Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Technology in Music

Technology is fast innovating in various field of life. The most recognized innovation is on computers and gadgets which make communication so fast and modern. It’s not a problem when you want to talk to someone you love who lives miles away from you as there Viber, Chat, Messenger and every modern telecommunication you can get. It also makes conferencing easier as those who want to have a meeting can do it even if the attendees are not present with the audio and video conferencing. 

The world is such a modern portal of highly innovated technology that everyone can do their own piece of communication without spending so much with the use of social media and other software that simplifies things. Well when it comes to music enthusiast they care for software like synth software to help them to innovate their musicality. It helps them to do their music playing with an ease. It also assists them in bringing about not just good music but high quality and clear audio. You just have to visit some online shops that offer these things.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Laptop and Music Upgrade

We’re updating our computers to the latest specifications available because my daughter need to use it for her Computer-Aided Design drawings. My old laptop is still in good condition despite several years of usage. I remember buying it in the peak of the blogging years in 2010 and was very happy to get the brand I love most with the fruit of my writing income. My husband is using a not-so high specifications laptop but with a big screen for presentation purposes. The two laptops are not compatible with the course requirement so we’ve bought another one and I’ve chosen an i7 Laptop with 8GB RAM so it can be easily used in AutoCAD 2016 without fear of delay in processing or lagging. 

With it Gen is very thankful that we’ve bought another one for her engineering drawings and she can do her drawings uninterrupted, it would be hard if the specifications are lower. Anyway she also thought that it would also be good if we update her old guitar with a new electric bass guitar since she has been browsing over villa park il and found some nice items there. She spends her free time from school strumming her favorite pieces in her good old guitar. Well she loves her musical instruments very dearly and would like to update and collect some other instruments in the future.


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