Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun at the Beach

We went to the nearest beach first day of this month and the kids had real fun playing with the sands at the shore. It’s actually the little boy’s first time to play sands because the last time we went there he was still a baby. My two girls were also little girls then but they remembered playing with their complete shovel and pail. Now after five years of spending swimming on pool resorts in Calamba we’re back again at the beach to enjoy the good results of air and sun for the kids’ health and wellness. The fresh air near the sea is good for respiratory sickness and even though my kids don’t have cough and colds the air is still good for them. They’re not that young and little anymore so I just have to be near them while playing and swimming in their girls shorts and watching closely on their younger sibling. 

It was the first time that I’ve gone to beach resort since I started blogging and amateur photography that’s why I’m as excited as my kids taking plenty of shots all over the place. I had fun watching my kids and hubby make castles, bridge and names on sand while walking along the beach and taking my sea and sky shots. 


Trying New Methods

Some of my friends are having a hard time controlling their intake of food and I can relate as sometimes when you got used to eating your favorite foods you just can’t make your day without eating those. It’s total discipline that will make you stay away from foods that will make you fat. Weight loss can be achieved by choosing the food that you eat and not by skipping important meals. I don’t believe in crash diet and in skipping meals because those practices can affect the stomach and might incur ulcer or some stomach disorders.

Some take diet supplement but those who are not losing weight with their current diet plans are really looking for new diet pill that will fit their body system. They believe that some diet pills are not just right for them so they’re taking chances on new ones. As for me it took a lot of planning, perseverance, time and discipline to achieve your desired weight loss. It should be coupled with balanced diet, exercise and regular sleep.


Vices Early in Life

I was going to my kid’s school when two of the high school boys in the vehicle I’m riding were busy joking about the girls they passed through. It’s an irritating sight for me seeing those school boys having bad attitude in public places. They were yelling at the road and smoking their cigars and I pity their parents who didn’t know what their children are doing on their way home. Not only are they rude and noisy but has vices as well. I can imagine how they do in school.

I believe that if they’re wise enough they will not be that rude in public as they will know it would embarrass not only their parents but the school they represent also. I guess school administration should think of measures of how they will implement discipline on behaviour of their students. They should also conduct seminars on the negative effects of cigarette on human body. Those teens should be alarmed on the possible diseases they may incur from smoking.


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