Monday, February 21, 2011

Change of Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Among most couples I know it’s the wife who is always conscious of weight and dieting. It usually occurs when the wife has already given birth to more than one child in the family. I know this because I’ve gone through same changes when I’ve delivered my two younger kids. I didn’t changed much after my delivery to my eldest but when I had my second and third kid I’ve gained excess pounds and even if I planned to diet I wasn’t able to pursue it because I’m tied to office work and busy schedule. I thought before that diet supplement is the only solution for me because it posed an easier way to lose weight. 

Now I’m thankful that now I can do my dieting easily in the confines of my home and added it with regular workout exercises. My diet plan is all-natural and less expensive. Actually it costs me nothing more than my regular budget for meals. I just made a careful study of the right foods to eat and then made some changes in my eating habit and lifestyle. I’m now looking forward to a slimmer and healthier me.


Lampwork Lamb Bead

Are you having a hard time thinking of unique decor  or gift ideas?  Well these cute little lampwork lamb bead is a nice break from the usual decor we have at home.  You can place these in various places in your house or give them to your friends who love collecting this stuff.  Check this out at by deniseannette.

You will receive 1 lamb bead at this price

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Effects of Sun’s Exposure

I went to the market for our fish and veggie supplies and I was surprised that at past 8 in the morning the sun’s heat is already that hot. I nearly had a headache when I returned home. I’m relieved that I brought protection because Mom told me that frequent exposure to sun will not only give me headache but also wrinkles. It’s true because as women grow older they should protect themselves from elements that will cause facial problems. It’s best to have anti wrinkle cream if you can’t prevent being exposed to sun frequently. I’m not using any of it but if I will not take care of my face now it’s possible that I will need it in the future. And that would be few years from now.


Natural Way of Slimming

Glad I’m still disciplined enough to continue with my diet regimen which is natural as I’m just having a well balanced meal plan. I’ve gained excess pounds since I’ve resigned from corporate work and chose to go full time on paid blogging. Working at home gives you flexible hours of working and at that free time to eat whenever you want. I also spend long sitting hours working in front of my computer that I hadn’t had the time to exercise and walk often. 

After more than a year of being a WAHM, a work-at-home Mom I realized I should be thinking of losing some pounds not just for slimming down but for health reasons as well. I have to reach my goal in the coming months so I will not resort to hoodia or other ways. Anyway I’ve only started this month and I feel little progress on my body already especially that I’ve reached my goal of a one-hour workout five times a week. Hope I’ll be able to progress continually.


Shards57 Word Search Coaster

Are you fond of solving word search puzzles? Well I do and when I saw this word search puzzle coaster it brought me back to my childhood days when I want all the puzzles in the book, newspaper and magazines solved as fast as I can.  Now isn't it nice getting this coaster and putting your coffee and favorite drinks while solving the puzzle? This is quite exciting!

This 4" x 4" word search puzzle coaster is decorated with dishwasher resistant paint and to clean it you can just wipe it with damp cloth.  It sells at USD17.00 at from shards57.  Hurry only 1 stock is available.


Thinking of Anniversary Gift

It’s just two more months and we’ll l be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. Looking back at those years I can’t remember a minute of not loving my husband. We’re just the normal couple who argue sometimes but we never let small arguments turn into quarrel. We let God be in the center of our life and relationship so He’ll guide us throughout our married life. I’m so thankful that He has blessed me with a loving and understanding partner in life and a good father to our 3 children.

Last year he bought a nice set of rings for both of us just like our wedding rings. He just thought it would be nice to have a new set of rings again and though it’s not as elegant as the everlon rings I love it just the same. Now I’m thinking of a nice gift for him on our anniversary this coming month of May. I’m relieved that I have plenty of time to think and decide on that. Traditionally when you celebrate fifteenth anniversary crystal is the primary material to choose. I learned that today glass replaces crystal as the modern material. Watches and jewelry can also be good alternatives to that. Hmm that gave me a nice idea.


Birthdays are Exemptions

When I met up with high school friends on Lolit’s birthday we had a long and nice chat about family and what’s keeping us busy. Of course we had the usual girl talks about facial care and the nagging questions about diet pills that work best. I’ve read a lot about these pills but honestly I haven’t tried any as I can’t find the time to consult my doctor about recommending one for me. 

Instead I go for planning my meals and taking extra time to devote on workout exercises. It’s the best I can do without consulting my doctor. It’s an old way of getting back to old slim form, eat healthy well-balanced food, cut out on sweets and fats, have regular exercise and sleep well. For overweight people it takes more effort like increased time for workout and limited intake of in-between meals. As we’re talking about these things we’re feasting on fruit salad, pasta, macaroni salad, leche flan and some other foods. Well birthday celebration is an exemption to diet don’t you think so?


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