Saturday, April 10, 2010

PH#208 : Vertical 'Tree'

This is a shot from our last summer camp fellowship in Indang, Cavite (Philippines) and I just love my shot that i want to share it here. My capture of the cutoff tall tree is just perfect for the theme as the vertical upright position of the tree seems to divide the beautiful cottony clouds in the background. It was taken for my entry in sky photo meme but I'm posting it here for my take on this week's theme. Hope you like the beautiful sky here. Enjoy your weekend!

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Getting Back To Healthy Physique

Whenever I gain some pounds I immediately limit my intake of fatty foods, carbohydrates rich foods and other sources of too much calories. I turn to eating more fruits, vegetables and fish to stop myself from gaining excess pounds. What I can’t do is plan my exercise schedule as my very hectic schedule restricts me from doing so. I know that exercise is one of the most important aspects in losing up excess weight and in maintaining a healthy and fit body. I used to walk 4 kilometers a day, 2 kilometers in the morning and another 2 in the late afternoon so I had no problem then with my health and even if I’m not thin I don’t gain pounds easily.

Now I’m really thinking of returning to my old healthy and fit body and I want to try using the Tunturi treadmill recommended by a friend who also returned to her daily exercise regimen. The treadmill helped her a lot to give her back to her old slim form and she wants me to enjoy the healthy feeling of using up exercise equipment like this treadmill because it’s comfortable to use and safe to use. Actually I heard a lot about using equipment and it has done quite remarkable effects on their health like this Tunturi elliptical I browsed online. This elliptical is just perfect as cardiovascular equipment, great exercise equipment for the heart. We all want to have a healthy heart and that needs some exercise too.

Well this is helping me a lot on my latest plan of getting back to a healthy physique and I know that this has been made possible by learning some Information on Exercise Equipment. I really need this equipment to develop fitness for myself and with the help of proper and balanced diet I’m positive that I’ll be healthier and slimmer in time.


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