Monday, September 6, 2010

Spiderman Comic Books

When I see comic books I always remember when my brother and I were so engrossed in reading them. I know he collected few copies but stopped doing them when my father got sick. We combined all our savings for Dad’s recovery and so we just saved what’s collected before. Still we continue with reading lots of them. He will borrow from his friends and return them when I’m through reading them. When he enters college he found other hobbies and gave his collections to our younger cousins in our province which was so happy receiving them. That cousin of ours continued the collection and until now I can see the whole lot of them when I visit their house. 

Now I have a little boy and showing such a great amount of interest in super heroes. I remember seeing his eyes lit up when he saw some of the Spiderman Comic Books displayed in the bookstore. You will laugh at how he read them with actions and emotions because he really loves Spiderman and other super heroes. Well if you want to buy and collect comic books you can visit, an online comic store where a huge variety of comic books are available. To name a few they have Marvel comic books, Spiderman comic books, X-Men comic books, Batman, Fantastic Four, DC comic books, Archie and many others. Searching is easy on their site as they’ve arranged it alphabetically. They also accept selling and trading of your comic books so you can trade your own collections here. They offer the lowest price among other comic books dealer. Well I’m showing the site to him now and he’s really excited about it. He bookmarked the site before leaving it.


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