as his Dad promised him a new one this coming weeks, not exactly a birthday gift but more like it. Anyway he prefers to prioritize a keyboard but he’s keen also on getting his own guitar so he can play learn and practice anytime he wants. He only borrows from his elder sister who can play various instruments. 

Gen can play keyboards and guitar and now gearing through playing the violin when she has free time. She also wants to have electric guitar the likes of kala u-bass but she’s still thinking if she can still play all those instruments with the volume of plates and school works in her college course. It’s hard to focus on your studies if you have other things in mind so she’ll just go back to playing after the midterm exams or better yet on semestral break.


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