Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best Attitude In Life

When I check my earnings on my bank every once or twice a month I made it a point to mix some of my errands on the grocery and market. Since it’s very near my daughters’ school I schedule it on the time of their last subject in school so I can drop by at the school and be with them before the service arrives. I’m so used to office multi-tasking that even up to now I do my house chores, my online tasks, checks on my kids in school and do some errands simultaneously.

Of course it tires me most of the times but it’s better than working in an office where your time is defined and you can’t be absent easily. It’s very important to me to be with my kids’ school activities and to assist them whenever they need me, makes me feel super Mom. Anyway even if I’m so busy with every tasks of a mother I’m still at my best attitude towards life. I accept my responsibilities with a smile and not with a frown. Taking life so seriously makes you look old just like when the saleslady suddenly develops wrinkles when they encounter difficulty in their receipts. They should have used epson receipt printer so they can have quick and easy receipts with no fuss. Everyone have their own piece of problem, don’t they?


RT/WW : Josh & the Honey Bees

Wordless Wednesday

This is the first time that Josh see a real group of live honey bees and his feelings are mixed. He's excited to see them all together in one box and wondering how they form or produce honey. At the same time he's a little afraid that they might come out from the box lol! I kept a close watch on his hand though he's got a fish on hold. Why?Because he's asking me what would happen if he opens the box :-). He's a little afraid but very curious about them too!

Anyway seeing honey bees live made my story telling to him easier as when I'll tell a story about him he'll know what I'm talking about! Btw this is a shot from BioResearch on their educational tour.

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Mileage Reimbursement for Mobile Employees

Every company has their own policies, salary rates for each position and benefits for their employees. I’ve been to around 5 companies before I finally settled down with being a work-at-home Mom. My last job took me more than a year to get permission to leave. I don’t want to leave without blessing from my kind employer whom I’ve served for 16 years in two of his companies. I’ve been with his Consultancy and Telecommunications Company and the latter gave me so much work experience because I’ve done multi-tasking jobs.

As supervisor of the Accounting Department I’ve been in charge of the employees’ sales incentive, communication allowances and Mileage reimbursement for our employees whose work includes traveling and client visits. These are mainly our marketing staff and account managers who frequently visit our clients and perform demos of our products. They were given reimbursements for the mileage consumed during their client visits. Our company deemed it less expensive if they give reimbursement to employees who use their own vehicle in product demo, testing and other activities pertaining to getting and closing a contract with our clients. As I was the one who checks and audits employees’ reimbursement I know that it’s hard to do it if I’m going to check reimbursement of many employees.

Well enough creating a good database for mileage reimbursement is the perfect way of ensuring accurate computations and that’s where Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) comes in because they provide customized programs for employees who travels and use their car for official company business. They actually offer consultancy job on companies who needs their programs which will make things easy and affordable for the companies. With this program the company saves a lot on their costs because they don’t have to issue cars to employees, they just have to reimburse the mileage consumption of their employees. It’s also beneficial to both employer and employees.

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How Do You Live Your Life?

You Live Your Life Strongly

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.
You are always tactful and diplomatic. You let people down gently.
You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many acquaintances.
Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

This question sometimes makes me think how I really live my life. Am I happy with the way I live or contented with what I have? Well as for me I never let down a friend, never stabbed the back of my officemates, never stepped on someone's shoe and tried my best to be always fair in my decisions. I have many mistakes in my life because as a human we're not perfect. I'm always open for other suggestions, ideas and criticisms because it makes me a better person to know my weaknesses and strengths (not so much on this side I guess :-) but I know God help me become stronger in life. With His hand to hold me on weakest moments of my life I know I can be stronger.


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