Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthdays are Exemptions

When I met up with high school friends on Lolit’s birthday we had a long and nice chat about family and what’s keeping us busy. Of course we had the usual girl talks about facial care and the nagging questions about diet pills that work best. I’ve read a lot about these pills but honestly I haven’t tried any as I can’t find the time to consult my doctor about recommending one for me. 

Instead I go for planning my meals and taking extra time to devote on workout exercises. It’s the best I can do without consulting my doctor. It’s an old way of getting back to old slim form, eat healthy well-balanced food, cut out on sweets and fats, have regular exercise and sleep well. For overweight people it takes more effort like increased time for workout and limited intake of in-between meals. As we’re talking about these things we’re feasting on fruit salad, pasta, macaroni salad, leche flan and some other foods. Well birthday celebration is an exemption to diet don’t you think so?


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