Monday, February 21, 2011

Thinking of Anniversary Gift

It’s just two more months and we’ll l be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. Looking back at those years I can’t remember a minute of not loving my husband. We’re just the normal couple who argue sometimes but we never let small arguments turn into quarrel. We let God be in the center of our life and relationship so He’ll guide us throughout our married life. I’m so thankful that He has blessed me with a loving and understanding partner in life and a good father to our 3 children.

Last year he bought a nice set of rings for both of us just like our wedding rings. He just thought it would be nice to have a new set of rings again and though it’s not as elegant as the everlon rings I love it just the same. Now I’m thinking of a nice gift for him on our anniversary this coming month of May. I’m relieved that I have plenty of time to think and decide on that. Traditionally when you celebrate fifteenth anniversary crystal is the primary material to choose. I learned that today glass replaces crystal as the modern material. Watches and jewelry can also be good alternatives to that. Hmm that gave me a nice idea.


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