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Spiderman Comic Books

When I see comic books I always remember when my brother and I were so engrossed in reading them. I know he collected few copies but stopped doing them when my father got sick. We combined all our savings for Dad’s recovery and so we just saved what’s collected before. Still we continue with reading lots of them. He will borrow from his friends and return them when I’m through reading them. When he enters college he found other hobbies and gave his collections to our younger cousins in our province which was so happy receiving them. That cousin of ours continued the collection and until now I can see the whole lot of them when I visit their house. 

Now I have a little boy and showing such a great amount of interest in super heroes. I remember seeing his eyes lit up when he saw some of the Spiderman Comic Books displayed in the bookstore. You will laugh at how he read them with actions and emotions because he really loves Spiderman and other super heroes. Well if you want to buy and collect comic books you can visit, an online comic store where a huge variety of comic books are available. To name a few they have Marvel comic books, Spiderman comic books, X-Men comic books, Batman, Fantastic Four, DC comic books, Archie and many others. Searching is easy on their site as they’ve arranged it alphabetically. They also accept selling and trading of your comic books so you can trade your own collections here. They offer the lowest price among other comic books dealer. Well I’m showing the site to him now and he’s really excited about it. He bookmarked the site before leaving it.


Fresh Potholders

Want to perk up your kitchen mood?  Well you can add up something green or fresh-looking accessories like  these finds from rosesnhearts at

These cute Potholders with a tossed salad theme can be very functional in your kitchen as it can be used as potholders or as hot pads because of their thickness. They can be good gift ideas for someone you know who loves cooking like me.  That's why I always fancy cute little things like this pair of 8-inch square potholders.

Here's some of the creators' description:
They are made with high quality cotton fabrics. The front side has the print and back side is a coordinating cotton fabric. These potholders feature three layers of batting for protection. Two layers of high loft batting and one layer of a insulating bright fleece batting. Each potholder has a loop for hanging and has topstitching for decoration. I do custom orders (pepper shaker and bowl are for decoration only)

This pair sells at USD$5.00


Irving Toyota's New and Preowned Cars

Our car was of different make from Toyota but we would have bought otherwise if I were offered a nice deal. We only buy second hard cars because we can’t afford to buy those very expensive brand new model cars. We have several friends who have an expertise in looking up and maintaining cars so we had no problems in the past when it comes to buying preowned cars because they check first the car, its machine and all peripherals before we buy it. These friends of ours told us that if we really want a car that’s easy to maintain we should choose Toyota. They told us that parts for these brands are easily replaceable because many accessory stores abounded with Toyota’s parts and accessories.

Now I learned that irving Toyota is selling hundreds of new and certified preowned cars or dallas used cars. They offer the best service and competitive prices for their wide variety of new vehicles like SUVs, trucks, cars and vans. They also have those specials featuring some of their dallas Toyato on sale. It’s easy to browse through their site with shopping tools, inventory search and what I love the most the video gallery. I’ve been running around the site looking at their beautiful array of Corolla, Camry, Rav4, FJ Cruiser and many others. I just love looking at beautiful cars, who knows I might get one of them someday.


Don't Compare Yourself

I’ve been reading a lot these days despite the busy schedule and tasks that’s up to my neck figuratively. I heard a conversation while travelling on a traffic jam road and I can’t help hearing how the two men talking about two different guys comparing the two. For me it’s better if we don’t worry about others, don’t compare your progress with others. No matter how successful you are, there will be someone else who, to you, looks like she’s got it made – who looks like she’s getting where you want to go faster and easier than you are. Maybe she is. Maybe she isn’t. Who cares? Focus on your own achievements. Work to develop your skills and talents to their full potential. Compete with yourself – your short term goals should be based on today’s accomplishments. If you have reached Plan A today make Plan B your next objective – improve yourself and don’t worry about the other guy.


Working Men’s Boots

When I’m working online I also do some of my family things at the net also like canvassing, searching for the kids’ things, window shopping for the things I wish to buy, helping my kids on their research works and many other things. Since I’m online I was able to get information accurately and shopping for the things you love seems so easy also. My brother asked me to help him search for working shoes or Boots for his construction boys and he wants those with durability assurance so it will last for a long time. Some of his staff assigned in hazardous parts of construction needs some sturdy working footwear to use while at work. It’s rather risky to go on working slippery areas and treading on some dangerous spots with just the ordinary shoes on. Wearing comfortable working Men's boots is indeed a must when you’re working on construction and other works that needs climbing tall electric posts, high level installation of wires and other high risks manual jobs. 

