Friday, April 24, 2015

Loves Tech Stuff and Pet Supplies

My friend loves tech stuff and she spends hard-earned money just to update herself on the latest computer specifications as she also needs it on her online shop selling digital kits. Aside from blogging which we both used to earn enough for our family’s needs she also joined etsy and put up her own online digital kit store. 

On her free offline hours or shall I say real life she’s busy fussing about accessories and supplies for her dear dog. She loves her pet like her own kin and she pampers Sophie, her dog on whatever makes her not only contented and adorable but healthy as well. When her dog is sick she ensures that she buys prescription pet medications from her veterinary doctor. How she loves Sophie dearly and she doesn’t want her to suffer long for her sickness.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Collectible Gifts for Your Friends

Do you have some people in your life who are collectible fanatics? If this is the case, you will need to do some serious research the next time their birthdays or Christmas rolls around again. There are certainly many types of collectibles to choose from. Before you can even think about starting your shopping for collectible gifts for your friends, you need to know the exact type of collectibles they are interested in. In other words, you would not give a baseball card to a person who only collects comic books. Once you know what to look for, you can begin your search. Here are some great collectible gift ideas.

1. An autographed football helmet

Do you have a friend or relative who is a huge football fan? People who love football would appreciate a gift that they can display proudly for everyone to see. A great gift that certainly fits into that category is an autographed football helmet. Buying an authentic helmet can be quite expensive. However, there are now NFL replica helmets available for a fraction of the price of the real thing. There are also stores that sell these helmets with autographs of some of the biggest stars on football. Find out who your friend's favorite player is and see if you can find a helmet autographed by that player.

2. A professionally graded comic book

Nowadays, if a comic book has not been professionally graded, it is very difficult to sell for a decent price. There are several professional grading companies who will examine every aspect of a comic book. After doing this, they give the book a number grade, 10 being a flawless book. The comic is them placed in a case to protect it. If you know a comic book issue that your friend or relative has always wanted to own, you can go online and try to find it for him. A professionally graded book is a great gift because the case provides protection, it is easy to put on display and it is easy to resell in the future.

3. A game-worn jersey

Over the past decade, the popularity of game-worn jerseys has exploded in the collectible market. Having an autographed jersey of your favorite athlete is nice, but having a jersey that is actually worn in a game is even better. Getting an autographed game-worn jersey is as good as it gets.


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