Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Fundraising

I've joined many organizations in the past and have been employed with several companies but I still have to find for the one who has the best fundraising goals in mind. There are many fundraising activities I've been involved mainly because my kids were enrolled in those schools or I'm a member of certain organizations. Two years ago my daughters' school has a fundraising to put up a computer room for the students and we're all excited for that project but I didn't agreed with the way they want the funds collected. They promoted a bingo game to be played by all, I just paid my due but didn't played in any game as I believe that it didn't have to do that game just to raise money. Now I found these green fundraising ideas from Nature's Vision which is really fit for a good cause because the products are environmental friendly. I adhere to these kinds of green fundraising goals, cause and means because fundraiser doesn't have to resort to means that will not portray a good example to kids.

Nature's Vision offers products that will not only brings fund to you but will serve as nice collection for those who wants to buy and help the fundraising campaign. They have various products and ideas for your fundraising for schools, companies, churches and various organizations. The fundraiser will not only fulfill their dreams and goals but will definitely reach the community with the good green fundraising products from Nature's Vision. Buyers or supporters of the fundraising can choose from stylish items like hats, bags, candles, cotton t-shirts with cute designs, jewelry and others. All items are nature-inspired with designs of animals, flowers, woods and more of nature's best.


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