The shoes and boots you wear should be durable and of high quality materials to see you through tough works. To supply your needs for this kind of stuff you can visit and choose from their wide variety of high quality working boots from major brands like Wolverine Boots, Caterpillar work boots, Converse Boots, Rocky work boots, Timberland boots which offer durability, comfort and safety that’s needed in tough working environment and many others. Well they also have outerwear, work wear, accessories and special discounted promos. If you order goods at $49 or up you can get it without shipping fee.


Getting the Best Home Plans

I remember my siblings when I see floor plans because when we’re still schooling our fondest hobbies were those of sketching floor plans of our dream homes. We have a big house but it’s too big for us and with that thinking I would use our home as my model for sketching. Since our house is big I would decorate its interiors with nice kitchen cabinets  and cupboards, round big dining table, a music corner and TV room. I’m always like this since I was a kid I’m fond of arranging things up according to what I feel is right. Now that we’re all matured individuals we’re looking at real home plans that will suit our requirements and needs. No I’m not planning for my own dream home but for my cousin. I’m helping her decide the best for her planned house building.

Looking at the selections provided by  I can’t help but be amazed at the idea of buying pre-drawn plans because for sure building your dream home may never be too hard at all. With the wide variety of different styles, designs and architectural approach my cousin can be sure that there’s one that will suit her desired home plan. The company provides these pre-drawn plans of modern to contemporary designs to help you build your home as is from the plans. You can also improve the plan with your additional ideas. They offer extensive ideas to use for your garage plans, sheds and backyards. You really have to visit their site to see how helpful they are to give some resources and tools in guiding the new home planners. With all these things ready for my cousin I can say that decision would be easier now.


Advantages of Vacation Rentals

Are you planning your vacations? Would you like to enjoy them  as  best as you can?  If  the  answer  is  yes, vacation rentals are the best option for you! From soaking up the local flavor to enjoying the best an area has to offer, vacation rentals provide the holidaymaker with many advantages that a traditional hotel may not offer.

The greatest advantage that vacation rentals can offer you is their locations. Location will always serve the purpose of your trip!  Most vacation rentals are located right at the beach or near the best ski runs. When looking for vacation rentals in cities, many are located within walking distance to the best attractions. For those looking to get in touch with nature, there is nothing better than a cabin located in green forest or near a lake. Many properties are maintained by owners who share similar tastes and therefore, are in perfect place to enjoy the best a place has to offer. Similarly, properties located in cities are generally close to sport arenas and major landmarks.

Accommodation is always the biggest chunk of any holiday budget. Vacation rentals offer great price saving as they come in all sizes. From a studio apartment to a lavish villa, there is a rental for every budget. A cheap rental just means that it lacks the luxuries of a more expensive property. Many properties offer well furnished rooms, fully functional kitchens and in some cases gyms and internet connections.

From the point of view of the holidaymaker, the most important benefit of vacation rentals is the chance to really enjoy the local atmosphere. Many rentals are located in the middle of cities that give the chance of enjoying the local color. The selling point of many properties located in small towns is the unique cuisine or wine of the area. It is very refreshing to try out a new dish or sample a fine wine.

Vacation rentals offer great flexibility over other form of residences. This is the reason of their rising popularity. Already there is a number of listing available for almost every type of holiday imaginable.


What's Your Autumn Personality

Your Autumn Personality is Adventurous

There's something about a chill in the air that gets your blood pumping. /you're ready to go have some fun.
Consider hiking up your favorite mountain or spending a weekend at a bed and breakfast.

You're the type of person who likes to try all the new fall dishes and come up with the best Halloween costume.
Go ahead and let yourself experience some new things this autumn. There's lots to try!

I'm quite adventurous but I never really tried mountain hiking, not this time huh! Quite busy with everything from kids' school activities, run errands, marketing, house chores, mommy duties and most of all load of writing tasks to finish whew! I must admit I don't have 'me time' now.  Glad I've made it to our mini reunion with college friends last week and last month! That's quite an achievement for me lol!


Living Up To Your Full Potential 2

I’ve read this one out about this secret and one opinion that kept hanging on my mind is achieving you best and peak performance by Living Up To Your Full Potential. Your success in every field of your life and anything you try to be your best such as in sports, in love, in business, in work or even in friendship is determined by your own self-image. I heard from my psychologist friend the happiness is your choice and that you can choose to be happy or unhappy. Of course no one wants to be unhappy but sometimes we do something that pushes our life to be a failure. Now I’m beginning to believe that indeed happiness, success and confidence can happen to us if we strongly believe and strive to have them, that is if we live up to our full potential.

Start now and be happy!


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