Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Compare Yourself

I’ve been reading a lot these days despite the busy schedule and tasks that’s up to my neck figuratively. I heard a conversation while travelling on a traffic jam road and I can’t help hearing how the two men talking about two different guys comparing the two. For me it’s better if we don’t worry about others, don’t compare your progress with others. No matter how successful you are, there will be someone else who, to you, looks like she’s got it made – who looks like she’s getting where you want to go faster and easier than you are. Maybe she is. Maybe she isn’t. Who cares? Focus on your own achievements. Work to develop your skills and talents to their full potential. Compete with yourself – your short term goals should be based on today’s accomplishments. If you have reached Plan A today make Plan B your next objective – improve yourself and don’t worry about the other guy.


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