Monday, February 21, 2011

Natural Way of Slimming

Glad I’m still disciplined enough to continue with my diet regimen which is natural as I’m just having a well balanced meal plan. I’ve gained excess pounds since I’ve resigned from corporate work and chose to go full time on paid blogging. Working at home gives you flexible hours of working and at that free time to eat whenever you want. I also spend long sitting hours working in front of my computer that I hadn’t had the time to exercise and walk often. 

After more than a year of being a WAHM, a work-at-home Mom I realized I should be thinking of losing some pounds not just for slimming down but for health reasons as well. I have to reach my goal in the coming months so I will not resort to hoodia or other ways. Anyway I’ve only started this month and I feel little progress on my body already especially that I’ve reached my goal of a one-hour workout five times a week. Hope I’ll be able to progress continually.


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