Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wary of Diabetes Medicine

My neighbor who owns the store across our house has been diagnosed with diabetics since he was in his twenties and not because of his eating habits or anything but it’s in their blood. His father was a diabetic also when they’re still young and it has always been their fear that most of them would inherit the very expensive and delicate sickness. Now that he’s old already and more on the side of overweight he’s into fish and vegetable diet and drinking only herbal medicine for his diabetes. He’s very careful in taking medicine even if prescription comes from his doctor. He believes that it will have some sort of side effects. 

I’ve been pondering over on his fear of medicines when I heard about those who definitely needs actos cancer attorney because their condition worsen on the bad side effects of Actos. I learned that those diabetes patients who are non-smoker have contracted bladder cancer because taking Actos drug may have trigger the development of cancer. The drug has already been recalled by manufacturer especially in Germany and France because of this. Those victims who want to claim from them can ask legal help and assistance from Watts Guerra Craft LLP who will be ready to help with free consultation at first.


Cute Mouse!

My kid asked me about different design of mouse as he's used to having small plain colored mouse only.  He told me that it would be nice to have some of the designs in his color book or the same with his pencil cases or toys.  I actually wanted a different mouse for them as I also bought them a Mickey and Winnie The Pooh mouse pad several months back.  

It's sometimes refreshing to do their homeworks in the computer with some cute characters around them while using the computers.  I searched some designs in the affordable gadget store cdrking.com and saw this one together with other equally nice and cute disney and winnie the pooh designs. This one sells at PhP180.00 only.


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